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  1. I don't think Wallpaper would last long but I have come across wood grain effect Fablon used to cover bulkheads which were sound but showing their age and that lasted for a year or two. I gather that it was a real pain to put it on because it grans as soon as it touches! Howard
  2. Thank you but that much I could deduce from the link. Howard
  3. As a relative computer ignoramus, and a Facebook refusnik, but having read articles about the security of Facebook, not to mention the usual advice of not clicking on links I am not sure about, I will defer from opening links such as this. :-( Howard
  4. I understand that a key principle of Labour's Manifesto is to re-nationalise the Inland Waterway network. British Waterways anyone? Howard
  5. It is interesting how regularly these types of questions crop up and I would agree that the forum should encourage enquirers to the search facility where similar questions have been answered in many threads. Would it be possible to pin something to the top of the forum which would direct questioners to some relevant threads? Howard
  6. Canals are not really a concern for anchoring for obvious reasons, but river bottoms can vary widely from silt to gravel to shale to solid rock to clay etc. and part of the decision about how much cable to deploy depends on a rough knowledge of the nature of the bottom ( if it is known) if no information is available you need to be ready to vary the amount until the anchor holds. Howard
  7. I would't disagree with those figures, but the nature of the ground has an important bearing on holding power and must be taken into account. For instance, there is a great difference in holding power betwen an anchor set in clay as opposed to a mainly rocky bottom. Howard
  8. If you think that getting on board is going to present a serious problem, I would respectfully suggest that you should rethink the whole boating idea, because another serious consideration must be the need for some minimum mobility while on board, with particular emphasis on emergency situations - fire, collision/sinking, gas leaks etc- where a rapid exit from the boat maybe necessary. If it is just the two of you on board you will be torn between looking after the boat and taking care of Paola. It is possible take holidays on boats where these considerations have been taken into account and where the crew are trained appropriately. Howard
  9. Surely each to his own. Personally, I have never understood the sneering about boaters who are proud to keep their boats in good order. Howard
  10. Yes, so do I. As far as I know, it was the brainchild of the owner of IML, Tony Binns, who also owned Rugby Boatbuilders at Hillmorton. I worked for him in another IML company, which ran a cruise ship in Scotland. Howard
  11. I like this boat at Anderton Marina which did the pump outs. I have been told that is has now been sold. Howard
  12. You can also personalise beers, and other alcoholic drinks (labels anyway!) on Moon Pig. Howard
  13. I think we need a clear definition of what constitutes a numpty. Only those who are definately not numpties allowed to contribute I suggest.! Howard
  14. This may be of relevance. There is a lot of interest in bringing Viola -a survivor of WW1 - back to Hull and an active campaign is working to that end. The following link has some further details. Howard
  15. Wow! What a soilsport! You've ended a debate that could have run and run......or have you? Howard