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  1. It was more to comment on the tip clearance in practice with a vintage engine and the reference to a post about 2LW
  2. I've got a JP2 and can swing a maximum of 22 inches. The tip clearance to the counter is about 1 inch. I don't suffer too much with cavitation but have had a folding chair stuck between prop & counter. Mines one of Crowthers compensated props with overlapping bats..fitting one was one of the best things I did. It's equivalent to a 24 x 19 according to Crowthers.
  3. I used sikaflex 221 which is supposedly marine/automotive grade.
  4. I sealed my bullseye glass to the brass rim & the rim to the roof with sikaflex about 7-8 years ago....this winter it started to leak...when I removed it the sikaflex had turned to a powdery dust on both parts. UV is my only answer. I have used it a lot in the past but I now use butyl tape where possible instead. It seems to cope much better with expansion and keeps a good's also much tidier to apply
  5. I'm sorry to disagree but I find the butyl tape a doddle to use...much easier than anything that involves a mastic gun. Sikaflex can break down when exposed to UV in my experience too.
  6. Welcome to vintage engine ownership! I get worried when I can't smell hot oil......
  7. Flexistrip....leave it for a few weeks to bed in...tighten fixings...leave it bit longer then trim round with an old credit card or similar.
  8. Is it a brand new spare pump? If it's been used it may well have the same fault
  9. If you are less than 60ft go down the Rufford arm to St Mary's....they are usually reasonably priced.
  10. I bet the police would soon be on you if you took it upon yourself to uphold the law....when my company had a load of plant nicked by the local travelling community...proved by a witness seeing it drive into the local traveller site...the police told us just to claim in the insurance...we then suggested that as one of our directors was involved with the Hells Angels we would sort it ourselves using whatever means they took a very dim view.....
  11. Eastern European lady hasn't popped up yet to tell us we are missing a great opportunity..... Having seen the outside in the flesh those pictures just don't do it justice.......
  12. If you read the brochure there's quite a few "moments".....who knew H & W used metric steel sheets......
  13. I left my 50' narrowboat at Burton Waters for about 10 days a few years ago...I found them most helpful too....although I made a few plastic owners nervous as I got onto the mooring. It's a nice marina....even the bin compound has a key fob operated lock!
  14. I'm suprised Chantelle knows what a boat of any sort is.....let alone worry about the practicalities of unpowered craft in a tunnel.....
  15. I'll stick with comastic. Hull was grit blasted and coated with comastic 23 years ago when I first got the had been neglected before I brought it...I've blacked it every 2-3 years since including the baseplate and it passed a hull survey last week with flying active pits 34 years old with no overplating on 6/6/4 shell. Sometimes wonder products are not quite what they seem.