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  1. As I said I've no problem using bow & stern ropes if the lockie is operating on any lock & I see how you can tie off one end and just control the other on the mechanised longer locks when they are self point was the manual shorter locks can be tricky to use two ropes when on self operation & especially if you are not sharing I'm much happier using a centre line plus engine while my OH looks after the paddles. We can commicate with just a nod etc so make a good team On any type of lock on any waterway I always like to have someone next to the paddles/control box etc just in case something needs to happen rapidly. My other point on CRT waters....every lockie has their own ideas...that wasn't really a criticism more an observation!....last time I was on here the big shiny cruiser owner didn't see the funny side when I said it was good to have a fender next to me.....possibly made worse as a rather large cloud of smuts drifted over them when I restarted the JP.... Just out of interest how do single handers cope on the Thames?
  2. Well I can say so far going up just using a centre rope and being gentle with the paddles hasn't resulted in any great drama.....certainly no worse than say the Sheffield and south yorks locks.....maybe if you are sharing with a plywood canoe I would see the point but it's all about being efficient in a given situation.
  3. I get the point....and you are right about the paddles which the OH has been rightly cautious with.....and I'd happily do bow & stern if the lockie was working the lock but it's a bit tricky to do both when the OH is on paddle duty and I'm the only one onboard.....sadly unlike Hudsons my boat doesn't come with extra crew!!! ;-) I did offer to switch the engine off at Kings lock but was told it was ok to leave running.....handy as it's not a question just turning a key for me. I know I will have to switch off if I share or the lockie says so. On the plus side the locks are a joy to operate compared to say the southern GU....CRT could learn a thing or two about maintenance from the EA!! editied to add.... I'm amazed how quiet it is for boat movement up here.....haven't seen anything else moving all day and one chap walking the path said we were the only boat he had seen moving for two days.....I'm not complaining mind you!
  4. Well we met a suprised lockie at Kings Lock who was there just adjusting the weir......she seemed slightly suprised I actually volunteered to pay!!....she took a card payment and then had to shoot off to adjust another weir downstream There was also a lockie at Pinkhill which was lucky as I'd forgotten to ask the first one for a pump out card....the chap that was with her seemed slightly upset I used the centre line and left the engine running but I did point out my OH was helping to operate the lock and I didn't have very long arms to do bow & stern on my as I was the only boat there and was fully expecting self operation as per the sign I suggested the engine was fine......I'm guessing like CRT lockies they all have the own ideas....the lockie at Kings was fine with the engine running........ Anyway now moored up against a handy bit of piling just upstram of Harts Weir footbridge watching the kingfishers......
  5. Sorry I'm late to the party but another vote for Mike Carter!! You chose well!!
  6. Or even the same manufacturer! i fitted a Pegler branded valve in my mothers house then a couple of years later needed to fit some more on a shower pump. I decided to colour code the valves which meant swapping the handle of the exsisting valve.....but they had totally changed the design of the handle/valve!! I wasn't impressed.
  7. Ouch!! its going to be some insurance paperwork........
  8. At the moment the chance of finding a manned lock on the upper reaches is looking this rate I might only need one weeks licence.....which means less money if this happens to quite a few boats.....I'm now moored on the River at Osney and the lock is on Public operation.....the mooring website seems to work though.....I shall report back as and when I find a lockie to pay!
  9. I might pass on your kind offer!! You don't seem to be able to get a licence online...only the moorings! can do it by post but you need to allow 10 days before you need it...bit tricky when you have left your home mooring and aren't too sure when you will our case a couple of days later than planned due to an extended stoppage! I wonder if the EA have "Prop Clamps" like the DVLA have wheel clamps for untaxed cars.....
  10. So I'm about to drop onto the Thames at oxford via sheepwash channel....had a walk to Osney lock to find its self service til April which I understand is the case for all the locks who do I pay for a temporary licence?? Do I just boat on till I get accosted or will I be hung for daring to set foot on EA waters without any paperwork? What happens when I use the new mooring system but the boat isn't on the database.... This seems an odd way to run something...almost makes CRT look organised!!
  11. Personally I'd rather have a deep water draught and less air draft.....makes for a much nicer handling boat plus in my eyes it looks better......and I've cruised most of the system
  12. Just to say all repopend today 25/3 at about 2pm......however I got rather stuck on something in the bottom of Shipton lock and needed to be flushed out.....I only draw 2ft 8in so that doesn't bode well......
  13. At least that's something! I'm guessing they might be reviewing the petrol sales and possibly petrol powered craft mooring now.....
  14. Just saw this on FB. Hope everyone is ok. Petrol fires aren't fun at all.
  15. Sitting at enslow wharf now.....few boats waiting but not mad....several boats that passed me when i was moored at Heyford didn't know the opening was delayed or that it was be fair there aren't any notices saying it's shut wihich I think is a pretty poor show on CRTs part.....not everyone has email or internet aboard.....a few notices on the notice boards or pinned to the lock balance beams wouldn't go amiss especially as it's in the end of the river section when you are going south.....and that's on yellow on the gauge at the moment.