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  1. I was told that too several years ago.
  2. Depends on what sort of finish you want. Some are 20mm ply with edging others 30mm panel doors.
  3. It is in the terms and conditions signed by the hirer at Oxfordshire narrow boats.
  4. Having a quick look at boats moored near me the taper at the the bow is more pronounced in the width of the boats and in the depth than at the stern.
  5. Why would reverse layout galleys be narrow? From what I have seen all compartments are roughly the same just laid out in a different order from stern to bow.
  6. Just got my invite for Milton Keynes session in June
  7. That's why I did not paint, New owner would always have the choice, paper or panel.
  8. I wallpapered above the gunnells 2 years ago and it is still fine. I done this as I had a all oak fit out and was fed up being in a tube. Did think about paint but realized that papering would mean I could always go back to the oak.
  9. But having the bedroom in the middle gives me two social areas. Think this gives me the best features of both trad and reverse layouts.
  10. My reverse layout has the living area at the bow with a sofabed and then the main cabin with a fixed double, corridor with the bathroom to one side and then the dinnette and galley. Works well for me still having the views from the main relaxing area and the added benefit of coming into the boat on to a hard floor area.
  11. The Boat at Stoke Bruene used to sell bottles of beer from from a Northampton brewery with boat/canal theme.
  12. Will the cooker be powerful enough to steam Pease pudding?
  13. Reading the text it seems like it is written by a non-English speaker not sure if that makes any difference
  14. When researching this for the brexit vote I found that you can register using a local post office as your address but it is only valid for one ballot and you need to reregister for subsequent ballots. I will try and find a link.
  15. For the cost of Bastions Dream I get to live in some of the best villages in Oxfordshire