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  1. It sure is!!....It was part of an Alde kit
  2. You can just see the balanced flue I bought from you
  3. None whatsoever..at 25ton I approach the bank ..step off and grab it..
  4. I have this arrangement
  5. Sorry been out cruising...yes it is an XR&D built shell to my specific dimensions...she's a looker..in my opinion of course
  6. I used these
  7. I paid over phone and didn't return form. I've had no problems
  8. Linnet is the name.....Linnit is my username...however both spellings are correct.. Ian
  9. Thanks...I think 'she's' a looker but I'm biased
  10. Linnet back in the cut after a hard few days blacking
  11. You can still buy it, although it's probably not brewed in Newcastle anymore...I love it and have drank it all my adult life..Newky Pewkey was the name given to it by the people who couldn't handle it 😆😆
  12. Update...No available moorings in the Loop the day/night I stayed..Moored outside the flats by the entrance..really quiet..time of year probably...disappointed the Malthouse no longer serve my tipple "Newky Brown" infact not many pubs other than Spoons did..all the same had a great time in a great city 😊
  13. ...walking isn't the problem.....it's the staggering back that is😆