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  1. Seems a sensible reaction to what is probably a minority of boaters causing a nuisance. 3 days is a reasonable time to visit Abingdon.
  2. Sorry, I saw it first. What a view.
  3. Unless you're going to sea it would be way overpowered. As a guide my 55ft Steel narrowboat weighs 16 tons and has a 35hp diesel.
  4. Mine is the same in warm weather. I put it down to expansion and contraction at differing rates as rusty69 says.
  5. There are visitor moorings at the end of the Wendover arm. However as others have said it's only navigable for a mile or so.
  6. No sirens just a big bell attached to the front bumper. Just visible on the driver's side of the number plate.
  7. I think this relates to a different thread
  8. Can be quite shallow in places along there is the prop touching the bottom.
  9. Thanks for the market research - saved me bothering to look. I stayed loyal as I knew this forum would return to normal after a while. I must thank Daniel for the site, I came to boating as a newbie 5 years ago and found the forum an invaluable source of knowledge and help.
  10. Plus many of the locks have overnight mooring for a fiver
  11. You may find this thread useful
  12. You have every right to take your boat out unless the waterway is officially closed. I have, unintentionally, cruised through a canoe race, I kept a steady course slightly right of centre allowing the canoes sufficient room to pass. The general rule, although there are exceptions is that "the most manuoverable boat" should give way.
  13. Midland chandlers sell 1.5 m lengths. On mine the pipe should normally slide through the roof fitting. Once in place the gap needs to be sealed.
  14. I"m at the lock waiting to go through and the team have discovered the culvert has collapsed so will need to be excavated. As they can't do that now they're going to reopen the lock this afternoon as it was before. now open
  15. I can't help noticing that the NBTA only seem to protest when they are not allowed to stay somewhere long term. I thought the T stood for Travellers.