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  1. A miss is as good as...! In any event I think Ocean would have come off worse. Howard
  2. I would second that suggestion of reporting this to C&RT, if you haven't done so already, so they can follow it up. Howard
  3. Titanic must be well up with the rest as worse film. Howard
  4. Sadly, that is true, but the dilemma is that it is a strong possibility that a recommendation to use a 30 kg anchor plus chain in an emergency situation for someone not familiar with the use of an anchor is another accident waiting to happen, with lost fingers or limbs a possibility. Howard
  5. Try the Fender Book which is a good source of information Howard
  6. Is it time to take out the word "Now" in the title heading? Each time I see it, just for a second I think "Oh no, not another one!" Howard
  7. Ah- but is that an Imperial Hour or a Metric Hour? Howard
  8. Sorry, but a Union Flag upside down is not a distress signal and never has been. This is a myth which crops up from time to time. It is impossible to tell which way round a Union Flag is flying unless you are quite close so it would be useless as a distress signal. The correct national flag for a ship to fly is the national ensign. In the British Merchant Navy ths is usually the Red Ensign or sometimes a Blue ensign in some specified circumstances. There was a time a long time ago in some circles when flying an ensign upside down was considered by some as an unnoficial sign of distress but it has not been an official signal for at least 60 years, and possibly never. Howard
  9. Quite right! I think you may be worrying unduly about this. The first couple of times you may be apprehensive, but like anything in life, practise makes perfect, and within a very short time you will wonder what all the fuss was about. There is nothing like hands on experience. Enjoy your boat and its new berth. Howard
  10. Tropical Fresh or Winter North Atlantic etc don't have great relevance on the cut! Howard
  11. How about the Green Bricks, then Bob Carvers for fish and chips - and chip spice! Howard
  12. I don't think Wallpaper would last long but I have come across wood grain effect Fablon used to cover bulkheads which were sound but showing their age and that lasted for a year or two. I gather that it was a real pain to put it on because it grans as soon as it touches! Howard
  13. Thank you but that much I could deduce from the link. Howard
  14. As a relative computer ignoramus, and a Facebook refusnik, but having read articles about the security of Facebook, not to mention the usual advice of not clicking on links I am not sure about, I will defer from opening links such as this. :-( Howard
  15. I understand that a key principle of Labour's Manifesto is to re-nationalise the Inland Waterway network. British Waterways anyone? Howard