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  1. I've added a few pictures from Saturday to my Flickr album, I'll add some more when I get home next week. https://flic.kr/s/aHskXCmDqm
  2. Some prefer to travel downstream on the river.
  3. I think it was Hadley that came round behind us on Saturday, he must have missed the bank by millimetres but the steerer kept it wound on so I presume it was what he expected. Certainly didn't look worried he was going to hit anything. When I came round in Scorpio it just seemed to keep going straight and I had to reverse back and try again, not sure if it was the wind blowing towards the locks or something on the blades.
  4. Thanks, I'll wait for the comments about why I'm not looking where I'm going.
  5. Maybe not quite the walk Charlie was supposed to have but he seemed to enjoy his time on cabin. You can almost see me steering as well.
  6. i don't think CRT would approve of us drinking whilst steering one of their boats.
  7. Tumblehome is the angle of the cabin sides.
  8. Hopefully Scorpio has arrived, I will be there Saturday and it would be good to have a dry parade.
  9. It was one of my playgrounds as at the time my parents boat was at Alvechurch. We watched the canal being dug and the motorway constructed.
  10. The canal runs under the M6 toll at that lock just past where the M42 joins the M6 toll. The building of the M42 caused the diversion at Alvechurch to be built.
  11. You could make having a new BSC part of the purchase conditions.
  12. I had the suicide seats cut off last year.
  13. My only requirement was a trad stern so that when boating in the cold or rain I can stand inside the doors to give some protection from the elements. We were fortunate that the boat we went for had an oversized hatch so we can both stand in the hatch whilst cruising. The OH would still prefer a semi trad so she has somewhere to sit down.
  14. I've done the Avon Ring in a week with a novice crew and it wasn't easy, it was on a hire boat, we arrived back a late on the Saturday and had to moor overnight in one of the short pounds on Lapworth as to have any chance of making it back we had to keep going until it was dark. Didn't get time to stop in Stratford. If you just go down the Severn and up the Avon, then return the same route you should be fine depending what time you get away.
  15. I have sealed Numax batteries, same ones for domestic and starter, all purchased through Tayna. I can't remember what model number they are though.