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  1. If Chris Pink sells me his 19x12 lh I would have a virtually brand new 17x12 lh to offer into the fray.
  2. If I am reading this right you should never step down a flue size, if it starts four inch at the fire it should remain four inch or bigger never smaller.
  3. Don't get me wrong Rodentlover I do like all those things about a Lister thats why I have 2.
  4. Thats what I wanted to know Bizzard, now I just need to lose 5 stone to get in there to take it off cheers.
  5. Silly old duffer I am it would help if I gave a full discription its a Lister ST3 I am refering to.
  6. Hi could somebody please tell me, do I need to drain the engine oil out if I take the governer/ camshaft end case off cheers, Ian.
  7. If we all had your attitued then the canal network would just fall into disrepair, in an ideal world the revenue would pay for people to do the work and all would be well but its not.
  8. I've been a plumber for 19 years and not found the need to use ptfe, I have been known to use boss white if I thought the pipe had imperfections but I stick by if you apply the right torque they are as good dry.
  9. Nuts and olives work very well as long as they are not overtightened and its a good thing to go back around them a week later with the spanners(ones that are near enough)and just check as heating up and cooling down in any degree can stretch them initially.
  10. I will strip the front of the engine down if I have to to get to the governor I just didn't think it had anything to do with the tickover, my thoughts were it controlled the limit the engine could run now i'm not sure.
  11. Yes that does sound a massive job Blackrose, never liked the thought of painting upside down but thought that is what had to happen.
  12. Having never blacked a boat I have found this very interesting so nobody paints the bottom of a flat bottomed boat, is that right?
  13. It will run fine been doing it over a year, you have removed any problems you would have by using a day tank just keep an eye on your water trap.
  14. One day I will have a straight forward problem!!
  15. Would an air leak show as a diesel drip?