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  1. Yes, made it very difficult when my friend broke his ankle jumping off the boat and not quite making the towpath. Trying to find somewhere to get ambulance access took some time. Perhaps we should have got the fire brigade to winch him through one of the doors.
  2. We asked MC to price match when we were buying a new fridge as we could get it online cheaper and they said yes which meant we could get it there and then and not have to wait for delivery.
  3. Is that in preparation for lying on to leg through Dudley Tunnel.
  4. I agree with Cuthound, take a look at sailaways as it is likely to be a better option as you won't be gambling on the state of an old hull that could be thin if neglected over the years. You wouldn't want to start renovating an old worn out boat only to find it sinks in a couple of years due to the hull rusting through. If you are going to spend time stripping it back to an empty shell then spend a bit more up front and start with an empty shell. Have you considered moving your workshop on to the canal and having a floating workshop, buy a longer boat with the front section under cloths as a workshop, that would save renting a workshop and you could travel the canals working where you fancied.
  5. I presume there is a high risk of flooding.
  6. Yes, out of the Jury's Inn a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Beaten by wotever.
  8. I see Team Tawny Owl have their picture in Waterways World, captioned as an Anglo Welsh boat. The article states they want 50 boats to take part this year.
  9. The post on their website stating planning granted was January 2016 so must be taking a long time to clear the newts.
  10. Looks like it has been tidied up a bit from when I moored there overnight a couple of years ago.
  11. We are planning on heading up the Caldon next week, not sure we will fit through the tunnel but will walk round and take a look. We stayed in the farm cottages alongside the canal their a few years back and it was all very quiet then.
  12. Happy birthday.
  13. As Alan said a £5 discount per extinguisher, I needed 3 new ones as the BSS examiner failed the old ones even though they were in the green but they were past the expiry date. I seem to remember they worked out around £13 pound each for 3 with 3 traded in. There wasn't any signs offering the trade in, I just asked the staff.
  14. Yes they do, I exchanged ours last year.
  15. Missed the bit where you said you were on an iPad but it looks from the impressive piece of work that you managed to upload it.