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  1. Thanks for your replies guys.
  2. Hi I am looking for a replacement water pump for our engine which I believe is a Ford D 4 cylinder with a Parsons Pike conversion. Any one know where I can get one and what part I need to order please. I have googled but none of them have looked quite right. I have attached photos below. Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  3. Thanks guys for all these suggestions, it gives me more to look into.
  4. The pump out is equipment is on the side of the canal next to the waterpoint in a cabinet which requires a BW key. The card operated box is in the same building as the showers etc. Not got a pump out ourselves but I believe it gives about 15 minutes. Water pressure is not great so if you can, time it for when no one is at the water point.
  5. Thanks for both of those suggestions Pluto, it gives me something else to go on. I will check these out.
  6. thanks for those links max's son and for getting back to me so fast. I have seen those articles during my research. I was more interested in records or listings of boats built during the 1930s at the yard so I can clafify if she was built there.
  7. Hi I am looking for any information re J S Watson shipyard in Gainsborough. Despite looking I a struggling to get much information from anywhere. Since buying our current boat we have been trying to find more info on when and where she was built. The information we have so far is that she was originally built for the City of York Corporation as a grab dredger during the 1930s. We have photos of this stage of her working life but no solid information of who did the build. Having seen her and the quite distinctive shape of her bow, it was suggested that she might have been built at the Watson yard in Gainsborough. Having found a couple of pictures of boats built there at around the same time, I can see a similarity in the bow shape. Unfortunately getting any further info about the shipyard is proving difficult. Its a long shot, but does anyone have, or know where I can get any further info on the shipyard. Thanks in advance Sweeny Todd
  8. Just received this email from C&RT. I am not sure whether this is for information, whether it means I am one of the lucky 'above inflation rises' and not entirely clear as to when this increase will kick in. Anyone have any further info? Dear Customer Canal & River Trust – Waterside Mooring Price Review 2017 The Trust provides and manages approximately 3600 long term leisure and residential moorings in England and Wales as part of its discretionary commercial business activities. This represents approximately 11% of the current long term moorings provision – in other words, there are many other private providers of moorings who we are effectively in competition with. The income raised through moorings makes a vital contribution towards the substantial costs of caring for the 200+ year old historic and fragile waterway infrastructure – it requires considerable maintenance, care and attention to ensure future generations are able to appreciate and enjoy the waterways. The Trust must operate its long term moorings within a strict legal framework which ensures that we comply with UK competition law at all times. The prices we charge for our long term leisure and residential moorings must be set by reference to market rates. This means that moorings cannot be subsidised. The waterside mooring sales website has now been operating for 15 months. Sales have been exceptional with many selling above the guide price. We are currently at 97% capacity. We have used the sales results to help assess the level of the price increases. The majority of sites will see a 2.7% increase based on the projected inflation rate for 2017. RPI for January 2017 is already at 2.6%. Sites where we have seen an increased demand via our sales website or where we have made substantial investment will see an above inflation increases. Sites which are still proving to be unpopular will have their prices held. In summary, 3% of sites will in real terms have no increase. 57% will see an inflationary increase only. 40% of sites have been increased between 1% and 3% above inflation. We will only write to customers on those sites where there has been an above inflation increase. NB Price increases will only apply to those customers who are currently on 12 month contracts. 3 year contracts are not affected. For those customers with end of garden moorings (where the moorings is adjacent to their residential property) or those moored on farmers’ fields, as in the past their permit prices will increase in line with their local ‘indexed’ mooring site. Yours sincerely Jenny Whitehall Head of Directly Managed Moorings
  9. Hi We have laid our boards length ways. Our barge is 17' 6" wide so wider than many. We do live aboard the boat (2 adults, 1 large dog and a cat). As the boat is still a work in progress the boards are getting plenty of hammer but are standing up to it. As for the concrete, I agree with your surveyor. Having been on quite a few of the older barges, many of them have concrete in one area or another so not unexpected to find some.
  10. Hi We have used scaffold boards in out barge. We have tried different flooring types in our last boat (a narrowboat) but found that they all had their drawbacks. We figured the scaffold boards were designed to take the hammer and have been down now for around 6 months and have coped with everything that we have thrown at them during fitting out the barge, including getting very wet a few times when we were re building the cabin roof / deck. We fixed the boards in place using batons underneath which we screwed the boards to and have used cork inserts to fill the gaps in between whilst allowing for expansion. Gives a rather nice pinstripped effect too . We have sealed the boards with wax.
  11. sponge clean with vinegar and warm water. Vinegar helps get rid of the smell and will do the same as bleach for cleaning. Also, bicarb of soda or baking powder will get rid of the smell and absorb the moisture.
  12. MJG, yes you are correct about the sluice at Lemonroyd, although we haven't been up that way since last year. The showers at Stanley Ferry, Castleford and Horbury are all just CRT key to get into the building, no leccy card needed unlike the majority of the showers nowadays.
  13. Hi Castleford does indeed have a shower, sluice etc. Not a bad place to stay over night, and good for dog walks if you have one. Woodlesford is lovely but lacks facilities. In between is Lemonroyd which again is nice but the facilities there belong to the marina. If you are going down to Horbury, Kings Road is ok to moor (no facilities) or Stanley Ferry (showers, sluice etc). Horbury also has a shower etc at the residential moorings. You can moor up just outside.
  14. Hi I have not had any experience with the people you have found but can point you in the direction of a good mobile marine engineer in Wakefield if it helps.
  15. Quaysider Are you going to be moored at Stanley Ferry once you have your boat?