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  1. We moor very close to the tunnel and use it a lot, I'm really looking forward to meeting a canoe coming the other way through Foulridge !!!!! I do hope they can go faster than narrowboats !
  2. As said before you can moor at the top of the 5 Rise but we also have problems getting into the side properly. Theres a couple of moorings near the Fishermans pub at Dowley gap lock just before Bingley no problems there just a walk into town unless your reunion is at the rugby club then even nearer. L & L we find is a lovely canal as long as you can put up with all the swing bridges and there's plenty between Bingley and Skipton, September is a lovely time to cruise there, anything else just ask
  3. Are you aware that there's a similar one on sale on ebay, it states that it is genuine Dave
  4. If it's any consolation we used to waterski in that area regularly and what happened to you used to happen all the time. Many times we used to either tow narrowboats off the sand bank on the corner or we'd jump into the river and push them off. It's always been a shallow bend and we've spoken to CRT about it before but nothing as ever been done. Its now over 10 years since we skied there but obviously the problem goes on . Dave
  5. We've been with our boat for the past 3 years but this year we're not taking 'Titus' but still going to spend Saturday there, We were going to go on Sunday but the 'Tour de Yorkshire' bike race will be coming through Skipton so thought we'd give Sunday a miss. It's always been a great weekend with lots to do and lots to see and looking forward to going this year as a visitor. Dave
  6. You may find it hard on the L & L swingbridges as most of the mechanics are on the non towpath side but I've seen numerous people doing it, some just wait for another boat and run with them. Dave
  7. I always carry a pack of babys nappies for water that I can't get to or get out of certain spaces, Just open one up, put it in and leave it for a day or so, it always works for me.
  8. nope
  9. I didn't know that they owned any buildings in the middle of Skipton. Dave
  10. Don't know anything about the eberspacher but we had the webasto fit last year and lived on the boat for 3 months in the winter and found it to be an excellent piece of kit. (we have 4 rads) Dave
  11. There's also the café/snack bar at the top of Greenberfield locks and Abbots Harbour café at East Marton but that's a hell of a walk from Foulridge
  12. I'd be tempted to do all Wigan locks in one go, hard work but after the problems last week when 5 pounds were emptied overnight it would be better to get to the top and relax there, there's loads of decent places to moor between Wigan and Blackburn, just avoid staying overnight in Blackburn and then again between Blackburn and Burnley, loads of countryside, Enjoy !
  13. I see the idiots at Wigan are at it again, it looks like the locks have been closed all day and won't be open until tomorrow morning
  14. We were going down along with another boat and were in the bottom lock when our boat (which was not actually touching the side) began to tilt badly, My other half who was steering screamed and climbed onto the other boat, we quickly sorted the lock out by shutting the bottom paddles and letting some water in from the lock above to level our boat, we then slowly emptied the lock again with no problem. After we left the lock we looked at all possible reasons why it happened but although there were several boaters around we couldn't work out why it had happened. We have since been back through the lock on a few occasions with no problems
  15. We also had a major problem there a couple of years ago going down, we reported it to CRT but obviously its still happening