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Narrowboat Wife

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    Violet Mae
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  1. Hi David and Doreen I've lived on a narrowboat for 12`years. There's now four of us on board (two kids) so it's a personal choice how much living space you think you'd need. My own choice for continuous cruising would be a narrowboat because of the freedom to go anywhere. But my husband's first choice would be a widebeam because he loves the idea of a bigger living space. It really depends if extensive travelling is your main reason for moving to a boat, or if just the adventure of moving onto a boat and travelling wide canals would make you perfectly happy? :-) Peggy
  2. Website Name: Peggy Melmoth Freelance Services Website URL: Website Description: Customisable remote secretarial services. Business blogging and freelance writing. Any other comments: I am a versatile freelance writer, blogger, content producer, copywriter, audiotypist, secretary, virtual assistant, bookkeeper, artist, narrowboater and mumpreneur. Contact me now to discuss how I can help your business.