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  1. I think there maybe a reason for so many boats not getting it right at the Ladder Bridge turn this year. I understand it has been dredged. Unladen and lightly ballasted working boats, especially ex GUs, have little depth in the water at the fore end. They've all taken the turn as they have before, many of them many times, but owing to the increased depth, they are no longer gaining the advantage of the pressure of water that builds up at the fore end between the boat and the bank. So maybe it's now a tough call to do this in one, but some will still make it. I know. It's easy for me with 2.5ft under the water at the stem post, and only a 54ft boat. But it's all worth thinking about. James
  2. It has been fenced off for a long time, presumably because someone thought it was unsafe. It needed attention. Sadly that attention didn't happen. It collapsed and major cast iron parts broken, possibly not repairable, to be lost for ever. Was the someone Birmingham City Council or CRT? I don't know. But it is wilful neglect. James
  3. W&E on weir this morning at Brownhills when I left for Walsall Town Basin with 25 other boats, mainly historic working boats. Walsall tonight. A lovely sight. Sorry no pic. I filled a third of a wheely bin at Birchills with yucky trophies off my stern gear from Bloxwich to there. I do wish the natives and others would stop dumping everything in the cut. It included my second anglers keep net in 5 days. James
  4. The Shepherd's Rest in Sowerby Bridge, where the Rochdale joins the Calder & Hebble Navigation, got the top vote on a 300 mile round trip, 30 days and 40 ish pubs, from Stone in Staffordshire in 2015. James
  5. Index number? Sadly many rely on the licence to give their index number. Am I wrong? but I think a condition of getting a licence is that the boat clearly displays: Boat name Index number Licence ...and all on both sides of the vessel. James (too late to look up the regs!)
  6. And sadly it was very filthy when I went through in Spring of 2015. James
  7. Yep. Typo.
  8. I've missed your point. Have I made a typo? James
  9. I had similar problems which were solved by visiting the caravan shop and buying a pump designed to go into a portable water container. It's a Whale white plastic cylindrical submersible 12v pump, with a blue end strainer, and it only measures 35mm in diameter . Should go most places. James
  10. Two of us with two narrowboats did the Calder & Hebble from the Aire & Calder in the Spring of 2105. One boat was 60ft, the other 54ft but we breasted in the locks all the way (CRT restrictions excepted, and I just can't recall) till Salterhebble where we passed through the top two locks singularly. The top lock was rather tight for the 60 ft boat. As for the Rochdale, we called upon the services of CRT who supplied two splendid, knowledgeable, experienced and companionable volunteers who rode shotgun from Failsworth down into Manchester, doing much of the work too. We were very glad of it as much of this section is frequented by bandits, thieves and general smackheads who are not very nice. Thanks again guys. James
  11. "In the early days, when the pump failed " !!!!! I became fed up with them quite some time ago. The joint between the two casings fail, even after fitting a service kit. I've have had an American, I think, FloJet which has run so reliably for 11 years in daily use. Albeit all 12 volt . James
  12. NABO Guidance Notes Public Right of Navigation on Canals Quite simply, there is no longer a Public Right of Navigation on canals controlled by British Waterways. However, it is understood that the Right still exists on canals controlled or owned by other independent canal companies e.g. the Bridgewater Canal, Manchester Ship Canal and Rochdale Canal. When canals were first constructed they required an Act of Parliament to authorise them and in exchange for granting the power to acquire land Parliament insisted that the canals should be dedicated to the public (subject to payment of tolls, etc). When railway companies started to acquire canals, and threaten them with closure to restrict competition, Parliament again insisted that they “be at all times kept open and navigable for the use of all persons desirous to use and navigate the same and that without any unnecessary hindrance of interruption or delay”. This wording is incorporated into section 17 of the Regulation of Railways Act 1873. This latter Act applied to the British Transport Commission after nationalisation of the waterways and in 1962 to its successor, the British Waterways Board (BW) up until 1968. Interestingly, there was never a right of navigation in the Act for the now-derelict Derby Canal (believed to be the only such instance). James
  13. Went through too many Shueflows to ever bother again. The main body is a two piece casting that corrodes on the joint so the gasket fails. I have had an Flojet which has run faultlessly on this liveaboard for 10 years. American I think (?) I have all the paperwork but too late to look it up! James
  14. Well it is their canal and a privilege to use, albeit Rights of Navigation etc etc James
  15. Hello Yes, I was the same until 3 Mobile introduced a MiFi with an aerial socket (actually two!) which is the same as the connection to the Nokia.. So out with 6310i and I joined the world of smartphones 18 months ago. Now I have continuous connection everywhere. Yes, there's always dodgy places like Audlem where connectivity is on and off, but in the last C.1500 miles cruising they are very, very rare. Through my old Boaters Phone Co 3G (?) antennae the MiFi feeds both my phone and my laptop. And you can just unplug it, pop it in your pocket and take it with you anywhere and get connected, even to those places with free WiFi, which smartphones use as well as 4G. Many places with Free Wifi don't have as good a connection as I get with my MiFi. Brilliant. Try it. James