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  1. New and used boat company for both a sale and a purchase, they offered me a good price for my old boat, and as the new one was on brokerage with them, I put in a seriously low offer and bought at a great price. Service was good and I still pop in and see Ian when we are down that direction, so we must be happy with the service.
  2. Agree with you Phil corbyn a politician that made a career out of voting down everything you couldnt have a worse prospect for PM! As I have said before if Brexit wasnt so important you could have real fun with Labour, allow them in then vote down everything they put forward, Saint Corbyn would be gone and forgotten in about 2 months. Also you could force through private member bill against labour and as they would be the majority [with DUP help] so much fun drubbing them, but the reality is that Brexit needs doing so know fun to be had with Saint Corbyn
  3. The tax man is linked into ebay and various other stuff, the next door neighbour is a HEO with them he smiles when people are talking about how little they know but keeps quiet. I would be tempted to sell it for a low sum putting on the receipt requires a renovation should help sort it out
  4. It seems that Tim, Phil and I are on one side of the divide [the majority], and a bunch of others are on the other side [the minority]. We all had our reasons for voting how we did the remainers call them lies we call them truths we will never agree so for me I think its time to leave this thread, in a couple of years we will know what is going on but for the moment I am content that we are leaving the EU. As in all things we dont really know what lies ahead [if we did we would all be rich] so I will make the best of whatever happens, but as I have said before if a government tries to change the will of the people it could all end up with real riots on the streets, so I hope the brexit process runs well and we get a good deal for us and our former partners in the EU
  5. According to numerous sites Trumps opposes Ttip so its dead in the water anyway, so whatever we negotiated would be ours and not the EUs. This is a couple of years away anyway
  6. I am getting ready to insulate the broads cruiser and had thought of spray foam, however I have decided on Superquilt as it is supposed to be equal to 80mm of foam plus its easier to use under the floor.
  7. Its always had boats moored on it when I have been past. I have moored at Gainsborough overnight in the past going both directions
  8. Andy you know we cant do any trade deals with the rest of the world its either WTO rules or the deal the EU brokered, its not our deal which suits us. As for the rest lets wait a see because we dont know what deals we can broker with the USA because we arnt allowed are we
  9. On this week the other night similar was said, ts time to leave and it has to be completely, no customs union, single market or anything. Negotiate a trade deal with the EU and then start with our own trade deals with the rest of the world. If we dont we will just have a mix up mess that suits the EU but not us, remember they only care about them and we have to have the same attitude
  10. I applied it last year over Zinger it is in my case purely a cosmetic thing I used short haired brushes and it took 45 mins to do a 12 x57 wide beam up the the gunwales! John who has an older boat followed the instructions, and it is looking a lot better one year on than the bitumen he used 2 years previously at the half way point. I will be taking mine out next year same as John so at that point I will be able to report on how it is doing on my perfik surface against Johns heavily corroded surface, I will be using the keelblack again as the ease of application save hours of work
  11. Tuckey did the lift here the other day, I am a johnathon Wilsons and I can assure you they did a great job at this end, however Jonny was trying others due to cost! but in the end the customer was paying and wanted it done straight away so he paid the bill which Jonny thought was a bit steep
  12. I thought the vote was last year in 2016 yet Andy's stats says 2015!! if thats the case we will be out soon
  13. Come on Tim its no good telling them that youngsters voted out because they always say thats down to personnel experience! What they want is lies from the media as a quote! I mean we know that the media always tells the truth dont we
  14. It has to be good clean lead [this was from a dental surgery] and we were quoted from £1 to £1.36 a kilo batteries etc have a much lower price
  15. we just weighed in 290 kilos of lead £396 bingo!!