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  1. Ahh, didnt spot they where set independent. I have reduced the VNC page from 10 to 5 images. Daniel
  2. I wouldn't say so at all. The home page as a range of things on it, extracts from the gallery as you say, but also from the calender (birthdays) , main forum (Recent topics, Popular topics and Popular Contributors) , and a list of those chat room. There is always a balance of what to show, but the whole point of the home page is to bring the site together into a single opening page. ### As a trial, I have just reduced the number of images shown from 5 to 3 and would be interested in the threads feedback on this. ### Daniel
  3. As a new dog owner, I spend a lot of time when out an about trying to work out if I should or should not pick up. In the local park, on hard ground, or any other built up area I will always pick up. In the middle of nowhere, areas of low traffic, where tits not a sealed surface I leave it, ensuring it is off the path if required. However the still leaves a lot of middle ground, where your left to make a calculated call on what is best, based on what other people around you who may be watching would think, if you are in an area where a fine might be applicable (typically, you are not, as far as I can see) as well as how much its likely to be an issue or more environmental, and also the proximity of a bin! Daniel
  4. As said, its very much a tidal waterway, and there are check you should make to your boat. However we have done it, and enjoyed it, even if we had significant issues with our fire (steam boat) due to using fairly unsuitable coal for the trip. Have you done any other river work or similar in your time? Daniel
  5. This is not unknown, and certainly while we find the issue very manageable, i would always advise a user fit them over the corridor/bath or similar rather than over a bed or cupboard. - As said, some are better designed than others. Also be aware that some allow you to full close them, which causes issues for the BSS (now 'only' recommended) ventilation requirements unless you modify them by placing a nut or similar over the thread to limit travel. Daniel
  6. I must say, its not initially obvious how attachments are removed, and it may well be that members do not have permission to remove their attachments. The limit was set when we first started allowing images to be uploaded, it was the default amount but also appeared to give a reasonable capacity to upload images given that they where re-sized on upload. We have the option to lift this limit, for all users, or on a case by case basis for high users. Since the update images have not been set to resize, which causes the rate of data consumption to go up, which is something that perhaps needs to be reviewed. There is obviously a balance between ensuring the file size remains reasonable both in terms of storage and bandwidth use, while also ensuring the quality of the images we store is not overly compromised. And Richard says, we are currently trailing an off-site storage solution which is a new function to be embedded in the largest version of the software, which hosts images on a secure cloud based solution rather than on our own server alongside the database. This should give a good balance of high performance (but costly) solid state disks in the main server, and more cost effective but equally high performance off site storage of images and other larger files, which is a system that is becoming increasingly popular with similar sites. Daniel
  7. I agree it would be nice to able to hide the side bars, as you could in V3, but can also see this gets more complicated now they move to the bottom of the page in mobile view. Let us have a look at how feasible this is and get back to you. We did look at the option of filtering the images displaced in the bar to only show ones above a certain 'rating' , however as the rating system for some reason was only turn on in a few select areas, there is not yet enough data or use of this feature for it to work as expected. Now the ratings system is more widely available we will review again in time. As you can now upload images directly to posts, there should be no reason at all to added a photo to the gallery soley to repost it in a thread. Daniel
  8. On a smaller screen, the side bars should all jump down to the bottom. This is the main reason why at present we have gone with the side bar rather than the original top bar, which remained fixed at the top in all modes. Fair enough. Data allowance is also an relevant point, likely not an issue for land based connections or those just using a phone while out and about, but probably does add up if you use a mobile connection and your sole internet supply. Proof that you cant please all the people all of the time!
  9. Cant fault a walk on pontoon boat being tried, but not if it prevents other boats using the lift, or even puts hire bases out of business. Daniel
  10. Here we go.... 'Don't bag up dog poo in countryside', MP urges owners Daniel
  11. Very good. We fit through the tunnel, just. Good trip. Daniel
  12. Jim, Thanks for the reply. As with existing roles within the site staff, including my own, these roles are unpaid voluntary and they are intended to be of a nature which can fit into the persons current lifestyles. I think staff past and present would vouch for the fact that the expectations placed on them are reasonable and while an amount of time is expected, the work rate is a manageable one. Daniel
  13. I am quite sure Ian Mac and the rest of the owner of Spey would be very happy talk about their work on the boat and the methods they use for maintaining her. My understand is they buy in raw oakum and treat it themselves as they find the commercially available materials are intended to cater for the sea going boats and do not provide the required constituents to prevent it rotting in fresh water. *edit, post crossed as I had yet to read page two! Daniel
  14. Due to continued expansion of the staff team a number of vacancies exist in our site staff. At present we have a vacancy for a financial administrator to replace Ange who is standing down after many years sterling work and for a marketing manager to handle advertising and merchandise. Applicants will work alongside myself and the staff team, details of the roles are below. Financial Administrator Management of the sites finances, budget, incoming funds, payments. Reporting and basic forecasting on outgoing and incoming funds, donations etc. Advising on financial requirements/obligations of the organisation. Must be familiar with PayPal account management or willing to learn. Marketing Manager External advertising of the forum, magazine articles, and similar. Leading and coordinate site fund-raising initiatives, donations, etc. Develop and expand the sites merchandise range. Window stickers, clothing, etc. Proactive approach required, photoshop/illustrator skills and access desirable. Roles have some degree of flexibility depending on the successful applicant. It is hard to say how much time the roles will take, however expectations will be in line with what would reasonably fit into a few hours a week at a maximum, as with other voluntary roles within the site staff. If you are interesting in taking on either role within the forum staff please contact myself (link below) or one of the existing moderators and inform them of your interest, if possible please provide a short explanation of the reasons you are interested in joining the team, and any experience, knowledge or skills you can offer. Further more if you have any suggestions as to member who you feel may be suitable and or interesting in joining the team please pass any information on to us and we will contact that member in question, anonymously or otherwise. It is essential to the sites future that we fill these roles, so if you are able to give your time to the operation of our great site we welcome you to come forward and join us in what is a very rewarding task of keeping this excellent forum operating. Send me a PM : LINK Any questions please ask in this topic or via PM. Daniel Site Owner
  15. We have significant scope to the improve the handling of emails, I will be the first to admit. - It is on the to do list I can assure you! Daniel