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  1. Quite right too!
  2. Hi Mac Is little dog a bit unsure about walking the plank? By, you don't half get about!
  3. For sale ... only £32 mill ! Please contact Allied London
  4. Near Nelson on the L&L there is a boaters recycling facility.
  5. It's suffering from uglification. Urgh it's too early for my aesthetic sensibilities to be upset...
  6. Good luck everybody!
  7. Is it ok to be vicariously excited even if not joining in?
  8. Hi Betty pleased to read you're on the up... keep on getting better
  9. All the best to you too! Good wishes for your next adventure.
  10. If you're going further West... Barnoldswick ok to moor,a little shop/cafe at Lower Park Marina. Foulridge ok on The Wharf also has Cargo Cafe. Barrowford ok at the bottom of the reservoir or at the bottom of the locks. I quite like Burnley (but I'm a bit strange) ok on The Wharf but it's outside a pub so may be noisy depending, also The Weavers Triangle museum. Colne was appalling when I last came through. Further West Church is ok too.
  11. It's generally quiet apart from round Skipton area and in September more so. The Vm's at Bingley aren't very picturesque and I haven't actually stopped there but I would guess they are ok . Bear in mind if you're coming through Leeds it takes longer than you think to "get out of town". Further West ... Gargrave, East Marton and the curly-wurly bit round Langber plantation are really pretty and rural .
  12. Yes indeed good news !
  13. Would C&RT at Leeds have real time data on whether the levels are rising? It has been raining a little over the past few days. number on website is 0303 040 4040 hth
  14. Me? Was born at an address on Bury New Road actually in Whitefield but went to school in Bury. Had a Saturday job in the market with Chris Barrash(sp?) fruit and veg. Mmm black pudding from the BP stall..happy daze
  15. If you do want this side of the Pennines (Hehe the best side) you could think about The Calder & Hebble too... Salterhebble or Brighouse???? eta I come from Bury way too but have made the right choice on which side to live now