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  1. I'm certainly not looking to buy another historic boat but I love reading this thread for all the snippets of info about them whether for sale or not. Its ramblings are always drawn back on track whenever a 'new' old boat comes up for sale.
  2. Do you know who owns Michaelangelo's David?
  3. I must dispute that! Surely I am not the only person who can go for more than a day without a shower? PS. There is only one non-historic tug I'd be tempted by (and sorry, it's not Warrior) - Ian Kemp's Gazelle.
  4. Why do people say things like this? Who else's views do they think we are going to think they're expressing in such forthright terms?
  5. We've used a Perrago and were most impressed, but wouldn't try doing a whole hull with one. No one has mentioned shotblasting... A lot of grief, and not many places to get it done, but unbeatable if you want to get everything off and make a really clean start. Having said that, I think the moonscape effect looks pretty good. Even if you've got lovely shiny cabin work, a workmanlike looking hull is no bad thing.
  6. I am very fastidious, but find a handbowl wash perfectly acceptable and even superior in some ways to a shower (and no I am not going to elaborate).
  7. Oh that's much too complicated. Thinking of doing something like that into the hold though.
  8. That's interesting, because it really took me by surprise how terrifying I found Edstone, and I thought I'd never be able to face Pontcysyllte. My two scariest boating experiences in sequential threads.
  9. The one time I fell in I ended up under the counter and that was scary (even if I was tied up and the engine off - wasn't immediately clear how to get out from under). It was at least in summer and I was able to scramble up the bank, with help. I'd been stepping on and off all day and must have just got a bit blase and misjudged it. I sent out for antibacterial coca cola (that I believe is a canoeists' trick, for ingestion rather than wounds) though someone subsequently told me that as it was in Droitwich the salt keeps the nasties down. I didn't admit at the time just how scary it was. Also, even though I now have a waterproof cover for my phone, I never carry it in my pocket when boating as I think that would be guaranteed to make me fall in again.
  10. I do indeed find it useful although I admit that I only have to go into the back end to fill it from the 2 x 100 gallon tanks I've got there :-)
  11. Not even inside the cabin? I have a nice little one and someone said 'that'll make a nice cabin can' as if that was a known thing - and indeed it is very useful as such.
  12. That's pedants, not trolls.
  13. Quite an old video... I don't recognise any of the people (in the first couple of minutes).
  14. Yes, I've always understood it to be from 'helm' hence the apostrophe would be for the dropped 'h'. I wouldn't bother with it though; I think 'ellum' is sufficiently established as a word in its own right.
  15. But I suspect that it is the boat, not the person, who is being refused a licence.