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  1. Sent an email to staff @ canalworld .net with your existing username and email address and I will resolve it for you. I can then merge your temporary account with the previous one if you wish. Daniel
  2. Yay. Thanks both. Daniel
  3. It will depend on the screen size, and if the difference between horizontal and vertical pixel width puts you into a different layout bracket. Daniel
  4. Now that is odd. I should not do that, obviously. I would 1200x750 is low for a 22" flat screen. Let me know how you go on with the previous suggestions. Daniel
  5. That's interesting, we didn't test tablets as much as we should have, including not testing an android unit, just a large android phone. I was under the impression it was simply pixel width but clearly not just that. Daniel
  6. Hello. The forum uses a single skin which dynamically resizes in a number of steps between a large screen layout and mobile layout. There is no mobile/tablet/pc version per say. Daniel
  7. No images have been remove Mike I will be honest in that I have been focusing on the main forum and have not spent long looking at the gallery yet, however if you go to your 'profile' which is the first item if you click on your 'user name' or 'account' at the top left corner, one of the tabs of the profile is your albums, which should have all your photos in the. Daniel
  8. Its the same search as the search for the rest of the site. Click on 'search' at the top right of each page. Select 'advanced search' on the drop down. Select the 'member search' tab across the top. Hope that helps, if not let me know. Daniel
  9. As said above, this is one of the default streams, unless you want something slightly different. I must say I think its a really good feature. Great shame that the default 'unread content' does not give people the results they expect and or are used to, and that to get a page of the exact same results and the 'view new content' button on the old version requires a custom steam. However once created and set as default, you can get a setup that is in effect exactly as per the previous version. Daniel
  10. Yes, it appears the 'members list' per say is not available in v4, however if you go to the 'member search' tab of the advance search and enter no search terms it will return the full 22,000 results which can then be sorted/searched as in the previous version of the software. Advanced search: http://canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/search/ IBP thread on the topic; https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/407488-where-is-the-members-list/ Daniel
  11. I must say, I cant find that myself. I will look into it for you. Thanks, Daniel
  12. I believe so, yes. Daniel
  13. There is a 'activity stream' for this, as shown in the screenshot below. Does this help? Thanks Daniel