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  1. The flames got much bigger. The dinghies had to retreat when the wooden fuelling pontoon went up!
  2. The Rinker is the one to the right.
  3. A couple more pictures. The Fairline at the front is now unfortunately dead and sunk! The Rinker was moved in time and saved. Gates are shut to contain the fuel and oil spills.
  4. All people are safe. No injuries. Just damage to boats and property.
  5. Bit of Drama at Burton Waters this afternoon. A petrol boat has set on fire at the fuel berth and well destroyed it and another boat!
  6. Don't really want to raise the level of the work surface at one side. Don't think that would look right. We are trying to keep it as original looking as possible. Right now I think we are resigned to the fact that we are just going to replace the hob like for like and replace the work surface. We manage well enough with what we have I suppose. Anyway it's bbq season soon so we won't be using the galley.
  7. I have seen smaller! This is the same as ours. The cupboard by the steps is actually quite large as it goes back behind the steps. The pan drawer beneath the hob isn't as big as it looks as the hull curves up behind it so it isn't full depth and we have a fair bit of stuff in there.
  8. Our boat is in the water. Always a sign of spring.
  9. We currently have this one with two rings and a grill: I really want an oven. However we can't really afford to loose too much of the pan drawer which sits beneath.
  10. One of their stock boats at a guess. The bills of sale that the OP should have received when they bought the boat should have the previous owners details on.
  11. He' a she and giving an engine that has run with no oil in it "top revs" is a shockingly bad idea!
  12. Press the button. Whats the worst that can happen? Some of our friends have electric flush toilets and when their tanks are full it just ejects some out of the external vent rather then the loo.
  13. Your new galley has been a bone of contention in our house this past few weeks. We have been trying and failing to come up with a way to fit an oven to NC. We are planning a spruce up of the galley in the autumn but just can't find a cooker that will be small enough to fit in the space we have yet still leaving a useable pan drawer beneath.
  14. Maybe from you but 504 other people have felt the need to offer them previously.