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  1. I don't really think you can call Hiliary Clinton useless. She has been an experienced, effective and respected member of government in her own right for many years.
  2. If you are nominating the PO Vaults then I would like to put forward the Wellington on Bennetts Hill in Brum. Good choice of beer and cider and the nicest Ladies loos anywhere. Ed to add that while I love the PO Vaults, I always seem to volunteer or do very silly things after drinking there.
  3. I had an email this morning saying mine had been dispatched today.
  4. If the RSPB wanted e mails, there are far easier ways to go about collecting them than organising an event of this nature.
  5. Happy Birthday Sue. All love from here and Ben raises a paw for you. Hope Richard is recovering well, we are thinking of him and drinking beer.
  6. We moor in the basin. That particular paddle gear is depressingly familiar.
  7. There is definitely one set of hydraulic paddle gear on the Lapworth flight but only at the head of the look one or two locks down from the longish pound by The Boot.
  8. Proper tea pot and loose leaf Assam.
  9. Vulpes has got a lot of character to say the least. A lovely little boat with a great deal of charm and eccentricity.
  10. Very much so.
  11. Look for a boat with a wood burner and comfortable chairs.
  12. If it contains midges, it isn't grand.
  13. just pointing out the lack of balance.
  14. If you are going to say Crooked Hillary could you not make the thread title 'Misogynistic, racist, anti Semitic Trump v crooked Hiliary'?
  15. Well done you. I could crochet before I could knit but since taking up knitting I find I haven't been able to crochet. Please post reports, it would be great to see it grow.