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  1. Of course, you could always convert the generator to run on LPG................................
  2. Steve Roberts
  3. At the end of last season we had our Nobels BT motor rebuilt by an Auto Electrical Specialist in Tamworth. I can provide further detail if you need it, but they said that parts were freely available and were common to other, more well known brands of electrical motor. Ours needed new brushes and a brush box. The contactors are also easily available. Are you able to say more specifically what needs doing on yours?
  4. That's where the cash got splashed. On a paint thickness meter, before starting the job.
  5. One side was done in March this year, and is still looking good. It has been washed twice in the season, with Autoglym shampoo. The roof, which is Epiphanes Red, needed cutting/polishing again after four months, but I didn't cut it as hard on the first attempt. I think that if you invest a bit of time, cash, and effort you will get a finish that will least at least six months, so beginning of the cruising season, and maybe the end, before winter.
  6. I cut with Farecla G3, polished with Autoglym Super Resin Polish, and topped with AutoGlym Extra Gloss Protection. It worked well for me, but you should try a test patch first! I have no idea if there is silicon in the Autoglym products.
  7. Here is a chart that is referred to elsewhere in the forum. I found it very useful when trying to understand how the tides wok on the Trent. I can also confirm that the Trent Boating Association charts are very good at showing you how to avoid the various obstacles and hazards.
  8. From the album Trent Tides

  9. Panic over! Spurred on by the prospect of a huge bill from RCR/Burton Waters I spent a long time down the weed hatch yesterday, using a little tool called a Prop Mate that I picked up at Crick a few years ago. That managed to get the rest of the material off, and then the wire could be unwound with a pair of mole grips and some brute force. All seems to be running OK today and I have stood RCR/Burton Waters down accordingly. Huge thanks to all the contributors to this thread.
  10. A quick update: Thanks in part to Zenataomm's suggestion we have managed to get enough material off the prop to get it turning. In the absence of RCR's towing facility we are proposing a 2.5 mile reverse at low revs tomorrow, and a lift out at Burton Waters on Monday (the cost of this is not covered by RCR membership). Thanks also to everyone else for their help and suggestions.
  11. The bank is pretty low, and we have used the keb to haul out most of the fabric, and most of the frame of the brolly. But the bit left wound around the prop is very tight indeed, and at 4mm is not going to unwind, even if you could get a serious grip on it. The propshaft will not turn. The "wire" needs cutting off with a hacksaw, or bolt cutters. My latest move is an email to the local sub aqua club.
  12. The nice lady at RCR says that Burton Waters do not have a vessel that can tow a 60' narrow boat. So that means getting a tug from somewhere else. They will charge by the hour from leaving base, to returning to base. RCR will pay for two hours, I have to pay the rest of the time. She will be trying to find a tug tomorrow morning...........
  13. I've got a hacksaw, and bolt cutters. The "wire" that this brolly is made from is 4mm springy steel and it is tightly wound around the shaft, in front of the prop. You can cut it, ashore and in ideal circumstances, but the RCR man can only just reach the shaft with his fingertips, at full stretch with his head and shoulder stuck down the weed hatch, let alone wield a hacksaw. He even considered going into the water, but there is no way he could reach the wire without breathing apparatus! When it caught, I was in reverse with very few revs on (Gardner 2LW) and it stalled the engine. The prop cannot now be moved at all.
  14. Evening all, We are currently stuck on the VMs at Saxilby, on the Fossdyke. We have the remains of a very large angler's brolly wrapped around the prop, and neither I or RCR's engineer can remove it. RCR have provisionally arranged for the boat to be lifted out at Burton Waters marina on Monday, but Burton Waters have no tug and RCR cannot currently come up with any suggestions other than bowhauling the boat, or hailing a passing tug! We are about 2.5 miles from the marina, and facing the wrong way. I should add, perhaps, that Eclipse is a 60' Hudson, rumoured to weigh 23 tons all in, and the butler is nowhere to be seen......... All sensible (or humorous!) ideas welcome. Mike
  15. A further read of the manual this morning reveals on page 7, under Important Note, a condition that gives your error. It looks like, after the system reset, the Smartgauge may be detecting the wrong battery voltage.