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  1. Barrus recommends ethylene glycol based , found this one
  2. Hi can anyone recommend a long life antifreeze ( preferably 10 year ) the one that is in now is Morris 2 year antifreeze my engine is a barrus shire 45 and would like to change it shortly thanks in advance
  3. Enjoy
  4. I have 3 tanks one for the reflex, one for the engine and Webasto and one for the generator, I also Carrie 3 x 25 ltr drums
  5. Hi am I right in thinking I can connect a 12v pc fan to my Mppt controller on the load connection? As in the warm weather and when the oven is on it can get quite warm in the cupboard where the inverter is , I was going to put a inline fuse and switch so I can turn it on/off when required thanks in advance
  6. Call at any garage and ask them can you have some of there wast oil odds are they will say no we sell it a wast oil collection firm then hit them with I have got some here you can have for nothing, because if you ask them can you put it in there wast oil tank they will probably say no we have to pay to have it taken away
  7. That's what I was thinking but have found this
  8. Hi can anyone recommend a grey ( RAL 7026 ) flat Matt paint for my decks and along the gunwales, the ones that I have seen are ether to light/ dark or gloss thanks in advance
  9. Have a look on XR&D boat builders site they built a narrowboat with a hydraulic bike lift . Or ring them they are very easy to talk to
  10. One links my diesel genny in the bow to the 240 land line
  11. Have a look on YouTube on how to lag it
  12. If you don't want to carry bottles back from the shop/supermarket just fill your empty bottles when you fill up with water
  13. What make are they Neil ?
  14. Finally got round to make a new fender ( cover only ) I wanted something different to the usual black or natural rope colour so I bought some multi coloured rope and made this nowhere near perfect but looks ok and does it's job , the bow one will need do be done shortly a bit more challenging but I have a better idea now
  15. Pictures don't do it justice stunning when you actually see it in real life