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  1. Did it sell?
  2. Can you deliver? I'm interested.
  3. I've put this in H&H as if you post in 'Events' i think you have to wait for the Gestapo to approve it. It is Lymm Hispanic Transport Day this Sunday, although boats start arriving all week really. I'm not far away now on Halsall and it looks like being a cracking well attended weekend if the list of boats already booked in is anything to go by. If historic wide boats are your thing there should be AMBUSH, RIBBLE, SEVERN, PAULINE & PARBELLA i think, not to mention more thin boats than all years previous. Anyone from the forum attending by boat or car?
  4. Nope, or a UK Border Force Dog Handler as i was. But i know who you're talking about, and both he and I got into this through being interested in hysterical boats.
  5. Anywhere in or near Stone is fine, all the way to Trentham lock on the outskirts of Stoke. After Trentham lock the only places i would moor is Etruria (above the lock), Festival Park (outside the pub) or Westport Lake. There's plenty of space at all 3 of those places. I wouldn't stop anywhere else in Stoke, no matter how nice it seems.
  6. Another reason is that i think most 'coal boaters' get into it because they are passionate about Historic boats rather than they've drempt all their lives of selling coal. Personally speaking I'd have no interest in doing this job on a modern boat, although should you not be into histerical boats it could still be a great lifestyle on a modern boat. As far as i am aware Mountbatten & Jelicoe are still for sale. Already kitted out as fuel boats, with a round, and with some additional living space on the butty. Only really suitable for small people though if you want a good nights sleep.
  7. They don't. There is a modern 'fuel boat' for sale at Alvecote i think. It used to trade on the K&A as 'Coal Boat'. It was built by Stewart Hodges a few years ago and has a modern engine and someliving space. Only if you wanted to carry fuel in bulk from one place to another. Tay would be completely unsuitable for modern day retail fuel boating.
  8. I stopped reading a cruiser stern
  9. Arrived this afternoon. No problem getting a space despite everyone telling me all week "Middlewich is full". Had a cracking night tonigh at Middlewich Narrowboats, so much so that we didn't bother going up to the main stage to watch The Lighting Seeds headliners. It looks like it's going to be a great weekend.
  10. If you lift you side fenders up whilst cruising or using a lock, you will sink.
  11. What is an 'Open boat'?
  12. As far as i am aware it is part of the area leased to Andersen Boats. Certainly when the historic boats moor in that area for the FAB Festival it's always been at the permission of Andersen boats i think. On the hire fleet turn around days it is full of boats with people coming and going. I've occasionally seen boats moored there and i don't think Anderson are going to come running down the towpath telling you to clear off, they seem a fairly relaxed and friendly bunch. That said, if you were moored there on turn around day they may come and ask you to move. It's certainly not an unusual situation. Middlewich Narrowboats have rights to the towpath in their pound, as do Midway Boats at Barbridge, Anglo Welsh at Bunbury, etc...
  13. You don't need to be an expert, you just need to have a bit of understanding of muslim culture and beliefs.