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  1. Thanks for the input everyone .....
  2. Hello all, Can anyone advise for decent moorings near Stourbridge? Due to visit soon on an alternative Stourport Ring trip with a view to visiting The Vine ( aka The Bull And Bladder) and Lye for a curry. Ta ra a Bit.......
  3. Cheers chaps. I will get onto it asap. More cleaning, talc, time and a Torch! In the meantime I will email Beta and see what they say, although Good Friday is bad day to do that given my time constraints! I will also try to fashion a temporary tray to catch the fuel - especially when I run out of our cocker spaniels' old puppy pads! In the meantime, any more input is appreciated, especially if someone has contact details of an engineer around Nantwich with at least half the know how that Tony has got! I will also post more when I make progress.
  4. Hello all My boat has a 1996 Beta BV 1505 38hp engine with 4350 hrs on the clock. In the 4 years I have had the boat I have had to replace two engine mountings under the fuel intake area (front starboard) due to damage from diesel leaks. I think much of this is down to poor maintenance and excessive vibration in the past, but I really need to nail this for obvious reasons. I am currently covering yet another new mount with puppy pads on a regular basis! The throttle cable/rod leads to the assembly similar to this in the picture which i have borrowed from another article elsewhere. After gunking and cleaning the assembly, I still find a slight but consistent drip at a low point deep inside the external assembly underneath. There is also a miniscule amount of weeping at the top of what I would describe as the manifold held on with four bolts. A trial and error approach worries me as an expensive and time consuming option. Should I bite the bullet, and get an engineer to replace the entire assembly? I am at my wits end on this as a 3 week trip approaches soon. I am in the Nantwich area. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. On a bit of a deadline, we rattled on down the Audlem flight recently only to have our momentum halted by a couple popping out in front of us at the Shroppie Fly on another boat. Astonishingly slow locking techniques on the bottom three (no crime I suppose) were compounded when the folks on board announced they were turning at the bottom and coming back up! Given the proximity of the winding hole, we agreed with raised eyebrows, and I look forward to inheriting the earth .....
  6. Thanks for the help and advice everyone. Much appreciated.
  7. Hello all. I have a simple engine run central heating system on the boat that supplements the log burner- 3 rads running off what seems to be a gravity fed expansion vessel. I fitted a new pump for it, and topped it up and it is now working when the engine is nice and hot, but what would folks recommend to put in it as an antifreeze agent. Also, would the choice of any given antifreeze affect/inhibit the heating capability?
  8. We have just picked up a rescue greyhound today. I really hope "Tiller" takes to the boat. He is a beautiful; two year old pretty boy ex racer. 4mph will be a significant change. I have a good feeling ......
  9. Sorry Nick but I like the extra security of them, especially if the boat is unattended within earshot of neighbours. I have a pressure activated pad hidden under a mat, with a deafening alarm that sounds for 20 seconds then resets. I think that would deter all but the keenest crim.I also have a couple of cheap pin activated alarms - bit like a grenade- attached to the side hatch and inner rear hatch.
  10. Cheers Paul. Good advice. I am Stourport born making a "bucket list" return on my own boat. Exciting stuff. We will moor up overnight before dropping down. Would you suggest the basin, or is it ok on the approaches these days?
  11. Can anyone comment on Stourport to Worcester - 2 boats. We are travelling with friends, and I was curious to know if we can moor below the Stourport locks to wait a few minutes for them to come through, and if both boats can temporarily tie up below Diglis? I am also presuming both boats can go through the locks together.
  12. You can now try to buy Whixall again if you want to. (taps nose.......)
  13. Thanks all so far. The engine has previously run well - it is an Evans and Son hull, with a slightly undersized skin tank, so I am always cautious and try to keep an eye on things. I am aware of the shortcomings and reputaion on this. The boat is well used, especially on decent straights when appropriate. I am hoping to do The Weaver and Stourport ring this year so it needs sorting. I bled the skin tank when draining the whole system and refilling. The water is gathering in the tray under the engine - I know because I took out a litre or more of blue water with an extraction pump yesterday. Tony may have a good point to look for, and the head development is worrying, although the oil is good and there is no obvious leak around the edge of the head. I will ask my engineer about a pressure tester. I have never added cold water to a hot engine. No one has mentioned the possibility of an intermittent jammed shut thermostat - especially given the fact the skin tank was so cold. I am sure the connecting pipes were only warm due to radiated heat and not passage of fluid. Perhaps a change of pressure cap and/or removal of the thermostat may be the easiest next option! The suspect hose replacement will entail engine removal or much cutting out of timber bulkhead panels around pipes and cables!!! My engineer reckons builders should spend a year or two as RCR type engineers before being allowed to design and build ......
  14. Hell again all. I have a Beta 38 engine with overheating issues, with resultant coolant losses. There was coolant in the bilge all summer due to 3 or 4 overheating episodes, with regular topping ups needed so the coolant was eventually water only. I identified moisture slowly dripping from an virtually inaccessible ( weak) hose at the front under the alternator which stopped when the pressure cap was opened.(less pressure) Anyway, I refilled yet again with a decent anti freeze mixture concentrate. I bled the skin tank when it was pressurised, topped up again, and all seemed well again for a few weeks. No weeping and leaking - maybe due to the cooler canal temperatures too! But I am back to square one again last weekend- the engine was started, ticking over for fifteen minutes, then worked hard to get out of the marina in a stiff breeze. Within ten minutes of leaving, steam was seen coming from under the panels. Sure enough, lower coolant level. But the skin tank was stone cold, although the block was piping hot. Whats the likely cause? I am suspecting a faulty thermostat now in the first instance, which fails to open properly causing pressure in the block etc? Or maybe air getting in via the tiny bit which water previously was leaking out? The pressure cap itself is not the tightest fit also in fairness as it goes 360 degrees sometimes before finding the locating lugs. or have I answered my own question?
  15. "With respect", good humoured post aside, breaking the speed limit is the least serious offence the crew of this boat are likely to commit. It is the same boat mentioned in previous threads some months back.Seen them several times mainly around The Llangollen, Nantwich, and also Middlewich.There were offences committed involving serious violence and a major police operation - the constant thieving has been virtually ignored or swept under the carpet despite good evidence being available. I have witnessed it for myself. Until the authorities that have the power actually use the power to permanently deal with this type of cruising lifestyle choice, in my opinion people have a right to be tipped off if there is a significant risk of damage, theft of property, or worse. Especially if the person giving fellow law abiding boaters the "heads up" is not breaking the law in doing so. As an aside, People have a right to be virtually anonymous on here and other forums. A trawl through posts can reveal a good profile of all sorts of details that could give an insight into folks boats, and their security. If an anonymous poster said or did anything illegal, I would think that could be traced anyway.