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  1. Also , if power for lighting isnt an issue , turn as many lights on as well . Make it look light inside . As otgers have said . Light the stove if you have one or turn the heatting on . Make a very comfy , open and warm boat . Good luck
  2. Ment 3 lol , only just had it done lol
  3. So why have I got a 2 year old car with no sensors on the tyre valve yet passed its mot ? :S
  4. Kingston area the theames has risen atleast 6inch over the last couple hours , is lapping the edge of the bank hampton court side , kingston side is still about 6inch off the towpath and running fast
  5. every steam hauled tour in the country all year , still could.t find the diesel sitr though .
  6. might have been a diesel hauled tour . ill fry find the website for diesel tours .
  7. 54ft absoult max above the lock , 72ft no issues below the lock .
  8. Anyone whos really worried about it can drop a few drops of peroxide into there water tank once a year to stop any issues . Just make sure you know what you doing .
  9. Hi all , While at work today , noticed a creamy couloured NB unsure on length , sitting very low at the back . Its about 300 - 400 yard from kingston road bridge. Hope it might help someone out if its there boat or might know whos it is . Cheers Mitch P.s on my phone so spelling is bad .....thats my excuse lol
  10. Is it not fewer ? running .
  11. Defo , brilliant in there , gonna stop on the way back ,
  12. You know too much ! Lol , hindsight says I should have to be fair , may have to do it next time .
  13. Well , currrently moored up at the bottom of kiddlington lock , anyone about betweeen here and claydon this week? Were in a blue , 50ft . Called trinity . Hope some of ya wave
  14. It might be air locked . Is there a vent anywhere on the pump?
  15. for the price , you do get 2 hours alone with Carl !