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  1. I woke up yesterday morning to this news and was a little numb to it. It almost feels that incidents like this are becoming regular enough that I'm desensitised to them. However as the hours and days have gone on I'm feeling more and more shocked and saddened by what I'm seeing and reading in the media. The faces of the dead children, the survivors stories, the recent news that one of the dead is a female police officer and her husband and children are still in hospital. It's starting to hit me. In 2003 i remember watching the coalition invasion of Iraq on TV and hearing of British servicemen killed in Afghanistan. I was overcome with a feeling that i should do my duty, and the next week i went to the careers office and signed up. 12 months later i was myself in Iraq. This latest attack in Manchester, together with March's incident in London has left me feeling helpless. I should be doing something. I should be doing my duty. I feel frustrated. They are killing our children.
  2. Thanks for the update. Unless I've missed it CRT still haven't updated the stoppage notice to say it's now open.
  3. Do you get money each time someone watches one of your videos?
  4. If i were you I'd get a Narrowboat.
  5. You can actually moor ON the Rochdale Canal.
  6. The Bridge is the place to go, imo. I've been to Lord Combermere once and have nothing bad to say about it, but you ought to have a wash before going there, which makes it a bit posh in my book. I ran out of giving the Shroppie Fly any more chances and walk straight past it.
  7. I blame Jeremy Corbyn
  8. Looks a decent boat and a decent price. I'd bang in an offer of £25,500 subject to survey. You could probably get the cost of your survey knocked off again if it needs a few bits and bobs doing. If not, you'd get a decent deal at that price i think.
  9. CRT have the go-ahead to replace the cill. Next update due out on Friday.
  10. Northgate staircase locks have been closed for a little while now. I suspect the cill has had one too many temporary repairs done and now fully failed. I got a stoppage notice today saying that a Conservation Officer is attending the site tomorrow and that updates would be issued in due course, however the locks would remain closed until further notice. This has got the hallmarks of being a big/long job. Is there anyone in the area with more accurate information, idle gossip or any inkling as to when they might reopen? Anyone stuck?
  11. If my memory serves me correctly from steering a trip boat regularly on that stretch, this is fairly normal behaviour from 'Jenny Wren'. Please do put a complaint in, I'm not sure that dropping Richard Parry is the best thing to do though, surely he's got better things to do than reply to every Tom, Dick & Harrys low level complaint. I would have thought 'Head of Buisness Boating' would be a more sensible option if you feel the need to go straight to Executive level.
  12. Just to give you a rough idea, on Halsall i stock 26 x 13kg bottles but only 2 x 6kg bottles. I have a delivery about once a week and it's very rare to have sold both 6kg bottles in the week.
  13. If i were you I'd be going for the Les Allen boat. That first one, the green one, looks like it hasn't been looked after.
  14. It's because of Brexit.