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  1. So why do they seem to vary so in size/capacity/cost? Would a small inexpensive one do?
  2. Possibly hire a grit blaster BUT use soda crystals. Check with the professionals but supposed not to damage such things as rubber so might work.
  3. So if a leisure cruiser with a limited period in the marina what sort of wattage solar would the ideal starter system be. Boat will have one starter battery. Two thruster batteries total about 175amps and five leisure at 110amp each. Not expecting solar to keep batteries at 100 percent more really to keep topped up when away. Am I expecting to much with the number of batteries?
  4. Even more questions for the knowledgeable ones. Looking at Isolating Transformers without wading through a load of technical bumf most of which will go over my head if a IT is the way to go -funds allowing- rather than a galvanic isolator why is there such a wide range size wise available. Are they directly aimed at your likely usage when attached to a landline? Plus do they protect you from faults from other vessels. Finally if usage when attached to a landline is limited to maybe charging and the odd kettle is a IT necessary at all?
  5. How big is your battery bank, what do you have running when you are not on the boat, how much power gets used when you are not on the boat? How much space on the roof do you have? How much do you want to spend? Yet to get the batteries (jury out) but space built for 5 leisure so anticipate 500+ Apart from Mushrooms a pole/plank rack 57foot semi trad-about 12mtrs roof Spend - value for money like us all without getting something unnecessary. It`s will be a leisure craft used say 7 months of the year out cruising most days and in a marina the remainder or when at home. Reluctant to connect to landline if I can avoid due to Galvanic corrosion/erosion -can`t remember what you all told me it was called but you know what I mean (will have an isolator)
  6. Seadog. Have a 240v fridge and was considering as suggested in another topic a small second inverter just for the fridge but it was pointed out that this second inverter due to its "quality" may use as much "resting" power as my Victron anyway
  7. I know this topic has been written about on numerous occasions however can some one please just for stupid me list how I should approach getting a panel/panels to help maintain my leisure batteries when at home? I read of flexible panels -which I like the idea of- I read of MTTP (what ever they are?) and their importance etc etc. Basically will I buy a kit with instructions or do I continue to try and understand it along with all else I`m trying to get to grips with by scouring the Forum?
  8. Reading these last few comments I`m minded to the analogy of us as humans. We need a regular intake of food to give us energy. As we get older our mental attitude to applying effort and maintaining a fitness level tends to wain- well in my case. The result is muscle deterioration and even then with a renewed effort to get fit you never achieve that wonderful ability of early youth which is you can run all day and not understand exhaustion. Is ther not a "buzzer" that can just sound when your leisure batteries get to 12volts so its time to get going or at least put them on charge?
  9. OK decision made. BMV and Smartgauge and inexpensive batteries and see how long I can make them last!! Thank you all for your help. Just got to decide now whether to DIY Zinga.
  10. Victron inverter purchased as a result of advice from this forum. Mastervolt or Victron. Victron more competitively priced. The more I read about battery management the more I`m confused. Is the advice now that it would be helpful to have both a battery management instrument AND a Smartguage please? Plus if I went for Trojan is the self watering system one that can be purchased in conjunction with say Trojan or is it something that can be made up? Please be patient I`m certainly out of my depth-and not even in the water yet!!!!! Sailing was easier!!!
  11. Ditchcrawler. I don`t think I made myself clear I have no intention of totally blocking the gas locker vent holes. The size of tube I was considering was something like 6mm. It could also be position at the very top of the vent hole. I do not see that that would prevent leaking gas escaping. If queried then perhaps a secondary 6mm hole for the tube above the vent hole.
  12. I must admit "Mike" that my lack of detailed information is very unhelpful to those trying to assist. A very human failing of mine-I know what I`m thinking and expect others to know too. It`s to be a leisure only craft which will be in a marina when not in use but out exploring when we`re on board. Unfortunately whilst quite happy with the bare essentials of life myself my wife ideally would like as many of the " home comforts" as possible. This probably stems from the fact that she does all the washing and cooking and cleaning. I know for the ladies male chauvinism!!!!!! So washing machine, microwave and fridge-all 240 volts are installed. Have hopefully attended to problems with washing machine with a mixing valve. Considering using a small inverter just for the fridge as I read somewhere that this was used by a contributor linked in someway to the thermostat when it called for operation. ( My local marine engineer not sure how this works so jury out) Vitron 3000 and separate Vitron charger. Space for 5 leisure batteries and no possibility of fitting a travel power alternator as engine is only a Beta 38 and advised by Beta not possible. Still researching solar which as we will be "summer travellers" really makes sense but totally unfamiliar with any type of set-up. Looking at cheaper AGM batteries at the moment due to lack of current battery management expertise.
  13. Noticed this on my sailaway in fit out. Have wondered whether a less intrusive idea might be to "fix" a piece of tube, plastic or copper with one end at the low point int say the gas locker and the other through the hole to a lower point. It might result in self syphoning. Haven`t tried it yet but intend to. Would undoubtedly require cleaning from time to time so clear plastic might be the way to go stuck with waterproof tape or silicone.
  14. Valuable thoughts Sea Dog. My lack of experience and knowledge on batteries and their management makes your points pertinent.
  15. Incidently they have also suggested Victron battery monitor (with a 2nd battery voltage only option-what ever that means) and a Victron 16A Galvanic isolator. I`ve a Victron inverter and separate Victron charger.