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  1. They bought the whole opel/vauxhall group so no doubt she will close down all the other factories in Europe as well. Of course we should just buy cars made assembled here, which will sort out the issue nicely! Given that according to Toyota and Nissan they are the best built in the world from a country according to you that cant make anything
  2. I will post them when I do the working boats
  3. I have your pickup! well not quite I built it from a van its a lovely beast 1275 GT engine sierra, type 9 5 speed gearbox, fiesta seats traveller back axel. midget disc brakes with new master cyl and reservoir in engine compartment it was a new chassis and most of the body! in fact I dont think anything of the original is left and yes I am Jed Clampits brother
  4. I am sure in the fullness of time large amounts of EU workers will leave us because its such a crap place to be, and of course that will relieve the NHS as well, and in a couple of years or maybe sooner if the EU decides to play real harball we will stop wasting our money in the EU. Of course before we joined the EU we all worked a thousand hours a week, never had holidays, and children used to work down coalmines in the day and clean chimneys at night! whilst they were still lit. I have been to Malta this year If I hadnt used the fone it wouldnt have mattered at all, as for the cost well things in Malta have shot up in price since last year why? you may ask because of all the immigrants and refugees say the Maltese People. The EU has done some good but it would be better if it was just the common market, roll on the elections in France with Marie Le Penn for a win then we will see the SxxT hit the fan
  5. I pay 52 p a litre for LPG My Astro, Merc and Moggy pickup truck all run on it, I know it makes sense both in running costs and good for the world
  6. I look at it that she tried, an ex of mine bought hers and eventually sold it she has moved twice since then and downsized the last time so she is mortgage free. She is a friend of Ather Scargill and whilst she is no friend of Maggies she is glad that she had the chance to be free of crap council houses [hers was in a state because repairs were so far behind. ] We all have differing views to every situation and for me home ownership is a good thing I hated renting just to much hassle and cost for nothing in the end
  7. No it wasnt it was to make us a nation of home owners which means the state doesnt have to worry about them housing us
  8. For something as important as houses putting them in bands with an upper and lower limit isnt a bad thing
  9. I was watching question time and then this week Andrew Neil seems to be pro brexit nowdays? But the SNP politician on Question time was barking mad even when it was pointed out to him by others that he was wrong it was still Westminsters fault! me I would let them go if thats what they want
  10. They did it in Holland whilst I was there in the late 80s had no choice as things were so bad
  11. Try Bimble solar others on here swear by them I bought mine from a puter company american ones very cheap on ebay and luck of the draw as I paid about a quarter of their cost!
  12. And the bad news is that their are fleets of LPG/LNG/CNG powered lorries on the road I delivered some to Tescos in London back in the 2000s? I know that some are running around Rotherham with the Gist fleet. Also in the production of fuels the amounts of petrol to diesel can be engineered in favour of either. As I watch when I walk the dog I can see the train line near me being converted to electric for tram use things are changing and it seems its a no diesel future
  13. I agree with you but the issue is that Labour didnt bring the debt on the books which they should have done as for energy freezing that would be the name of the game if the energy companies couldnt make money they wouldnt supply it! and the blame would lie on Milliband woulnt it? I like you create my own energy from either diesel or solar, its expensive but I have to pay, I cant ask somebody to make my diesel cheaper can I? If expotential investor is to be believed oil, coal and Nuclear are done for Batteries are the in thing and Lithium is the best thing ever to invest in! Dont know what us boaters are going to do? looks like solar boating is closer than we think
  14. The rat race has just gone up a notch! the government has just lost the court case about what it is going to do about air pollution has to print its report by the 9th of May expect diesel to be the new swearword think I better order another 1000 litres before it gets banned
  15. Thats what I am saying their has to be a control on prices, also you just cant expect to live somewhere because you feel their is a need otherwise houses would spring up all over the place. Lets go back to the old days pit built houses all around it same for steelworks. Nowdays people see a field and think why cant I have a house there, they dont see the crop in the field they just see a development opportunity which isnt right.