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  1. I was once in the BA in flight magazine looking out the centre doors in Cambrian Wharf. A friend flying to Hong Kong bought the magazine home to show me.
  2. I'm sure the youngest didn't look like she was having fun when it was pouring with rain. At least the weather looks good for this year.
  3. 21 is not listed on the CRT stoppages page. I never got a response to my email suggesting they delay closing Brades.
  4. Has anybody got the list of runners and riders for this year...?
  5. I thought we weren't allowed to sleep.
  6. Depends where you are though as it could add an extra two days.
  7. I'm working not that far away from it and never heard a thing when it was blown up.
  8. The exploited vulnerability is not restricted to just Windows XP, patches were released for versions up to and including Windows 10. Notifications of the end of support for an operating system are provided years in advance by Microsoft in order to give organisations plenty of time to upgrade but as I expect is quite common most organisations attempt to delay the upgrade project due to the complexity of the applications they run and the potential testing that would be required. I've been involved with systems where the skills to upgrade something are no longer available due to the age of a system so it is just kept running. We upgraded to Windows 7 several years ago but continued to run a small number of XP machines due to applications that weren't available for Windows 7, some of these were internally written and the coders no longer work for us as they were outsourced years ago.
  9. There are sometimes, not sure if they are regular though. Last time we went up we were in the bottom lock about 7:30, the CRT guy arrived in his van to check the flight and set about the first 10 locks for us, he opened paddles on his way up and then opened the gates as he came back down.
  10. An old thread on Trent Falls
  11. Generally on a river and whenever I'm moving a boat whilst volunteering for CRT.
  12. We did the 21 a few weeks back, we stopped the night before at the Fox and Anchor, Cross Green by bridge 71 on the Staffs and Worcs as we had come from Great Haywood. When we went past Autherley junction it was full of boats that had overnighted there. If we are coming from the other direction or from the Shroppie we normally spend the night at Compton below Compton top lock. You have to go down to wind above Wightwick lock if stopping at Compton having come off the Shroppie.
  13. I've kept milk, bacon, ham and butter in the base of a cupboard on a working boat, there is no insulation and it is below the water line. This has latest 2 or 3 days depending on the weather.
  14. I would sand the paint back until you have exposed all the rust and then treat with accustomed converter, prime and paint. When I started that approach on our boat the problem I found was what appeared as a few inches of rust was much bigger once the paint was removed. In the end I gave up and paid someone else for a full repaint.