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  1. Many thanks indeed for all the very helpful comments – we have reconsidered a number of initial thoughts from having the benefit of your experiences. We can certainly see the advantages of going on the Leeds/Liverpool for our first trip. If possible we would much prefer there to be 3 separate sleeping areas so that no one is forced to stay up. So will look to see if we can get that. If we go on the Leeds/Liverpool for one week what would be the recommendations for the start points and direction to head for the best scenery? Also any recommendations as to who to hire from? We have not made up our mind about the dog ! Thanks again
  2. Hope some of the members here can give us a bit of a steer. We live in central Scotland and would like to go for a one week canal holiday in England. Mum, Dad and 3 kids - 14 - 11 and 9. If possible some sort of ring would be good. We would like nice countryside and a few interesting places to stop along the way. We (for which read dad) would very much like being able to get an evening meal in a pub close to the canal once we have tied up - so having them available would be great. Any recommendations for where to go and does it matter what sort of canal boat we hire in terms of size? We are not sure whether to bring our dog (golden retriever) with us or leave him at home with other family members - so thoughts on that would help. Any tips or pointers are going to be greatly received.