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  1. Because ?
  2. Yes and your side of the debate promised us a punishment 30 billion budget, World War 3 and a whole raft of other disingenuous claptrap. I didn't believe any of that either.
  3. I know which is why I said it has been attributed to him and others, not that he made it.
  4. You won't be surprised when I say I believe in a different mantra. A quote attributed to Orwell and others is more in tune with my views, "We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." The above quote does not seem to apply to our current, liberal, politically correct times, and as such our society will always be the victim. Time for us to deliver terror on the would be terrorist.
  5. I don't make any suggestion as to whether his method works or not. I simply make the point that nothing you, i or anyone else can do during their life will have any effect, as death is part of what they desire. So that therefore only leaves what you do with them after death, and if doing something, however distasteful it may be, prevents others from choosing the same path due to the belief that they will face eternal damnation, then I can rest easy with that. I don't give two hoots about the scumbag. The innocent victims however deserve a response, and if it prevents more so much the better.
  6. It was only a matter of time before we were hit again, and this will not be the last. The problem with suicidal fanatics is, they actively seek martyrdom, so taking them alive and punishing them according to the norms of society is practically impossible. Perhaps it is time to fight back dirty. Gen. Pershing had a particularly distasteful approach, but for me it is far more distasteful to allow the mowing down of innocent children on a day out in London to go unpunished, than worry about the sensitivities of a scumbag terrorist.
  7. Not necessarily true. If the deal is so bad, it is always possible for Labour to call for a vote of no confidence in the gov. It may be some Tory remainers, put their beliefs ahead of party in such a big decision, and at current levels I think only 12 have to do so to bring down the gov.
  8. I don't believe article 50 is irreversible, there is currently a court case progressing in Ireland to establish that very fact. Indeed the actual author of article 50 has also stated that he believes it is written in such a way that a state who has initiated it can before the end withdraw their notification. It suits the gov to portray it as irrevocable so as not to encourage a meaningful vote on their final deal. The reason being if the EU knew the gov had to get parliament to approve the final deal, they would make the deal so punitive that it would be rejected and the result would we stay a member. My suspicion is that the gov and the EU already know what the end game is, we the plebs are simply being played until they can swing it to the way they want.
  9. Well she is sending the letter on the 29th March, I just hope she puts a first class stamp and not a second class stamp on it, otherwise it could well end up arriving on 1st April, which I have to say I would find mildly amusing.
  10. So what day do we want our Independence Day holiday to be, 23rd June, 29th march or the day we actually get out of the EU.
  11. Oops, this is not going to plan currently. Let's hope for a better second half.
  12. It's not about a party piece, it portrays confidence, rather than standing there, with a gormless look on their face because ' the compoota says no '
  13. As a parent I didn't find the Grammer School system a crap idea, it saved me a fortune, when faced with either sending my son to a crap comprehensive, or paying for a private education.
  14. Perhaps May should call the wee beasties bluff, and demand a referendum if asked for, is held within one month so as not to interfere with the more important Brexit negotiations. Get it done and dusted once and for all.
  15. I don't see this as a problem for May as long as she remains resolute. She can't quite legitimately say you had a referendum just two years ago which the SNP themselves stated should be once in a generation. She could follow that up with, we are not going to hold referendums every two years to appease an SNP who are failing to manage even the basic governance of their people. She could go on to say, I am not saying no, i am saying not whilst the UK needs to focus on the Brexit negotiations. Once they have concluded if Scotland still wishes to have a vote on independence, then that is when it will be held, my priority is the United Kingdom and that includes Scotland. One thing is certain, Sturgeon and the SNP have been allowed to run with the football for far too long now, and steps should be taken to put a stop to their shenanigans.