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  1. Victron do one for £1150 (1600w). Would that be any better do you think? https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Datasheet-EasySolar-1600VA-EN.pdf
  2. I have been looking at the Volt Polska range and also wondering if they are good quality. Edit: the 12v ones only go up to 700w.
  3. When in a hire boat you always have right of way at a bridge regardless of who was there first. You also can pass on whichever side takes your fancy, no need to alert oncoming boat as to which side.
  4. Our boat was up for £35k and we took a gamble (based on 1 year old survey) and got it for £29,000. 4 Years later we had a survey and the measurements were the same as the one we saw at the brokers, so for us it paid off.
  5. Thanks Alan The reason for the thread is that a friend thinks it is Winkwell but we couldn't find a similar picture c/o Google Images to confirm. Thanks David
  6. Can anyone please identify the bridge on the cover of this month's Canal Boat magazine? Thank you.
  7. What diameter were yours please?
  8. They look good. I wonder how they would hold through a textured roof finish? Cheaper version on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-of-Vehicle-MagPad1-super-strong-magnet-for-roof-signs-taxi-driving-school/182286353335
  9. I help out with the craning team where we live and that is about as accurate a guess as it gets. We do see everything within that range for a boat that size (according to the crane's scales).
  10. I have no advice but love your can-do attitude! No such thing as disability, just differing levels of ability
  11. Another vote for D61 - had ours for almost 5 years and works perfectly for our hot water requirements including a shower.
  12. My Mum had a really bad mole problem (over 50 mole hills in the garden) for a number of years, the mole catcher only caught one and she tried many other way to get rid of them to no avail. She heard that moth balls work well but couldn't find any "old school" ones. I did locate some on eBay and the moles were gone within a few days and 6 months later not a single mole hill
  13. It wouldn't have thought the poll was created with the aim of creating division or pigeon holing people. I'm also curious to know for no other reason than being curious
  14. Does anyone know if there is a 2nd hand demand for old single glazed narrow boat windows? You might need to market them slightly better
  15. Sorry, I should have mentioned we have a cap and dodger over the stern at all times and the deck boards remain dry even when there is damp in the bilge.