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  1. I've started a few threats as I am new to this forum and considering a change in lifestyle etc.... What are the possibilities of renting a nb ?? is this something that is common or notreally a starter - out of interest I'm looking for something in the Birmingham/Warwickshire area.... Thanks
  2. Thanks Mike I appreciate the advice. I have a bike and access to lots of on line moorings has been my diet over the last few weeks. My problem I suppose is not recognising a knacker.. but I suppose a good survey should help weed those out..??
  3. I think I may have mislead you. I am definitely not looking to make profit out of my adventure... I have a house and realise there are running costs to be factored in and thats not a problem. I just wanted to get a feel for value etc. If I buy a vw camper - provided i look after it, it will hold it's value but i have to spend to keep it maintained. If i buy a ford transit camper - it will loose money irrespective of how much i spend. I just wanted an idea really. If I buy a nb and don't loose too much when i sell it on after spending money on maintenance - thats fine with me as i will have enjoyed the time and there are very little things in life that are free.. Thanks
  4. Thanks Mike - I think this is good advice about keeping the house and if I can I will. I haven't come across any threats regretting the move onto a nb but I suppose a safety net is not a bad thing. Thanks again to all
  5. Thanks for all the good advice.. Being new to this I will be buying an oldish nb - to see how things go - I can live with depreciation and am handy so will be looking to make a few improvements etc - as long as the boat doesnt halve in price over a few years thats ok with me. What would be the priorities to look out for - I was thinking a sound hull - reasonable interior - good electrics - battery management ? Again I am hear to learn from seasoned experience. Thanks
  6. New to the forum and this is my second post. I'm considering purchasing a nb. I own a vw camper and over the years it has appreciated in value. Being new to this... if you look after your nb how will the value be affected over the years? Any general trends?? I'm looking to spent about £20k and make some improvements rather than a shell to refuit so to speak. Thanks
  7. Weekend get away and floating flat - yes thats how I see it at the moment. I'm lookinf for moorings as I think that would be sensible early days. Thanks for the advice Good luck
  8. Sounds like you have it sussed - lucky you..! Richard I'm seriously think this and am working out figures etc - is this something you have done? Thanks for the advice - there's a lot to consider really and I'm grateful for the help
  9. Hi folks Thanks so much for the advice and words of wisdom. A mooring would make things a lot easier and I am considering all options. Ideally - if I can moor by a handy train station - that would be good. I may contact you individually with more questions Thanks again..
  10. Hi I am new to this forum but find it an incredible read. I've just spent the past 9 mths with someone who lives on a narrowboat and it's been magical as most weekends have been spent on her lovely boat. I suppose it's crossroads time for me and I am seriously considering taking that leap and trying liveaboard even just for 12 mths. This means selling my house in an area I don't like with neighbours who dont speak... All else fails I can sell the boat and move somewhere else... So - incase you thought I was just getting stuff off my chest here's the question. From experience is it possible to hold down a full time job (I work in Erdington Bham) and live on a boat? I notice most seem to have retired ...lucky you.. I would dearly love to hear from anyone else who is thinking about this or has done/is doing this... and to all of you currently doing this I take my hat off to you... Thanks for any feedback