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  1. 1. If oil in EU is old or low the symptoms you are describing can occur. Watch genny & see if red oil [level] light flickers. 2. You are 12V & not 24V?
  2. Subtle Mr. B. Made me smile anyway.
  3. From BSSWEBSITE Lee Cudmore-Ray Winkfield Row About 25 miles away Mobile: 07807820390 Email: Membership of professional bodies Operates in: Berkshire | Buckinghamshire | Hampshire | Kent | Oxfordshire | Swansea | Wiltshire
  4. Any help? [copy n paste] Sorry. Link is no more, it seems
  5. Not tried or tested meself but a budget range with a UK contact.[makes all the difference if it does play up!?]
  6. I use one similar to this Had for several years with no issues Or this?
  7. Do standoffs and bar
  9. Check internal plugs and sockets on wiring loom perhaps? Has it been in the rain?
  10. Maybe something adaptable on here?
  11. Pull the plugs. In gear & rock back 'n forth gently. Believe it or not coke [cola] down the bores can clear rust off the rings. The rocking usually gives a bit of movement. Also check sump level. May have petrol in? This will hydraulock the engine.
  12. Like this?
  13. I found them quick and helpful. Bought 12 cells a few years ago. A couple of days delivery time. Needed some links made up of a different length when installing around existing frames in engine bay and they arrived next day. Watering kit available as well.
  14. Look like these?
  15. Mooring ropes tight could cause both issues?