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  1. For anyone interested in shared ownership, either to look at some boats or to chat to people about the pros and cons about shared ownership, the National Shared Ownership Show is being held at Braunston Marina on April 22nd & 23rd- details below Howard
  2. Nearly all shared ownership agreements have some way of acknowledging the restrictions faced by teachers/families with children. For example, in my current share agreement, there is a facility for up to two "special" shares (some syndicates have three) to have priority choice of weeks within the school holiday period. These special shares incur a small extra charge in the share price for this privilege. I have been involved with shared ownership boats for many years and this arrangement has worked very well for those families who are restricted to school holidays. I hope that helps Howard
  3. If you are near the Crinan Canal, the Crinan Hotel had a good reputation for Seafood and is in a very scenic setting. Here is their web site together with the Mishnish in Tobermory which I mentioned earlier. Howard
  4. There are many examples of shared ownership boats with less than the usual 1/12 etc. For a time, for example, I held two shares in a twelve share boat; 6 shares are relatively common and there are also some where a syndicate has been formed from scratch by advertising for like minded folk, and there is also the alternative of letting it be known that you may be interested in an already formed small syndicate. Two useful websites are:- Good luck Howard
  5. I think you mean't "get a good sternway on", surely? Howard
  6. In the "olden days" passenger ships trading to the USA were mostly passenger liners, not cruise liners, (there is a difference) and for a large part of the time there was (and still is) not too much sunshine for large parts of the year in any event! The story about POSH refers more to the passenger ships which traded Eastwards to India, China and Australia. P&O, among others, are supposed to have marked the luggage POSH to mark Port(outwards) Starboard (homewards) relating to the cabin allocation. However, despite Chitty Bang Bang I think this has now been disproved as a myth! Howard
  7. Following your logic, why not stop discussing them! Howard
  8. I agree and would much prefer to be able to choose whether they are visible or not.
  9. New role for NE Waterway Manager Howard 17 March 2017 CANAL & RIVER TRUST ANNOUNCES INTERIM HEAD OF BOATING The Canal & River Trust has appointed North East waterway manager Jon Horsfall as the charity’s interim head of boating. Jon will start an immediate handover with Mike Grimes who leaves at Easter. Working alongside the boating management team, Jon will carry on the excellent progress being made right across the charity’s boating activity and will remain in the post throughout the ongoing review of licensing which is scheduled to last until the autumn. Recruitment for a permanent head of boating will continue in the meantime, with the application date likely to be extended. Jon will continue to oversee the North East waterway, with Tom Wright and Mike Marshall taking a greater role in the management of the waterway whilst Jon is seconded into the boating team. Ian Rogers, customer services and operations director at Canal & River Trust, said: “I’m delighted Jon will be taking on the role. He has a wealth of experience managing the waterways in the north east. He’s well versed in working with boaters and understanding their needs and will bring a new perspective to the position, building on the great groundwork that Mike has put in place.” ENDS For further media requests please contact: Fran Read, national press officer, Canal & River Trust m 07796 610 427 e -------------------------------------------- Fran Read National Press Officer
  10. Not if fire dlaw well. Hat only nessaly if fire out or not dlawiing well. Howard
  11. If the fire is lit there is not really the need for a chinamans hat. Take it off and if you have a skinned chimney you shouldn't get tar on the outside of the chimney in future. Howard
  12. The Mishnish is a must for a pub visit in Tobermorey. Howard
  13. I think by the time it has all been put to bed we'll all be heartily sick of Brexit, Trump, Scotland et etc etc without Joxit too Howard
  14. It doesn't have to be white wine vinegar. It is much cheaper, and just as effective, to use ordinary white vinegar. It's a great general household cleaner. Howard
  15. I would be careful if you tell the police you live on your boat when you don't. They don't look favourably on people who tell them porkies. Howard