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  1. There's a lot of information here - - about applying to build pontoons, jetties, and the like on the Thames.
  2. We've got a 4G mini wifi router from EE - We got it at half the current price (£30.50 pcm for 64GB) and we find that plenty for both home and boat use. Good coverage in Nottingham at least.
  3. OK - but BW byelaws apply to all waterways under the control of BW - the word 'canal' is so-defined in the byelaws. So the Trent wouldn't be exempt.
  4. I can never find any legislation that prohibits use of a sea toilet on canals - could you point me in the right direction if you have a minute? Thanks.
  5. That's what I've always thought ...
  6. Isn't it a misunderstanding, though, that anodes protect against rust? Or have I misunderstood?
  7. Yes - definitely worth checking the hose. And if you need to replace be prepared to spend a fair bit of money - butyl-lined is very good but expensive: eg. at £17.95 a metre is much better than at £8.95 a metre.
  8. I got a 64GB deal (including mini wifi router) with EE for £30.50 pm for 24 months. We've ditched our home broadband and just take the wifi router back and forth to the boat.
  9. Saga do an 'agreed value' policy (if you're old enough to get a policy with them!)
  10. Just a quick update: NMEA kindly sent me the workshop manual. I had a quick look and the burner was in a pretty poor state. We found someone in Nottingham (a truck heating/refrigeration chap) who replaced the burner and glow pin and now everything's running nicely. It can be a little smoky on start-up, but clears quickly. This doesn't seem to happen if I follow NMEA's advice to give it a bit of time on full chat before shutting down. Thanks all - and Happy New Year!
  11. Yes, we have - pretty much all the time, in fact - once the boat has warmed up. I get the feeling that you think that might be a problem!
  12. Thanks for that. We've got the MC04 control. Is decoking something I could do myself?
  13. Our Webasto has developed a fault. Runs for about 30 minutes (with a bit of white smoke, which it never used to have) and then cuts out. No flashing error codes. Any ideas? Fuel problem, perhaps? I'd be grateful for any pointers on what I could try.
  14. Thanks, that's really helpful. Are they fairly straightforward to fit? I've currently got one of these controllers:
  15. Afternoon everyone Has anyone had any experience with the text messaging controller for Webasto heaters called a Thermocall? There appear to be two versions - entry and advanced - with the latter giving options to programme the heater, I think, which might not be necessary for me. Even the 'cheap' version seems to be around £300.00 inc.vat, though. The heater's a Webasto AirTop Evo 40, by the way. Thanks