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  1. Is there? I know if you get tyres fitted, the cost of disposing of the old ones is factored in to the cost, which in part is why if you just bring an old tyre they won't take it off you. But are you saying if a buy a new tyre, mail-order and fitting excluded, I have incurred an amount of charge to cover their future disposal? If so I think that is great and should be extended to engine/gear oil etc. However it would also be news to me. Daniel
  2. Spurred on by this thread I have just been to Uttoxeter tip and disposed of a backlog of waste engine oil. This consistented of 4x5l bottles, from various cars, diggers and boats including one which I picked up from the side of a canal loo block with no bins, clearly left by a boater. No questions asked or records made, I did arrive by car but before the tip move from the end of my road I have been on foot towing a wheelie bin before now! They do have a limit on car tyres from past experience, and according to next door refused to take a bathrooms worth of pladterboard and tiles earlier in the year. ### While I have a 1950's book that talks about how to make a waste oil drain point at the back of your garden, I can't condone pouring waste engine oil into the hedgerow either. Daniel
  3. Welcome, where are you based? Daniel
  4. Anyone fancy some steamboating on Sunday? Liverpool area. Just planning a short 4-5hours or so as the weather is nice, but sadly my partner is up to her eyes in revision for an exam and everyone else has plans! PM me! Daniel
  5. The bridges are fine, each one is slightly different, but there all fine. It's a good trip, you will enjoy it. Daniel
  6. Great. Thanks.
  7. Is this now resolved?
  8. Quick bump on this one! The only way I can run this site is as part of a team of willing people and we do need someone to look after what finances we have. We are also looking for someone to work on promoting the site and securing a small range of site merchandise, window stickers, t'shirts etc. Daniel
  9. Very odd, I often sign in using Facebook, but certainly this morning when I fired up my desktop which I havnt been on for a few days I was already signed in automatically. Same with my phone. Daniel
  10. Stupidly non poka yoke flag design imo!
  11. On an automotive engine, where you have overhead cams with a belt, single use stretch bolts, and access is poor then head gasket is a big job. On a push rod engine is quite a bot easier and not necessarily the end of the world. The huge range of replies does show quite how hard it is to diagnose these sorts of thing remotely. Best of luck for sure! Daniel
  12. I would certainly be very wary of skimping on the paint use in the bilges. That doesnt mean using specific bilge paint, but it likely does preclude using own-brand floor paint from screwfix, certainly the 'non-nonsense' floor paint I had from there a few years ago wasnt worth the can it was housed in, barely good enough for sloshing over concrete to keep the dust down. The bilge is just about the hardest part of the boat to paint, and in the case of most cabin boats the only area you can basically never paint again, yet it often gets damp and is hard to dry out. Condensation, weeping pipe, window or 'deck-head' leaks, shower wall, the lot. Most boats rust from the inside out, if not at the waterline. Daniel
  13. Mine says X mins/hours, then say March 16, then if it's the this year, May 26 2008 . Daniel
  14. David, Did you manage to resolve this? Daniel
  15. Yeah, broadly speaking from a 40 Springer or Sea Otter to a 72ft loaded historic boat your talking a range of about 6 to 40 ton. But in your case, for the age and length, somewhere around 18ton would be my guess too. However as said, if you really want to know, measure the draft front and back, as well as ideally the length of the tapering section at each end, and you can work it out fairly accurately from the displacement just like archamedis! Daniel