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  1. Mike Carter. Marine Surveys LTD. 07831184495
  2. Just remember, everybody has to be somewhere.
  3. We'll have to disagree on the difference between timeless & dated. If there is a difference of course. I wasn't diss'ing this engine as being rubbish or unpopular, i was suggesting that for a boat of this style with a trad engineroom/back cabin i would imagine most people would expect to see a Gardner or the superior Lister engine. Not a taxi engine in a tea chest. All opinions of course, and as Chris Pink/Paddles Up/Haulier P/Emma B, or whatever he was calling himself then reminded me once, he's forgotten in one afternoon more than i know about boats.
  4. Isn't that where everyones khazi is? I can check all my oil levels, drips, oil pressure etc whilst curling one out, plus the seat is never cold. I'm surprised the idea of the toilets next to the engine hasn't caught on.
  5. This might be controversial, but apart from the obvious nice lines you would expect from a MB boat, it's a pretty uninspiring boat in my opinion. It's got a funny engine, in a funny box, and the interior decor looks more outdated than my grandparents house and they've been dead 15 years. Oh and the price is mental.
  6. Time to bring back internment?
  7. I wish I'd found this thread yesterday. My other half has just bought me a £100 Nespreso coffee machine for my birthday. I've spent the last hour setting it up on the boat, running a new cable from the cabin to the engine room etc, and now it won't work. Powers up but then just does nothing. I assume i have tbe same problem as the OP?
  8. Actually I think post No.7 got there first.
  9. From the Canal Museum I would go to Limehouse Marina and moor on the 24hr VM'S there, there's usually plenty of space. Then have an early ish start up the River Lea and go as far as you can, Cheshunt should be easily achievable. I moored outside the cafe and little basin there but can't remember what it's called. From then on you can stop wherever you feel like I think.
  10. Did you get the coal off me Martyn? If so i can help you ID which one it was.
  11. I had a cracking night with cracking company at the Horse & Jockey during last years Easter Gathering. Weatherspoons in town is good too, as is the all you can eat Sunday buffet at the Indian by the station. Are you going to the port this easter Liam?
  12. Horrendous programme.
  13. As is the case with many on here, if you have a look back through the thread you'll find it as this boats been advertised a few times already.
  14. As somebody else has said, there is no such thing as 'Shropshire Police'. The plot thickens.