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  1. No speeding involved.
  2. Our PB for last year was Kirkstead Bridge on the Witham to Lowestoft. Some 130 miles! 3 hours to Boston then a lunch break while waiting for the tide. Then 5 hours Boston to Lowestoft. It's not always the case that a home mooring becomes pointless. Despite having been on ours for 9 years we don't feel that having a home mooring restricts us. But we do have a lot of local waterways to have a go at and go much further afield when we can.
  3. Have already been at the helm of several narrowboats, ranging from a little 26ft Sea Otter to a 57fter. Can't say that I noticed either was that difficult to stop or manoeuvre. Not my cup of tea. Much prefer a lump of plastic with a wheel and some grunt.
  4. I could keep going all night. Unfortunately when Liam gets back from work we are heading out on the boat and my time for unravelling more of your BS will be over.
  5. I like that idea. Not sure we have enough window space to display them all though!
  6. From hither!
  7. What has happened between 2011 and now that makes it weigh so much more?
  8. BS
  9. We have binned most of ours and just stream films or download them to watch at a later date.
  10. Then what? Well move a bit more I suppose.
  11. So your narrow boat was under 35ft yet weighed 15 ton?
  12. What is this plastic cruiser that is narrowbeam and 45ft in length. Must be an engineering marvel.
  13. Which begs the question if you were travelling that slowly how you managed to still have a collision.
  14. If it was a narrow bridge hole then it wasn't a large cruiser.
  15. Maybe next time you should keep a better look out.