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  1. Which is why in the case I quoted namely bathroom lights (two outlets in number) the loom supplier appears to have specified a maximum load of 2.5amps. but used a 1mm cable which could in some circumstances ( separate cabling over a short length etc.) capable of carrying 8amps .Is that correct?
  2. So am I correct that the proximity of other cabling and being in a conduit and the distance quoted above means that we`re back to the 2-5amp fuse?
  3. All very confusing why would the loom supplier quote maximum safe load as 2.5amps on the 1mm square cable they supplied? Any suggestions/advice please.
  4. Further information. I am at this time assessing the fuse requirements for my distribution panels. Some might and indeed have commented in the past that instead of having a loom designed by a company it would have been worth dealing with it myself. However total ignorance of 12 volt electricity (for me last discussed over 50 years ago in my Physics classes at school) led me to decide on a loom. The loom is enclosed in corrugated conduits running either under the gunnels (power) or in again corrugated conduit in an enclosure both port and starboard (lights domestic, navigation tunnel and horn) at roof/ceiling height. It is not believed that either location will be directly affected by heat. So for example the bathroom lights are shown on the specification sheet as being supplied by a 1mm squared size cable with a total cable run of 27.22 metres that`s there and back not one way with a maximum safe load of 2.5 amps. For that reason I`m assuming that a 2.5 amp rated fuse will be required is that the guide?
  5. Should one size fuses just below cable carrying capacity or to the cable specification please. In other words if cable size is 1 mm square and maximum safe load is 2.5 amps is a fuse 2.5 amp correct
  6. Is my interpretation of a comment made yesterday by the EU guy that provided the remainers keep up the pressure and adverse publicity and the money markets keep the pound down (against normal trading theories-economy doing well invest) that we may still end up very much in the EU. I for one who voted out would have accepted the result if the vote had gone the other way with the same close result. It worries me who or what is fueling this situation. Why did the remainers not take up the cudgel more vehemently before the vote if the suggested lies regarding NHS money and immigration were so wrong. Perhaps the mind set of many of those who voted out was subconsciously effected by the MPs expenses, the 2007/8 banking crisis, the wars we had become involved in and back as far as Soras and Black Wednesday when thousands of lives were ruined. The EU were there to blame. I have an expression" If you`ve got a problem and its humanly possible -get rid of it" The new future can be met with renewed enthusiasm. The `92 fiasco cost me my then home and much of what I`d accrued by hard work. From getting a Christmas Card from the then Midland Bank 8 months later a lad of approximately 20 arrived at my property asking what was I going to do about my overdraft that earlier they had kept increasing ( Thatchers Green Shoots!!) So biting the bullet we sold up at a considerable financial loss and started again. I personally therefore see leaving the EU as a new opportunity but may well have to just accept once again that I will have to get on with it and know that past experience has taught me I WILL SUCCEED. As a matter of interest I wonder how many of those who voted moaned about the recent hot weather where as I for one hoped that if `76 reoccurred that the water authorities had learnt and we would not once again see standpipes in the road.
  7. Was this not the point regarding Wales? Anyway I`m lucky I enjoy the home live style of peace and quiet at a pace I enjoy which is my belief that the owners of canal boats cherish. Not for me the rat race that I saw developing around Milton Keynes. Those roundabouts and concrete cows!!! At least here I`m not too concerned about leaving my keys in the car-not necessarily in the ignition and the only theft I`ve suffered is a mobility scooter, destined for my Mum, from our stables by some out of work Romanians. P.S. Just back from dinner-and a pint of Tribute-another Cornish beer. You and Wanderer Vagabond ever considered economizing and sharing a boat together!!
  8. Historically voted Liberal possibly contributed. An idea of two people which was sort of "commandeered " by the commercial world when it became successful. Result fall-out by the original pair and an expensive day out especially as part of the original principle is "green" One thought huge number of "incomers" -I was one 30 years ago from near Milton Keynes still with a son in Northampton- majority retired with relatives in the home counties. Nothing in this country happens over night but perhaps these new locals may and I emphasis may result gradually in change. They are certainly very vocal regarding wind turbines and solar farms suddenly planned as a view from their window. My mother also has a large field adjacent to her bungalow estate bought by Birmingham City Council. Guess what sort of fear that is conjured up in her mind. Must agree. One of my businesses was a number of green grocery shops in Luton and the surrounding area. Always amazed me the complaints regarding cost of produce having climbed out of their brand new car. You try spending a week in the freezing cold including Boxing Day bent double picking sprouts. Can`t use gloves. They were worth double. But that was then now small market gardens (we were one) have gone. Not my friend never knew them until they moved in. Why. Is/was it caused by the local inhabitants or as a result of their cries being of no importance which you seem to suggest? Sorry if I`ve jumped about a bit but writing/reading during breakfast before heading off to the boat-cooler today thank goodness.
  9. I`m back and love this banter. Explanation please regarding the above and the basic fundamental principles in the contribution you and one other made earlier in this debate regarding Cornwall (page 137) thought Wales voted to leave as well didn`t they? Cornish funding as was remarked came from the E.U. predominantly -not central government. Whilst on about funding what is the real value on a fast rail link between London and the North. What real value is the new tube link in London. Are they really economically productive because I for one don`t understand how they help productivity.
  10. Perhaps a precis of your life might allow others with a different perspective to understand your rigid views. Obviously my views are seen through and as a result of my experiences. As I continually says to my children " I wasn`t born miserable and a workaholic, life has made me what I am and what the world sees in me"
  11. This is a very immature statement. Also ever been to Ireland and seen what they`ve done there?
  12. Agree with you. Many traditional Cornish homes are now second homes owned not by the Chinese but a large proportion by people within the affluent home counties. Many are boarded up during the winter and towns and villages become ghost towns. My immediate neighbour recently sold his terrace house in Reading and moved to a six bedroom old farm house with his three young children and says he can`t believe both how lucky he is and what a wonderful way of life working from home he now enjoys.
  13. The point I suppose I was trying to make is that we are a small population producing what you need to stay alive. Food with a touch of tranquility for holidays. From my view the remainers especially London and their economic view on life are part of the economic woes we find ourselves in. I`d rather sit in a great Cornish pub with a pint of Doom Bar or Betty Stogs than a glass of French wine on the pavement in Chelsea in my designer clothes agreeing with other clones.
  14. Yes I understand that. You better stock up with Cornish produce or pay a realistic price for milk,beef,lamb or even cheese. We`re even covering our landscape with solar farms and turbines. We`ll soon be self sufficient Ha Ha They`ve even found tungsten near me.
  15. Did ask just enquired if as property owner he was that way inclined after all that in my eyes is what the EU do except it`s our money