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  1. I had a girl on the Wey ask how I could get through the lock as there was a brick wall (the cill) at the upper end. I had to point out that the boat would float on the water when I filled the lock....
  2. I had a similar one in that the lady stated that she couldn't stand the crawling. She thought the floor was at the same level as the back deck, and was astonished when I showed her the inside! I get that too - what have you done with the rest of it? 23 ft.
  3. There was a huge fire, and the cottages were rebuilt. Beautiful inside now. I has featured in quite a few telly programes since - ones about celebs cooking for their pals spring to mind. The stadium isn't so brilliant for the people who live there!
  4. I love my Springer waterbug, the Morris Minor of the waterways! I had it almost 9 years before it needed over plating - and then a very small amount. It had rusted from the inside out as the floor was solid and the inside of the hull hadn't been treated in all the 25 years since it was built. I've remedied this now! I have an inboard engine and like that very much. Do get a survey though. I made an offer subject to survey, and managed to get the price reduced due to a few problems being noticed. The survey paid for itself in that I got more than it cost knocked off the price. I wish you all the best.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'll have to go in my holidays then...
  6. What is the problem with casual mooring on this canal? I had had the same idea as the OP. Cheers.
  7. I have one on my Springer, and have only been down the hatch rarely in 10 years, and then for big stuff like yards of polythene (Hatton), a mattress (Somerton Deep Lock) and a dead plant net 10 or so feet long (Leicester). That was a difficult one to remove, but my daughter did it by herself! She's a lot taller than me. I couldn't have done it! We create very little wash too - maybe related?
  8. I don't think he was from CRT (no logo on his jacket), and am going to mention it to them, but I don't have twitter, so it will be by email. Thanks for the comments.
  9. Thanks. It was dark and windy, so we only argued for a short time, then headed off to find somewhere else. It was next to a restaurant named Kupp, so no not right at the very end by Merchant Square. No matter now really, but it annoyed me at the time.
  10. Hiya and Happy New Year! Yesterday we went down the Paddington Arm looking to moor up. There was very little space even for our small boat, apart from the rings nearest the end of the arm. There were 2 or 3 free, so we started towards them. A chap in a yellow hi vis jacket then called to us to say there was no mooring allowed there. I asked him why, but he just stated the same. I asked where the signage was, and got the same again. We then went off to read all the signs we could find, and no mention was made of the rings he was protecting. We thankfully fitted into a space further back, and found the boats next to us had experienced the same thing without a reasonable explanation. My guess is that he didn't want boats with potentially smokey fires next to the posh restaurant there. Or possibly it is permits only on that side (on the left as you face the dead end of the arm). Any thoughts?
  11. We were on the arm yesterday, but only as far as bridge 6 due to time constraints. Pretty but straight, loads of dragonflies and a heron who did a great display of flying up and down for us. Saw your boat Lady Muck when we stopped for lunch.
  12. Thanks, that's a shame. On their timeline it says it will be open for boating already... Mary
  13. Has anyone cruised the Queen Elizabeth Park? It was supposed to be open to boats last year, and I wondered if this had happened. If so, any tips? Mary
  14. A friend lived on a boat in Cambridge many years ago. They used to take out the pin, move it a couple of feet and put it back in!
  15. Yes, as cc'er I have had one by email and one by post in the past couple of days. You'd think they'd only do the email to save the cost of the letter, but at least they're sure I've been informed!