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  1. I'm no electrician but I found it very easy to install ours from Bimble. It has all worked really well for us and we are out from the end of March to the end of October . Then the fridge is off and the solar just keeps the batteries constantly topped up. Some will say my switch is in the wrong place but if I have needed to disconnect the panels then I cover them with a blanket and then disconnect. I jotted this sketch down to remind me for reference.
  2. Ours ticks over at about 300 and this also seems to be a about 1mph.
  3. Don't come north....its horrible up here...people are dour and humourless. No scenery to speak of. Rains constantly. Winds biting and sharp....and...oh yes....there are pie eating dragons that suck Uncle Joe's Mint Balls to breathe fire on you....
  4. We downsized substantially. No mortgage then. Use this little home all winter long. Go boating all summer. Live fairly simply. Genuinely happier. If we can't afford stuff we don't get it. We stay debt free that way. The money from downsizing is drawn down to supplement our pensions. We feel we are truly lucky. We have planned to divide the downsizing lump equally into the years up until we are eighty. If we die earlier...well we won't know about it. If we live longer....we will sell the boat and downsize a final time to an easy small flat.
  5. My understanding is that the 82 degree one is suitable for fresh water and the lower rated one is for the direct sea cooled ones. In the past I would guess that as these engines were used mostly in salt water conditions (lifeboats, fishing boats, yachts etc) then the lower rated ones were called for more often. Nowadays it might possibly be that quite a few have migrated from sea to fresh water use on canals, rivers and lakes. I have always found Johno in Braunston are really good person to ask about the real detail involved in parts for Sabbs. He may be wiling to help. Hope you get sorted. (We are currently, yet again, exploring the really beautiful Lancaster Canal.)
  6. The Sabb 22g on our boat Bullfinch has only achieved 17,000 hours in the last forty years. Seems as though its been a bit underused and mollycoddled to my mind. Sounds nice mind you....
  7. On the Lancaster today I took special note as we went along looking at how boats were affected with this relatively shallow saucer shaped bed canal. Yes, narrowboats moved...yes..widebeams also moved...but well tied up boats didn't really seem to move at all.
  8. If you can't find your manual let me know and I'll post the instructions here.
  9. In the northwest here our tunnels are all mainly one way working. Preston Brook, Barnton ,Saltersford,Standedge,Foulridge, Harecastle and Chirk spring to mind. Makes life a bit easier and no problems with shining bright lights into the oncoming boats.
  10. In addition to our front light we use one of these Durite magnetic mount plant lights on the rear hatch to illuminate the boat's roof and the tunnel roof. It makes a big difference and makes steering much easier somehow.
  11. It's good to see such a positive post about Wigan. We travel through there regularly and often stop overnight in the pound below Henhurst lock in almost the centre of town. There have been problems with the levels from time to time in the past but you can always ring the C&RT team and they will try to help. We also go up and down the flight from time to time. Give the Wigan office a call if you aren't sure you manage them and with sufficient warning they will try hard to arrange some help especially for single handers. The Wigan Flight crew of volunteers can also be asked for help too. Wigan is a vibrant little town. Yes, the pies are good but it has more to offer than that.
  12. I removed my two 100w solar (Bimble) panels to repaint the roof and when i put it all back everthing worked fine except that the remote display only showed all the symbols together. For the past two years it had all worked perfectly. This puzzled me for a while and then I sat down to read the small Tracer manual very carefully to see how to reset the feed into the remote display. The Tracer was showing a test mode number 16 which is apparently a Test mode. It needed turning to number 17 described as the on/off mode. It all works fine again but it took me a little while and some head scratching to spot something which most of you probably would have sorted in seconds! These two panels are excellent from April to October to run our fairly minimal set up of fridge, lights, tv radio etc. In winter they keep the batteries topped up all the time.
  13. In the past I've used a long chain with some rope at either end. Tie the rope to the bridge. Push the bridge open with the boat pole. The chain lies on the canal bed but is secured at either end to the bridge plus often a post or bit of fence on the tow path side. Take the boat through and tie up then pull the bridge back with your rope and chain. This has worked for me on virtually all of the Leeds and Liverpool ones which aren't motorised. I've used dog walkers too!
  14. Take your fenders off every winter and store them somewhere dry. Get some old patched ones for winter if you're travelling a bit. A good source for part worn fenders are boat painting sites. After a boat repaint quite a few seem to treat themselves to a new set and dump the old ones. We treat our natural fibre ones each winter with some some brown cuprinol type fence preservative. It works fine and looks ok. Just let it dry really well though.
  15. Yes, you're right about not rushing. Even going across slowly as we do there seems to always be the usual half hour wait on the first pontoon as you pause until the water drops enough in Savick Brook. Harry at Tarleton is a typical dour Lancastrian with a good sense of humour though and he enjoys his job as keeper of the sea lock. He is generally really positive about the Link and really hopes as many as possible will make the trip. It is well within the capabilities of any reasonably maintained narrow boat and wide beam. It's simply the crew needs to have confidence in themselves.