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  1. Anybody know why the chromecast facility has stopped working on my YouTube.? The chromecast icon no longer appears at the bottom of the YouTube screen. It's on the TV but I can't get my iPad air2 to cast the videos. Was working yesterday sorted........I just unplugged everything, waited 10 seconds and just plugged in again. Don't ask me why.
  2. Nope! Not on my ipad
  3. It was meant as an amusing reaction meaning "Whew .....that's out of my depth!" The same reaction I have when Jeremy Paxman asks one of the long winded scientific/mathematical questions on University Challenge
  4. Looks like that's the reason. Thanks anyway.
  5. Yes I've got both and neither show the date of the satellite photo. Google Earth just says "2016 Google" at the middle bottom of the picture and Google Maps says "2017 Google" at left bottom. No exact date.
  6. Not on my iPad air2. maybe something else iPads cant do?
  7. I can't see where the date is. How do I do that please?
  8. So what's the difference between a search engine and an internet browser???
  9. When you drain the engine do you just flush through by gravity, by putting a hose pipe in the filler, or do you run the engine to pump the water through? also if leaks occur due to over strength antifreeze in the system, will they stop when the correct strength is subsequently used or are the gaskets permanently affected?
  10. Is it possible to find out what the date was when a satellite photo was taken?
  11. Screen capture worked! I didn't know how to do that before. Thanks.
  12. An iPad air2. Can't see any "print" facility
  13. Anyone know if/ how it can be done?