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  1. Never had any problems at Merry Hill, Birmingham, or Bumble Hole last summer. It did strike me as being a good idea though to moor on the offside at Bumble Hole if there was room, as it was quieter/safer away from the surprising amount of pedestrian traffic on the towpath. ...except in 2010 when the visitor centre was subjected to an arson attack!
  2. Checked all boats in Birmingham centre from St. Vincents bridge to Cambrian Wharf, through Gas Street to Granville Street bridge. Sherborne Wharf have a flyer and are keeping a lookout. Will check all passing boats, as I'm here for a while.
  3. Thanks for trying Tony. A real puzzler. It may well be last resort to phone Sterling, and as you say hope he doesn't answer, or that is is in an uncharacteristically good mood.
  4. Yes. Set to FUNC0 factory default. Luckily these are suitable settings, but it is frustrating that I cannot check the individual setting are OK.
  5. Yes. It's almost as if the Function access is locked out, bar FUNC5.
  6. Tony, pressing FUNC for two secs goes straight to FUNC5, and doesn't let me access the other parameters. Very puzzling.
  7. I too have the same Invertek Inverter. However, there is one problem I have , resulting in much head-scratching and have yet to solve. I know it will turn out to be obvious, but if someone has the solution, would be most grateful. From the manual: On P14 - System Adjustments - to access the parameters "Push the pad marked FUNC (function) for 2 seconds and use up/down keys to scroll through the functions. (The display will show Fn00 up to Fn09 )". However, on P17 - Disabling Functions - If you press the “FUNC” button for more than 2 seconds you can have access to the different possibilities shown in the following diagram ... Pressing FUNC button for 2 seconds does perform as described on P17 (Fnc0, Fnc1, Fnc2, Fnc3), but I have yet to find how to access the System Adjustments menus described on P14. Anyone know the answer? Pete
  8. Plumbers Epoxy putty. £3 at Toolstation
  9. I suspect you are referring to a Clipsal type plug, more usually found in caravans. You will need to adapt it to a cigarette lighter socket, and then a usb adapter to reduce the 12v to 5v for your phone.
  10. iD (Carphone Warehouse) have the Huwaei 5573 (with twin TS9 antenna ports - so is MiMo) on a rolling 30 day 20G/month FOC online. (iD is on EE) Don't forget you will need 2x SMA to TS9 adapters like this:
  11. There are numerous magazine articles about turning off the data gathering, and turning off cortana e.g. Updates can be turned off, but only for wireless connection, not wired network.
  12. The FBGDome looks pretty neat. It is pain in the a**e that 3grouters are trade only. However, I'm pretty sure the 'Fullband' range are either made by Westlake Connect Ltd, or at least have some connection with the Fullband antennas - see Would be worthwhile dropping them an email to see if they know of a retail supplier.
  13. Carphone warehouse have an interesting data only MiFi package. On their iD (using EE 4G), they are offering a free (online, £9.99 in shop) Huawei 5573 MiFi on a 30 day rolling contract for £20/m. Looks pretty good value to me. And that model has 2 x TS9 antenna ports too, so can do MIMO with suitable antenna.
  14. 'The Citizen' a Berkhamsted newsletter ... Canal and Riverside Partnership Gordon Bluck, Vice Chairman For those who are unaware of this Town Council Working Party, it was formed some 25 years ago to promote the health of the canal and the River Bulbourne. I have been attending as your representative on and off for that time. Rather large sums of money have improved the towpath and there are plans to stop boaters staying too long on the new moorings, partially paid for by our Association. The Canal and River Trust (C&RT) will be enforcing “no overnight” to “14 day” with majority 2/7 day stays. This avoids the problems of last winter in which I was directly involved, when a member was unhappy with the burning of fence panels to have a barbeque. I understand our action caused things to be sorted on a national basis. We are no longer to have winter moorings in the town following the problems. Boats are being recorded on arrival and departure on computer and, if rules are not followed, canal licences will be withheld. In the worse cases boats will be impounded and sold. Your membership supports our involvement.
  15. The 'Ernest Thomas' (Vulcan after conversion) about 1958. The photo in my avatar, below the Anderton Lift taken on the same voyage.