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  1. Indeed - however, like I say, the technology is sound and employed elsewhere. Just need to see it in action on the smaller scale
  2. Vanadium Flow Batteries could be the future once economies of scale make them affordable etc. A 48v cell allegedly can power a car up to 300 Km/h and has a 1000 mile range, suffers no memory effect and can be cycled repeatedly with no loss of capacity. All this in the size of a suitcase. Clearly there is some marketing hype involved in the above but the technology does exist in much larger units for storing renewable energy.
  3. If you're in London then I suggest Keith Duffy have a look. He is a highly regarded engineer on London Boaters (
  4. Love these paintings - where are they displayed or available for purchase?
  5. Answering my own post - yes you can. Not as pretty as the official Eberspacher one but 10th of the price and fully programmable and a backup battery. Yay!
  6. I also have a wife. She tells me when to put the laundry on, clean the boat, fix this, fix that, make dinner etc. I think I have a faulty wife unit judging by what others are saying here
  7. We don't often get that on Channel 5
  8. I didn't think it was half bad really. Just 4 people learning from scratch and making the same mistakes we all have at some point.
  9. Now I'm a bit more comfortable with how the Eberspacher D5W operates using relays, can I use something like this as the programable timer since my OEM unit has a broken display and a new one will cost between £60-£120 depending on eBay? I appreciate it won't show diagnostic info - but then nor does my current one since it's not working. Thanks David
  10. Grand Union (Milton Keynes) Workparty / Clear up at the end of March/beginning of April.
  11. I think I know the boat you have been looking at and it is a lovely little thing which I would love to have as a 2nd "holiday" boat but funds won't allow for that luxury. If it's any help I am at the sister Marina to the one you've been looking at, and our first years total costs (diesel, electric, licence, moorings, gas and minor maintenance) was around £5k and that's for a 64' boat.
  12. I also enjoyed this mornings episode and may buy the book on the strength of the series this week.
  13. Well - I bit the bullet and let it run for a while today (as advised above) and the smoke stopped reasonably quickly and I left it running for a couple of hours with no further smoke. What I did observe was that (with the deck boards up) the exhaust lagging appeared to be discharging the same type of smoke, which also stopped after a while. I am now of the opinion that the rain over the weekend had collected in the exhaust and because we hadn't run it all weekend until last night, this was being evaporated causing the smoke/steam. The pipe lagging had also gotten wet when I was looking at the problem in the rain yesterday evening which may explain why for a short while the lagging was also discharging the same white cloud. There is every possibility that this has happened before but the boiler generally comes on at 6am while we are asleep so any strange plumes wouldn't be noticed. Also, the bang I heard may just have been coincidental but because it was coupled with the huge plume I assumed it was the boiler. I will start her again later and make more observations - but I am eternally grateful for the advice to let it run for 10 minutes even if it felt very scary to do so. Thank you to all who have responded
  14. OK - I haven't run it for 10 minutes yet as was too scared until I saw these responses so I will do that tomorrow (but dark now and don't want to scare the neighbours). Thanks again for the replies
  15. Thanks for the replies so far. There is antifreeze in the system and today is one of the warmer days we've had this year (it runs daily without issue in the freezing weather) so I'm thinking either the internal gasket went bang or indeed the jacket has split. There hasn't been a failed start so to speak, just 2 starts with a mountain of white smoke. I think it is steam, there is no major smell to it :/