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  1. Many thanks Matty40's - you have been the first to confirm what I am thinking
  2. lundynigel Wednesday,12 September, 2012 at 5:55 pmGood evening one & all; I've read everything on this brilliant site for a year or so now, and I am constantly amazed by the knowledge you all have – I now know that I know nothing. So, for my first post ever, anywhere, (please bear with me, I'm a total novice to sites such as this) I will tap into your combined extensive experience & ask … Having spent countless holidays over countless years (in all seasons) on the cut, I am seriously contemplating a new build live-aboard in the next 3-4 years & have a zillion questions, but this is my first. (I also appreciate that there will probably now be a zillion different answers to this but ask I will anyway even though I realise that there is no definitive answer) …<br style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; width: auto; height: auto; min-height: 0px; min-width: 0px; ">So here I go … HEATING – I feel that through reading various manufacturers blurb, I have been 'sucked into' considering a diesel fired heating system as the primary source of heating – but I have pulled back, rethought everything, and having re-read numerous posts on this, and other sites, I now realise that I am maybe overcomplicating everything and ignoring what it is that I originally wanted. I want simplicity (as much is as possible) – that's it in a nutshell … Ideally, I want two ways to heat water, & the boat, for the simple reason that should one fail, then there is an alternative. Having originally chosen to ignore solid fuel stoves (Squirrel or whatever), I am beginning to think that something along these lines (back boiler & gravity fed? – primarily for winter months) with a gas/diesel secondary source (for the wonderful English summer – HA!) surely must be the best way to go. In a 'former life', I spent many years driving HGV's and Coaches all over Europe, so I am NOT particularly enamoured with either Webasto's or Ebersdingdong's and resulting complexities regarding failures… Am I totally wrong? I await any/all answers with great interest. Thank you for taking the time to read this and, (maybe) reading your varied opinions … I have a feeling you will either frighten me to death or invite further questions. Thanks in anticipation of whatever …