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  1. There is one at Thrupp, near the lift bridge.
  2. Congrats MP!
  3. Love our trad stern but sometimes wish we had a cruiser stern to make life easier and more sociable on the move (but not in the rain). However a socking great tug deck would also be nice
  4. According to Everbuild, the manufacturers of said bitumen, it is no longer suitable for water tanks. Which is confusing as some resellers still quote it as being suitable. What I am uncertain of (and waiting on an answer from Everbuild) is whether the change is due to a change to the product or because of a "directive"? Anyone know the answer?
  5. Lets hope this is a positive lead, great work. I may have missed it but is there a detailed description of the potential suspect?
  6. Indeed, you were in the Boat in 2014.
  7. More pics please, really good to see the great work you are doing.
  8. We seem to be covering the same old ground here folks so I am locking this thread pending discussion and going back to washing me bote.
  9. Not so, the day boats and the adjacent mooring are Oxfordshire Narrowboats and either way have no bearing on the number of visitor spaces.
  10. Those are Oxfordshire Narrowboat moorings, not visitor moorings (which are well sign posted).
  11. Plenty of space at Thrupp, not sure how you managed to miss it? Correct although no need at the moment as the winter moorers have moved on and there is plenty of space.
  12. That would certainly fit the bill of an unwelcome predator.
  13. Huh, very cool. If only i had time to play...
  14. Another vote from me, saw them last year at Thrupp and it was a great show.