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  1. Have you done the section between Trowbridge and Bath Mike? If you have then you cannot have missed the flagrant use of land beyond the towpath for storage by the owners of boats that rarely move, I was down there only last week and nothing much seems to have changed in twenty years, I even recognised many of the boats.
  2. I am not sure that I misunserstood anything you were saying. The word "probably" suggested the alternative of not doing it, and your opening statement seemed to suggest a reluctance to accept the legal requirements, when measured against your opinion. If you are now saing that you definityely will not use the hull as a negative return that is good.
  3. It doesn't really matter what your, or any one else, thinks on the matter. If the BSS regulations state that negative hull return is not permitted, your boat will fail if the exanminer discovers that the boat does not comply. It could well alaso cause the examiner to wonder what othe "short cuts" on safety have been taken. Running two wires is not that difficult, even if you have to remove some lining to fit it. I ran numerous new cable runs on Helvetia and must have removed about 60% of the lining at various times to do it.
  4. Not sure about that, do you really want to own/operate a boat that does not comply with the safety regulations? It may well also invalidate your insurance if you ever make a claim.
  5. Is there any reason why the video suddenly ends before the end of the film? the last scene I can view is where the bacl of the lorry is being closed.
  6. One of the reasons I never bought Morris oil from Chandlers is for the same reasons. I always bought it either directly from Morris Oils (when they had offers!) or from Classic Oils in Aylesbury, who were always able to offer a good deal.
  7. The First Cratch cover we had made for Helvetia was by AJ Canopies of Braunston, and lasted something like 11 years. The second one also made by AJ Canopies was still in very good condition at eight years old when we sold the boat. We did have some issues with the stitching on the first cover, but AJ Canopies undertook repairs for a very modest fee. The second one used a synthetic thread and was showing no signs of fatigue after eight years. When we ordred the first cover, we took the decision to have no zipped flaps, as observation of others suggested that this was always the weak spot and prone to wear, we took the same decision with the second one.
  8. I sent you a Personal Message with the files attached four hours ago . Have they not arrived?
  9. I have sent you a PM. Please let me know if it does not arrive
  10. George, despite your own observations, it is a fact that many people who have genuine mobility issues, have recently had their modest mobility allowance removed because, in the opinion of an unqualified assessor, they can walk twenty metres, albeit in pain. The assessment does not take into account that they cannot walk any further and could not realisticly use public transport because of the need to walk at either end of the journy. The mobilty allowance gave a modest allowance which allowed them to lead a reasonably independant life. many are now stuck in their homes, reliant upon others to travel anywhere. Do you think that is fair?
  11. I have no idea what you are trying to say.
  12. I am struggling to understand why so many people seem insistant that imperial is bad and outdated, and that we should only use metric. They are two different means of measurement, both with a long history, and whilst I accept that the almost universal Metric measurement is appropriate as the standard in the UK, I can see no reason why they cannot continue to be deployed side by side, where appropriate. Many things in everyday use are still made to Imperial dimensions, primarily because to change would cause enormous disruption, for example house doors and garden fencing panels are still made to their traditional imperial sizes, even metric house bricks, which are slightly smaller than the Standard Imperial brick are compatible with Imperial Bricks. Also if, like me, you are interested in older mechanical items made in the UK they will almost certainly have Imperial components, particularly when it comes to screw threads. In my workshop I have BSW, BSF, BA, BSB, BSP, UNC, UNF and some Cyclo Taps and Dies. I recently gave my large left handed BSF taps and dies to a friend who restores traction engines etc, but all the others have been pressed into use at various times.
  13. You reall are a sad individual if you can even include these two issues in the same paragraph, let alone suggest that they are in any way comparable.
  14. How would we survive without your carefully considered political analysis Mike ?
  15. Not where I buy my timber it isn't, they stock it in random lengths - trees don't grow in neat convenient metric heights! You just cut off whatever length you require, but they do charge in multiples of 10cm.