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  1. Hello - as a newcomer to the Canalworld I would like to ask if anyone has any thoughts on replacement windows. The windows on my narrowboat are double glazed and have started to mist up between the panes and I'm thinking of replacing them with new units as these windows have probably been on the boat for some considerable time (20 years? maybe - I have lived aboard for 12). I have had conflicting advice and wondered if anyone out there could put me out of my misery!!! Many thanks
  2. Yes he is the master of the dark arts!!!! Thank you for the tip Problem sorted!!!!
  3. Hi NB Willawaw Would you be kind enough to email me again as I didn't get all your email. We would like to take you up on your offer to have a look at our electrics at your convenience. I look forward to your reply, Best regards Riverqueen
  4. Hi Thank you all for your prompt replies to my plea for help! I guess I must be one of the few who have not had a good experience with D W Engineering so I must regretfully cross them off my list!! Riverqueen
  5. Hello - Would anyone know of a good Marine Electrician in the Hertfordshire/Essex area? We have a couple of wiring jobs on our narrowboat that need attention. Thank you in advance!