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  1. On the recommendation of my local boatyard, I made up my own jollop which works very well. The recipe is a good squirt of Sikaflex (black), an egg-cupful of White Spirit and the same amount of any black gloss paint. This makes it very watery and allows it to soak deep into the ply edges. This dries to a watertight seal and makes the edges feel slightly "rubbery", as well as looking pretty smart.
  2. It seems to me that this lunatic has done more than jihadist suicide bombers to promote the IS. They commit their barbaric atrocities in order to turn us "infidels" against Muslims so that we will retaliate in the same way. They want us to reject all Muslims, who then have nowhere to go except to their Islamic State, where the extremist leaders can rule over them. Their terrorist attacks are for them a recruiting exercise to generate a new nation. This fool has done exactly what they want. The extremists will be dancing in the street to see their perverted ideas are working, and will be hugely encouraged to increase their acts of terror, because, to them, this response is proof that it is a successful strategy. He has put us all in a great deal more danger by his stupidity. It seems obvious to me that we cannot be the ones to eradicate extremist barbarity (because that plays into their hands and is precisely their objective). No, it MUST be the peaceful majority of Muslims who have to defeat this evil. At present they are largely irrelevant in defining their religion. It is only they who must unite and cut out this cancer of extremism in their faith. Our role in the West, must be to encourage and support them in this great challenge. Therefore we should fully engage with the peaceful majority of Muslims, not turn against them, as this ignorant twerp has done.
  3. No, I'm not saying that and would think that is perfectly acceptable. They do say it is suitable on canvas and tents or caravan awning type materials. Their boat examples all appear to be on sea based boats, where perhaps the moving water and size of the oceans are very different to canals. But their instructions for use on the back of the bottles definitely warn that it is lethal to aquatic life.
  4. I have used this, and similar cheaper versions, on various surfaces, but never on canvass. I found it very successful in removing algae and lichen growths with little effort. However it would be highly irresponsible to use on the canal as it is extremely lethal to aquatic life, and active for a long time.
  5. How's this? Special offer too!
  6. I also have the "i" symbol, and I'm using Chrome on Windows10. As far as I know it has always been there. Don't think its anything to worry about.
  7. I have just tried to order a sheet of this for my cruiser stern deck. Their "Plus" version of this at 19 mm thickness and dense core, looked an attractive alternative to Hexagrip. Unfortunately it transpired that they have not actually made any yet! They do have their "Standard" version, but this has a very coarse core with lots of biggish voids, so you could not screw anything to it with any confidence. They also do not have any distributors, so their Wales farm is the only source of supply, with a £25 delivery cost for one sheet. My impression is that this is something of an amateur outfit at the moment. Hopefully they will grow and become more professional by the next time I need to renew my deckboards. In the meantime I have had to obtain an 8 x 4 sheet of 18 mm Hexagrip at £103.
  8. I stuck mine with Sikaflex, and has remained solidly stuck for past 18 months. Just to point out I am talking about the flexible type panels, rather than the rigid ones.
  9. If you owned a pub what would you call it? Home ? stained glass window Well clean it!
  10. I had exactly this problem a couple of months ago. Tried everything and finally bought a manual impact driver on Amazon for under £10. It worked first time as long as you hold it properly. Or maybe you already have an impact drill/driver, which should do the same thing. Anyway I highly recommend this tool - except I am now looking for more seized screws to justify buying it!!
  11. "My flue fell off - replacement required." Nasty! Think you'll need to consult a cosmetic surgeon for that sort of problem
  12. Ah, yes - that name rings a bell. I think I had some work done by him some time ago. Many thanks - another good prospect.
  13. I had one and found it did everything I expected very well. Mainly cleaning car and patio. It did develop a leak that I couldn't get at about 1 month before the 3 yr guarantee ran out. Their customer services replaced it immediately with the latest model, without question. Didn't even want the old one back. I really can't fault Lidls on this experience.
  14. No didn't miss it thanks. Eminently sensible thought, but as yet I haven't sorted a dock, as I hoped to speak to a surveyor first. Many thanks Colin. I will be following that suggestion up.