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  1. I think you are reading too much into the word. All my life and according to the dictionary I have just checked it merely means "made to order".
  2. I am just going on what mobility my MiL had when she had one.
  3. The short fall would take time to fill as well. According to the Royal College of Nursing you need a degree in Nursing so at least 3 years from deciding to being able to do the job. Much longer for Doctors of course.
  4. The one shown in the link has the advantage that the user doesn't have to get round to the front to sit down they merely have to turn round.
  5. I would agree the housing system is broken since Maggie, for two reasons. First she sold off the social housing stock at unrealistic prices and second she made it seem as if something was wrong if you didn't either aspire to owning property or actually own property. This gave people an unrealistic idea that it was possible to house all the population without social housing. However I can't agree with your tax regime. If you start controlling how people chose to spend there money e.g. buy to let where do you draw the line? Once that sort of control was introduced and became "normal" where would the government stop with regard to interfering in how we spend our money.
  6. Strange that isn't it. They mock the remainers because potential problems didn't arise instantly so we should be seeing instantly all these benefits. Shouldn't we?
  7. So you don't mind some people having this government hold over them? Equally living in a rented property if you can't afford a house isn't a bad thing. I was raised (as was my wife) in a rented property, I rented a flat in my early working days I never felt any "hold over me" neither did my parents.
  8. The point I was trying to make. Obviously not very well is you don't want one part of the population to "have a hold" over them and yet you happily suggest another part has a "hold" put over them causing them to run their business in a particular way to a particular price point. That to me isn't equitable or fair.
  9. But you seem to want the government to have a hold over the house builders to force them to produce houses at a price the government wants. What a nice level playing field.
  10. Anybody!
  11. It may well be more than that. At one point my daughter was collapsing without warning once or twice a week. Each collapse meant she lost a little bit of what she was doing before (i.e. memory loss) and left her debilitated for at least a day afterwards. She was deemed fit to work and not disabled in anyway and so not eligible for any state aid. If she wasn't disabled I dread to think what your life must be like to be counted as disabled. Fortunately after 7 years the condition was diagnosed and she is back to health and working but for most of her 20s she was in the opinion of everyone who knew her disabled and in the opinion of everybody she applied to for work unemployable and yet not officially disabled.
  12. Join the club most public service workers are 15 -20% worse off than they were in 2010.
  13. Ah so it is your own personal circumstances which make you against public holidays rather than you object to the principle of having days marked as public holidays?
  14. I think you will find we have fewer "Bank" holidays than many countries including China France and Germany.
  15. It would appear to me too many boaters consider the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law.