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  1. When I was looking for a boat I wanted a non plywood lined boat as I like tongue and groove stained or varnished and a light colour below the gunnel. Its magnolia below gunnel and ceiling should be but never painted it yet. The floor I laid a reclaimed parquet floor, think it's miranti same as walls and oiled it in a satin saicos hardwax oil. The picture below is 3 years old or more and the floor and wall painting need re-doing. Hope to re paint inside and out this summer. James.
  2. Do you buy in bulk? If not, where from? What brand as I'm paying £9 for smokeless for 25kg. James
  3. Up until a month ago I only had a multifuel stove with backboiler heating 2 rads and calorifier. This works well but I have since added a webasto thermo top C and this heats 3 double rads and one 4ft long single and the calorifier. I find so far in the 3 times I have used the webasto it's very nice to have heat at the press of a button. My usage will be webasto for times of quick heat when coming back from work and spring/autumn when it doesn't warrant lighting the fire. The sfs will still be the main heat source as like the view of the fire. One thing have the stove in the centre of the boat then no need for backboiler. James
  4. I have never found a massive price difference between house coal and smokeless. My merchant 2 years ago charged £7 for house coal and £9.25 for smokeless. I tried a bag as very skint for a week and the house coal burnt very hot but needed refuelling much more whereas the smokeless I could refuel every 3 hours and if shut down could last 13 hours. As I live in a Marina I only burn smokeless and recently everyone got a note to say no logs to be burnt, and only smokeless to be used. James
  5. Should be fitted by a skin fitting because some people are full of it! James.
  6. You really do need to regularly inspect the water level of your batteries. I have 2 Trojan T105's and had them around 2 and a half years so far on a permanently connected mains battery charger as liveaboard at a Marina. I find they do need water, and top them up every 6 months. The level has always remained above the plates, before topping up. I would like another 2 to increase the bank size. I do have 380 watts of solar to help charge them. James
  7. It's nice that our heritage is being renovated for future custodians, the same as historic houses. We are only caretakers in our lifetime. Interested to see the new steelwork. James
  8. It's probably installed to reduce flow/heat/balance the heat between engine and skin cooling system. A service valve isn't advisable to use on heating systems. Replace it with a full bore lever valve and set the valve to it's original position. James
  9. I have just installed a webasto 5kw diesel boiler. This is linked to heat the radiators and hot water as well as the solid fuel stove with back boiler. The solid fuel stove is at one end of the boat and webasto the other end. I have plumbed them as a continuous loop with separate cold feeds and one vent pipe on the solid fuel. Either end is an auto air vent to vent out any air. The solid fuel circuit is by gravity circulation and webasto pumped. I don't need to close/ open any valves but have installed full bore lever valves to avoid draining the entire heating system, when I have to remove the webasto for repair or servicing. I can also heat the hot water with the engine or the 1.2kw immersion. So 4 x ways to heat domestic hot water and 2x ways to heat radiators/ boat. I have to change the exhaust pipe and silencer for a gas tight one and wrap it. James
  10. Many thanks MNEA for your advice and link I have installed the webasto boiler and tested it for 2 hours with doors open just to see if it works. It certainly does! Had it running for around 2 hours. I am not going to use it now due to the leaky exhaust and lethal fumes from the unsealed silencer. I am going away shortly for Christmas and New Year. In the mean time I'll use my multifuel stove only and on my return I'll order the Mukini gas tight silencer kit and install. At some point I'll fit a genuine frost stat, saved your link on the other thread you replied to. Have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year NMEA. James
  11. Thanks for the info I am asking as I want it right as best as I can, so asking someone with experience of these things. I take it from what you say the silencer and exhaust tube is all in one piece, hence 2 joins, one on heater, other on skin fitting? If you can recommend where I can buy the new gastight silencer with exhaust then it would be much appreciated. Many thanks. James.
  12. It is from Ebay. The silencer supplied in the kit, is, as you can see is crudely made by crimping. Would it be safe if I bought the gas tight silencer? Like this? Many thanks. James.
  13. Many thanks NMEA I will use some exhaust paste On the pre wired loom, there is a wire labelled blower matrix. Blue and black wire. What do I do with this wire? Take it it's part of a vehicle loom, can I leave it disconnected? Where can you buy the exhaust sleeve/ wrap? James
  14. I am installing a webasto TTC and was wondering if I could install it above the engine bay floor, fixed to the wall of my modern trad engine bay? was thinking mounting on wall above engine bay floor above the swim. The small room is not a living accommodation with around 50 inches headroom,, so in the instructions can't see why not. The diesel tank base is around level with the floor, but should be fine as the fuel is pumped. Thinking heater just above the floor. The exhaust would exit below the gunnel facing away from the direction of travel. If I can have it where I suggested it would enable easy access in future rather than cramped up in the engine bay/engine and having to empty the area and remove plywood floor. Thanks. James.
  15. I have been extending the heating system on my boat to add a webasto diesel boiler. Needed 2 rads plumbing in, in salon as solid fuel stove heated salon and galley. Once the webasto boiler is fitted, it will heat the salon when the fire is not lit. The webasto will heat my 4 rads and calorifier. Or the solid fuel stove heats the 2 gravity rads or calorifier. One in bedroom other in bathroom. We'll see in a few days if my linking of the 2 heat sources works as in the next few days installing the webasto, diesel feed, exhaust/flue, pipework, electrics etc. Then I can test it all! James