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  1. Maybe some of us that moor around here know that there isn't a fuel boat about at the moment....hence trying to be helpful with other suggestions.
  2. Debdale wharf does fuel and isn't too badly priced. Which way are you heading?
  3. We hired a car from the Preston branch of enterprise if that helps.
  4. We left our boat in Garstang Marina and enterprise car hire collected us. Found the owner very helpful when we phoned him. Provided a hook up etc as well.
  5. I'd echo Alan's I would check the availability of wide beam berths. If you want to explore and travel....and what's the point of having a boat if you don't....then a narrowboats is much better for a number of reasons...not least is that it fits the network much better in more places!.....watching two wide beams meet on most of the GU is a fun thing to watch unless you are one of them. If you just want a static home then think about a caravan!
  6. There was an excellent thread on a Facebook group a few weeks ago from Mr Lillie when one of his customers expected some customer service......he truly is a total....well Id get banned if I said what I was thinking!!
  7. We wear auto inflate jackets on all rivers. We also have crotch straps fitted. I was on a PLA launch a few days ago and was slightly suprised that none of the lifejackets used by PLA staff were fitted with crotch straps.....if you talk to the RNLI they will convince you that a crotch strap should be mandatory....with good reason in my opinion.
  8. I'm with making them move off the's just another case of kids and then by default adults expecting to have a right to do as they please without thinking how this might affect can bet if the little darlings got hurt the finger would soon be pointed at the person operating the bridge.
  9. I think the widebeam bit may limit your choices significantly both in terms of finding a mooring and actually navigating.
  10. I'm sure I've drunk a few boat themed beers can recommend this one though!
  11. I'm not sure timber windows in a metal boat make much sense either aesthetically or due to the difference in expansion rates. I think Channelglaze and possibly someone else do windows with a thermal break
  12. One thing I forgot to say was buy a card when you find a lockie rather than waiting till you get to the machine just in case the lockie is off duty etc.
  13. I have to say the only time I've done the Erewash the feral youth at a lock in the middle were enough to put me off...they kept trying to get aboard and were discussing how to drain pounds and break lock gates. Chatting to the BW guys as it was then revealed it had taken 3 days to refill pounds after they had been drained plus a number of the anti vandal locks had been glued shut meaning the leakage on the gates was more than the one operational paddle! Hopefully it's got better!
  14. There's a list of EA ones somewhere..there's definitely one at Abingdon ..they need a card you can buy from the lockies which is £10. You get about 9 min on the Abingdon one. Found the link! scroll down for facilities at locks.
  15. Give Chris on merchant a ring if you are on the Thames. Bit more a litre than better boating but when I came past the other month it would have been a challenge to get on their fuel jetty plus Chris's fuel is pre treated with additive. Nice bloke to boot!