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  1. It's a knotty problem. I'm not at all sure that anyone specified dangerous or prohibitive materials in any legal sense, prohibition in other Countries whilst germane has no real bearing here. It may well be that the system met the relevant Regulations regardless of their efficacy. That's not absolve anyone of their duty of care. If the Tender process was professionally conducted then the Contractor will have jumped through hoops to win the work, he's probably spent at least a year on it, generally schmoozing the Client, pricing against his Bill of Quants, sorting Parent Company Guarantees, satisfying all manner of RAMS requirements and registering sundry Environmental Impact Statements. Contractors do not specify materials as a general rule on projects of this nature.
  2. Its nice to look at and covertable but that's a silly price isn't it?
  3. I would like to reiterate my support for Corbynism. I view his political history pragmatically and admire him generally. I have recently taken receipt of, and prioritised wallet room for my Labour Party Membership documentation, thereby re-establishing both my personal commitment to Socialism and Corbyn as leader. In the unlikely event that when I'm next retrieved, unconscious and insensible from the open sewers of Scarborough's fetid underbelly by ambulance/police or fire services and have to be identified by its contents they will hopefully pick up on my support for them and prolong CPR on that basis.
  4. I spent a most of my 'professional' working life employed in various contract supervision/management roles as part of a team acting as Employers Agents/Consultant Surveyors et al almost exclusively for embryonic H.A's, TMO's, ALMO's, EMB's and probably many other acronymic housing management models best forgotten, to sort out their maintenance function in the emotionally charged and politically sensitive Large Scale Stock Transfer era. I would put my money on inadequate or absent fire-stopping contributing to the failure to contain the blaze. I would also be surprised and concerned if the cladding system specified didn't carry some sort of fire-rating. I have worked on similar projects and my initial thoughts are that this was either the inevitable consequence of poor specification and/or poorly written Contract Docs and/or a poor/incompetent site inspection regime/general slackness. I wouldn't fancy this one on my desk.
  5. I think we are getting carried away here. Clearly such behaviour is not 'Illegal' in any proper sense, but it may well be a breaching the Hirers T+C's which will be formulated in part to meet Insurance requirements and which they have probably not read properly before signing. I would be more concerned were the obvious potential dangers not highlighted as a matter of routine.
  6. I have been away for a while and confess I have not had time yet to peruse the 20+ pages of intelligent and logic based debate that has ensued since my last visit. I would like it noted however that I am dead chuffed with the result and consider it a victory for All. I have huge respect for Corbyn and what he has achieved.
  7. Just caught up with this David. Smashing boat.
  8. Good point. Unless you are actually overheating or it looks like the circuit is in danger of being obstructed I would leave well alone and simply monitor. There's no harm in flushing it daily if you can afford the time and coolant costs but I would suggest there would be little gain either. I certainly wouldn't advocate any attempt to break-up or disturb any calcification.
  9. Further to my previous post quoted, you can imagine my surprise at discovering that the Lib-Dem candidate for my Constituency is well known to me, a fact only realised after taking receipt of an unsolicited political pamphlet with his mug-shot writ large. Though I knew he was involved in local politics I had no idea he was standing for Parliament. Politics disgusts me much less knowing that people as pleasant, wise and straightforward as him are prepared to underwrite the process.
  10. Without needing to know any further details of your requirements, your budget is entirely realistic. With 50k 'on your hip' the worlds your oyster
  11. The fact your presence is welcomed by your surveyor bodes well. Providing you have done some sort of basic due diligence exercise, his bona fides are established and so forth you have little choice but to put yourself entirely in his hands. Take the opportunity to pick his brains and take full advantage of his knowledge and experience, most importantly be interested.
  12. I feel moved to post that I have just re-joined the Labour Party after a long hiatus. The Modern Political Circus continues to disgust me on a daily basis.
  13. Sounds like a lovely boat, got any snaps? Who's advised you to 'underplate' in 3mm, it's not something I've heard of before though I'm no expert. Are you trying to avoid dry docking costs? Whatever you do try to ensure it effects a robust, first time fix.
  14. An accurate, erudite analysis. Corbyn is a plain, straightforward, intelligent and thoughtful politician of the old school. I don't doubt his motives, ethics or essential honesty, nor his commitment to pragmatic socialism. He employs no fuss or fluster, preferring to engage with the media on the hoof, warts and all when required regardless of personal approval ratings. He enjoys my full patronage. Intelligence, thoughtfulness and honesty seem to count for very little in todays predominately populist, shamelessly acquisitive and ethically moribund Britain. He is singing The Song of The Doomed.