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  1. Do you have any experience of boats OR have a family member/friend that does? Are you mechanically minded and reasonably practical, have you got a basic toolkit, do you object to bilge-water OR have you got a healthy maintenance/contingency budget? Have you ever spent an extended period living on a boat in winter? Do you expect it to be a cheap housing option? Depending on your answers to the above live-aboard boating may well be for you, but its not a cheap option if you want to do it properly/legally/sensibly.
  2. All the advice you have been given is sound. Unfortunately, whilst good advice can be sought and found on forums, physical repairs cannot be effected. I think you need a Main Dealer full diagnostic or equivalent and a trusted backstreet mechanicker.
  3. Typically incisive analysis. Good work Hamsterbloke.
  4. Whilst expressly not claiming to be a professional mechanic, I have grown up with dirty fingernails and oily jeans both by choice and necessity I do not want to plug my engine into a laptop. Any vehicle I run must be able to be maintained/serviced by myself or, in extremis, my retained spanner twirler with the four post lift, comprehensive toolkit and the magic touch, he will NOT be beaten. Otherwise, leasing a vehicle is almost unbeatable value if you shop around so I'm told.
  5. I'm speechless.
  6. Snibs, you are really quite the Hamsters Testes. You Rule.
  7. No it is not.
  8. I also assumed this was a poor Photoshop job.
  9. I'm not sure that is correct, I have just skimmed the first 300 thread titles on Thunderboat and found one. I think it is inevitable that some of the earliest threads featured CWDF being as most of the initial Thunderboat membership were those banned from CWDF, sometimes apparently with very little idea of why. When you disenfranchise people in that manner it is unsurprising when the disenfranchised lash out.
  10. Well that was my take on it but I was hoping an expert could advise on a more practical solution. I maintain that composting toilets have no place on a fully compliant CCing boat but I keep encountering opposition to my view by composting CC'ers who claim that all is fully composted and fragrant in their World, though none of them are able to advise how they manage this.
  11. There does seem to be an unnatural fixation with Thunderboat on CWDF. The thread you reference was indeed moronic, started by Thunderboats most pointless and prolific poster. The foul language and clamour and you encountered was the nearest to moderation I have yet come across over there, but you will note the thread still stands without posts struck-out or censored, for all to see the OPs inherent idiocy. This is how unmoderated/self-moderated forums work and for the main part, like it or not, Thunderbox does work. It is to my mind a far fairer way of doing things than allowing a few fairly incompetent mods and favoured members to dictate who is and who isn't allowed to post, tying themselves in knots and leading to a sorry situation where many, many threads became to all intents and purposes unreadable and The Rools impenetrable, which was the situation a few months ago on CWDF. Thankfully CWDF seems to have turned the corner and is well on the way back to it's old self, though unfortunately a number of stalwarts seem to have been lost along the way, and many more post far less, which is a great shame.
  12. Is this the chap who evangelises over composting toilets? I was going to ask him his views on installation of same on a fully compliant continuously cruising live-aboard as I cant see how the solids can possibly fully compost within reasonable timescales without some sort of on-board compost heap.
  13. Is that a bow-thruster tunnel? How disappointing.
  14. I'm all in favour of the waterways being run according to Statute and value the efforts of all involved in testing dubious interpretations thereof. I just wish for a viable, self-funding network embracing all comers be they cyclists, fisherfolk, or whatnot. Maintaining navigation and boats however must be 'of the essence' surely, otherwise its all a bit pointless. Whatever way you look at it the more people that use it the better for all Users. I am gradually coming to the conclusion that the whole business model needs revisiting with regards accommodating 'short range' CC'ers needs, subject to strict criteria and sensible management. Anything has got to be better than the current mess.
  15. Clear skies and little wind on the North Yorks Coast. Marvellous.