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  1. An anarchist who wants government control, that's a first.
  2. Ha, what that wish list of deluded objectives that anyone with a modicum of common sense knows will end in huge debt and utter failure. Corbyn is being lauded for getting the youth vote. It is unsurprising, it is easy to fool a bunch of children into voting for utopia when they don't know any better. In some respects I find it mildly amusing that thanks to their vote, May has had to ditch reform of pensions and elderly care which would have saved the youth of today money in the future, instead they will just have to keep paying.
  3. Fortunately I suspect the main decision making will be conducted by others, whilst May hangs on until a suitable replacement leader is found.
  4. You won't get any argument from me about May being a walking disaster. But you are also correct Brexit is ALL that matters and there is no viable alternative.
  5. That is the last thing we need right now.
  6. This explains why it is futile to attempt an adult negotiation with the EU, and demonstrates why we should just put what we want on the table, and then walk away if they don't want to engage. Just to some up what is on offer. EU citizens either already here, or arriving before we leave, plus a two year overlap period, can stay here with the same rights as UK citizens and the whole process will be governed by UK law. Any reciprocal offer from the EU so far, no. Any signs of movement from the EU, no. Any whining and moaning that it's not enough, plenty.
  7. Well given that the Queen was born here I would have to say no, unless you want to count all the Asian and blacks, declaring them as johnny foreigners as well. As for being unelected, yes, but then when you compare the service the Queen has performed for this country, in comparison to dire performance some of our elected representatives achieve, perhaps it's not a bad thing.
  8. Regardless of what the referendum was based on, the fact is that after 40 odd years we were finally asked if it was ok for our government to continue giving away our sovereignty with asking for our permission. The answer was no, however I am starting to doubt whether we will actually get Brexit.
  9. She was probably having a laugh at all you remainers expense. I can just imagine her chuckling away to herself at the thought.
  10. If someone were to gift you a boat there is no tax to pay at all at that time. If it is of relatively high value, and the person giving it away was to die within seven years, then maybe the value of it will need to be included in their estate for inheritance tax purposes, but to be honest even this is unlikely to attract the attention of the taxman and so therefore it is highly unlikely that you will have to pay anything.
  11. Happy Independence Day
  12. Edward was the third born son to the Queen.
  13. Built Hadrian's wall.
  14. It's all a question of history. Scotland like Ireland and England were/are kingdoms in their own right and as such have different legal positions. Wales was incorporated into the Kingdom of England and in legal terms this had the effect that Wales became part of England. This is why the laws of England and Wales are the same, but Scotland is different, as indeed NI. Having said that you have been running devolved powers for sometime now and most issues governing quality of life are managed by your assembly. There is your problem, not the lack of powers.
  15. I am not remotely interested in what google has to say, it is you who claim to be getting a raw deal so it is you I am asking, in what way ?