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  1. When attempting to start, does the part of the camshaft that the sensor reads, actually go around? Broken camshaft? Bod
  2. The two new batteries, need a repolish. Bod
  3. Will there be enough room above the tank to actually get the old element out, new element in? Bod
  4. Scroll down to "So what are her options" Inheritance Provision for Family and Dependents Act 1975 May well have the answer. The partner makes a claim for financial provision. Bod
  5. What more could C&RT be doing? The warnings are there. Bod
  6. The lesson in that, is read, and understand the contract before signing. Bod
  7. Well done! Bod
  8. If you had to hire one, would a steam cleaner be a better option? Bod
  9. Can't help with sound proofing. Looking at the engine installation photo, how easy/difficult is it to change the fan belt? Or to get to the front pulley for servicing? Bod
  10. Yes that was the problem, no air flow. Made worse by having to cover to keep the rain out! Bod
  11. Do the job in very good weather. I didn't, it took weeks (most of April 2015) to dry! Allow the tank to dry, then sweep out with a wire brush, and hoover, before using a grinder in there. Unless you plan to join the Black & White mistrals. This I also discovered the hard way. Bod
  12. Interesting. When I used Keelblack, in September last year, due to delivery problems, there was a 48hr gap between applying the Fertan and Keelblack. Hopefully I won't have any problems, but it looks like another docking will have to be done. "As Fertan indicated no one has asked them about curing times so I wonder where Keelblack obtained this information?" It's in the current Fertan instruction sheet. Keelblacks instruction sheet for June 16 states " Heavy rust should be wire-brushed or ground back to bare steel then primed with Fertan in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and allowed to dry before Keelblack is applied." This product has different application methods to normal blacking, which overall are no quicker, but the jury is still out, on suitability. Bod
  13. Whilst you were there, I trust you cleaned the weed from the waterline. Bod
  14. Yes, I saw that. They won't be going far. Bod