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  1. Finally got round to make a new fender ( cover only ) I wanted something different to the usual black or natural rope colour so I bought some multi coloured rope and made this nowhere near perfect but looks ok and does it's job , the bow one will need do be done shortly a bit more challenging but I have a better idea now
  2. Pictures don't do it justice stunning when you actually see it in real life
  3. Any updates on opening time?
  4. Shoreline look out for freaky Friday at midlands and save 20%
  5. Hi I want to paint ( spray) acrylic over some enamel ( alkyd based ) paint what primer should I use ? or can I just spray over the the enamel paint ? Thanks in advance
  6. Just let the dog out for a pee and the towpath is covered with frogs , Last night we kept hearing a noise that We had not heard before and it is here again , now I know what it is , it's the frogs, about 6 years ago me and my mate where out shooting on a golf range and it was covered with frogs there where that many we had to watch where we where walking , walked the same place the night after not one frog , must be breeding season for frogs
  7. Aren't these GU10 12v ?
  8. I had already moved from Skipton , it was when I was mooring up that I looked at it proper I did notice it when we where leaving Skipton and just thought it was tea or something , the person I suspect has only been in Skipton 6 or 7 months
  9. We where moored in between 178 Belmont bridge and 179 gallows foot bridge on both occasions
  10. Yes another boater but don't know why, and to be truthful they are a bit nub as they are doing DIY on the boat so it's pretty obvious
  11. Hi is it right now

  12. No not had a cross word with anyone
  13. Moored up in Skipton yesterday went to bed at 11 woken up about 12. 15 some one banging on side of boat got up but no one about , Finally got to sleep about 2 am , moved today and noticed something had been thrown on the side of our boat on closer inspection it was sticky and it smelled like turps and varnish ( like someone had cleaned ther varnish brushes in turps ) just spent hours cleaning it off , there where another 3 boats moored up nothing done to them , last time we where in Skipton about 10 days ago moored more or less in the same spot we had decorators white filler thrown on the side of the boat l thought it was kids messing about again there was another 2 boats nothing on them , we now have a very good idea who is responsible
  14. Currently in Skipton one of our favourite places, what has happened to it every where you go there is dog shit , it's the worst place we have been even the canal is full of crap, it used to be so clean, still love it though but it really needs cleaning up , all the locals put there rubbish in c&rt refuge bins the door on the elsan won't shut so some.of the locals use it as a tollet the water tap door won't shut so when it's windy it's banging agenst the wall ( it's a steel door had to put a gallon of water ( container )in front of it to keep it closed come on c&rt pull your socks up
  15. Why do lockgate advise you to fit one when you have a filter inline? I would think it was just as dangerous with a gravity fed system