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  1. I came on this site to find out what makes a good boating forum site,i thought that we would be talking about bw rules the changes from bw to the trust and what implications it would have on us as the paying boaters,the cuts to the new trust and what we could do to help them succeed in the ever decreacing budget restraints that will arise. Unfortunatly we are talking about commas fullstops and grammer,attacks on my faith and the ridiculus bullshit that comes from having nothing better to do than attack each other with insults.i wont be coming back here.. enjoy your easter and remember jesus loves you, peace be with you...what ever you believe.
  2. no cant be bothered telling that this country was founded Christianity on every where you look,the laws we have all based around Christianity , millons of people died fighting for our freedom to say and think what we like,people like that should be ashamed.why bother facts yeah right!
  3. That is your opinion. before you rant on public forums get your facts straight
  4. Even the best of us make mistakes.... Alexander Pope one and matthew wrote the other jesus never wrote anything.
  5. To err is human; to forgive, divine. do not judge and you will not be judged. may be you need to take your own advice? mr grace and favour
  6. Hi Graham no the police did nothing as it wasnt a dwelling and they didnt even want to record the crime they didnt even come out to see me. they knew who did it from the discription that was given but they would not tell me who it was under some information act.when we were broken into in weedon the police came out and within a three weeks they had him in court .. they were all women police much better result.
  7. This was not in the marina it was on the canal and yes only a few months ago it was broken in to, that is not what i was saying when bw disolves and the new trust takes over we will not get the same service that bw operates now there will be cuts in their budget,and if we do nothing they will do nothing to make thing better unless we the paying participants demand better.The fact that the man on swan lane did nothing to stop or report the theift of my boat shows the slippery slope that we will go down if we do nothing to stop it happening.
  8. Will do so in the future.
  9. yes Phylis my rant as you say was incorrect and i have appoligised sorry but it does not change and in fact makes it worse bw sell mooring spaces to people or companies that act like that..
  10. i foolishly stand corrected it is privately owned ...that will why bw did nothing when i complained.but it does not say that and it has waterscape banners with the bw logos on it which i foolishly though it was bw mooring for vistors.please except my humble appollgises.. maybe they should vet the people they promote more carefully then.
  11. they are the same company waterscape run the moorings and bw run the canals my posting isnt incorrect sorry my posts do have a theme yes the canals that we float on are our heritage they do not belong to bw they belong to us we have to look after them it is not the responabilty of others bw are they gaurdians they do not own them.
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