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  1. The key line in that report is: How the egg came to be fertilised is not known. Commercial egg production free range or barn does not run a cockerel with the hens it/they would be totally useless mouths to feed and so a drain on already slim profits. My guess would be a freak situation where one of the day old chick sexers got it wrong and somehow a male got into the wrong box. Then it would have to go un-noticed until maturity not too difficult inj the 10,000s housed together I suppose. Still a really unusual event far rarer than 1:1,000,000
  2. Put her mind at rest and point out that unless she hunts out a local farm who runs a cockerel with the hens none of the eggs she eats are chickens in the making.
  3. If you are going to have a little rant make sure you are doing it about facts. As far as I can find out she sent the child to a public school not a grammar school. Public schools are comprehensive not selective unless you count ability to pay as selection. A grammar school however is selective. So IMO anyone who sends their child to public school is paying for small class sizes not selection.
  4. No more false or manufactured than TM and people aren't seeing past her either.
  5. They might have made escape down the stairs more viable and less dangerous.
  6. The first of the satellite tagged Cuckoos has left the country being currently in the La Brenne Regional Nature Park France.
  7. I am afraid I assumed it was either somebody who didn't know/understand about mooring and was assuming you could just "live" anywhere or they knew of a case where long term moorers were doing this and hoped to be able to do it themselves.
  8. That surely is true of every party's manifesto! Oh hang on that isn't the case the Tories didn't give any such information so no it isn't rue of all manifestos.
  9. OP as in original post i.e. to me you seem to have known what you intended to do before posting.
  10. I am puzzled as to what the discussion is about! Lady G to me seems to have made her mind up before the OP.
  11. Before I went out this morning the Fire service were reporting it wasn't a terrorist act. However that doesn't say it hasn't put the idea into some lunatic heads.
  12. A couple of thoughts. First it seems TM hadn't even read their manifesto when it was published otherwise the dementia tax debacle wouldn't have occurred. Second in the interview I saw JC was trying to consult his tablet (modern piece of paper) but couldn't as the interviewer was too busy repeating the question and he was replying I will give you the accurate figure in a moment (or words to that effect).
  13. I expect it from their politicians but I had hoped the ordinary man in the street had a little more compassion. It would appear not.
  14. The press and Tories appear to have gone wild. Find an individual that is in anyway showing weakness and turn on it. The way a pack of animals behave. Fortunately I don't suffer from diabetes. However I have once had to intervene to prevent a known diabetic being "put to bed to sleep it off" as he slipped into a diabetic coma. The conversation round the restaurant table showed his companions knew he was diabetic he didn't react to his situation neither did they. Is Diane Abbott had as she says done 7 interviews and not eaten enough she very probably wouldn't be aware of her worsening condition and those around her were either equally unaware or just anxious to get on with the interview thinking "she will be alright". I am more than a little unimpressed by the attitude of tory supporters to illness.
  15. I don't know the area but looking at a map here. It seems to run from Dundalk Lane Great Wyrley to Broad Lane near Bloxwich North Station.