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  1. Thanks for the report. Annoying that more than half the quite restricted spaces where vacant but such is life. Daniel
  2. Like topics merged. Looks like they have opened on time! Jolly good. Daniel
  3. Bugger. Best get my comments in then. Sigh! Daniel
  4. One day to go! Daniel
  5. Welcome to start another thread on it, but I would just run it out till the tank is there abouts empty and refill. The tank and pipework should be light excluding, so it wont have done anything nasty, likely just taste a bit flat and plasticy. That's all we do after its been stood for 6 months over winter, some use milton but I have never seen the need. Daniel
  6. It very much depends, we have used polyester for a while, but a lot swear by polyprop (staple spun, not split film obviously) such as the synth hemp. which I have used on other boats and liked, so we have just bought a half reel of that and will be making a pair of new ropes (centreline is still fairly new) shortly. Not as nice to throw, as its lighter, and not quite as soft, but it floats which is a bonus for avoiding the prop and because its cheaper and less strong you can go to a larger diameter (nicer on the hands) without risk of breaking fittings. You will be fine with either, and splicing your own eye in the end is not hard if you follow a good guide like animated knots.
  7. You should be able to get a feel of a rope at quite a few canal side shops, or other good chandlers, although many will not have a huge range. To be honest, any of them will work fine, the only real way you can go wrong is to get something stronger than the fittings, such that if it all goes wrong rather than the rope breaking in a reasonable controlled fashion, you pull the fitting off and turn it into a medium sizes missile. Traditional hemp as in the material made from plant fibre is not really used any with the availability of synthetic ropes, obvious issues include the fact it will rot if left outside, but I also expect its expensive in comparison to other options. Daniel
  8. Polyester rope is the stronger, soft to touch, and more expensive synthetic ropes. Very common in the sailing world. Staple spun Polypropylene is a nice to handle light weight rope which will float, and is what most 'synthetic hemp' boat ropes are made from. Split film Polyprop. on the other hand is the cheap blue or orange sheeting/farming grade rope core as per baler band and the line. Nylon rope is very springy, soft to the touch, but also slippy and will not hold all knots well and and such I am not a fan, but at the end of the day its your call. Daniel
  9. New fangled internal explosion engines... ... 350 rpm max on open water, 220 is a nice crusing speed.
  10. If you get enough surface area, and the paint isnt totally shot, a decent PU based adhesive (sikaflex/tigerseal/etc) will be as good as drilling and tapping without the need for creating holes and hence leak paths. Deckhead leaks are a pain and very common. You can get the plastic brackets as used in the earlier photos, or you could get some metal brackets online or bent/welded up to your design and use them. You can also get semi flexible panels that will bond directly to the roof. Daniel
  11. As I understand it : Register boat and get insurance Get the boat inspected for BSS Pay for license Daniel
  12. Never dont it myself, but if its on the main canals it will be the Canal and River Trust (CRT) who you register it with, so I would start with their website. Daniel
  13. Jules, can you confirm what if any affiliation you have to these panels which are for sale? Is it you who is selling them? In which case at very least they should be in the forsale area not a general thread. If it is a commercial sale it required permission from myself as the site owner. Thanks. Daniel
  14. Sorry, your are right. Let us know when you get a reply. Typically when I report issues with lock gear, bridges etc to regional offices I get a reply within a few hours. Daniel