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  1. And I thank you very much. If you wouldn't mind paying in a little more perhaps I could lobby for my increases to return to the RPI rate of inflation rather than CPI which is far less.
  2. Hence the term remoaners, rather apt really.
  3. I too have a glimmer of hope, that you and your compatriots, reign in the wee beastie with slightly fewer SNP jokers in our Parliament.
  4. It is a curious anomaly around the world, that if you have a word describing yourself as democratic, then generally you are not. Think Democratic Republic North Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, the former German Democratic Republic, Liberal Democrats, you get the picture. It's almost as if they know they are not, so have to announce they are, to hoodwink the people into believing it.
  5. As I understand it, if the epoxy you want to put on is compatible with the stuff already on the hull, then abrade to provide a key and apply as instructed. If not or you do not know what is on it already then back to bare steel.
  6. Well this could prove exciting. What if all the 48% vote lib dem. They will almost certainly run on the promise to cancel Brexit if they win.
  7. Not much happening on the Brexit front lately, but for those interested in EU matters, then the 23 April is the date to watch. This is the first round of the French election. Four candidates, one far left, two in the centre ish, and one far right. All are polling within a point or two of each other. If the two in the middle cancel each other out, leaving the far left going up against the far right in the second round, watch the EU go into a blind panic, as both want out of the euro and probably the EU too. This would make our little rebellion look like a storm in a teacup.
  8. Yes and that is remarkably generous. Any CCer who can't manage 50 miles range in a year, never mind 20 is extracting the urine. It must take a lot of planning not to be able to achieve such a small distance.
  9. I am no expert but my understanding of stray current corrosion is, the point of corrosion is generally where the current leave to hull. Looking at the two holes being where they are, would suggest that current was leaking in the bilge area, if indeed it was a wet bilge, and a bilge pump was present, then a faulty bilge pump or connection would be a probable cause. If that was the case then a GI or IT would not have helped.
  10. You shouldn't allow a couple of adverse remarks to prevent you from flying your flag. Some say the cross of St George has been hijacked by the racist far right brigade. I say, only if decent English folk allow them sole use of it. Your biggest problem IMO, is not your flag but the SNP. As long as they are around, division is going to be caused, it is after all what they want. Unfortunately, the English can't help you out of this one, it is for the Scots alone to deal with, and the only way to do that, is stop voting for them.
  11. Yes but being patriotic and being a member of the EDL are not the same. The former are simply proud of their country and what it stands for, the latter are a national disgrace and an embarrassment.
  12. I thought you were an avid unionist. Don't feel sympathy for the enemy.
  13. Why do you assume it has to be a war with Europe that makes it of strategic significance. It controls the shipping into and leaving the Med. It is of benefit regarding military and intelligence operations in North Africa. It is a friendly base for resupply and repairs to ships and subs operating in the Eastern Med. This alone makes it important as having to return to southern U.K. from Med based ops. would add another two to three days. Spain is of no military significance to the UK other than being a NATO partner. But the last thing a country wants to do when about to strike out alone is give up assets that we may need in the future.
  14. No, I just happen to think that with regard to our overseas territories, we should protect them and their people by any means necessary, so long as the inhabitants wish to remain British, and most definitely when said particular territory, is of immense strategic military importance, especially at a time when we as a country are going solo. You may call that dick waving, I call it honouring our commitments and plain common sense.