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  1. Will the cooker be powerful enough to steam Pease pudding?
  2. Reading the text it seems like it is written by a non-English speaker not sure if that makes any difference
  3. When researching this for the brexit vote I found that you can register using a local post office as your address but it is only valid for one ballot and you need to reregister for subsequent ballots. I will try and find a link.
  4. For the cost of Bastions Dream I get to live in some of the best villages in Oxfordshire
  5. Heyford generally have four stag/hen boats out every weekend.
  6. I am very happy, cruised all morning, clothes washed and hung out, water tank full and battery monitor reading 100 per cent. Two more days off work then back prepping hire boats and showing newbie crews the ropes.
  7. Think I quoted wrong reply, this should of been to Mr smelly
  8. All right for you but some of us had to prep all the boats to go out. Lovely bacon sarnie tho.
  9. My machine is a Bosch but does not do a cold setting only 30 degs
  10. Fill the drum with hot water from your sink tap before putting the clothes in. Machines only heat water on the first cycle then use cold water.
  11. If you have a solid fuel stove why not just cook on the top of it. I prepare a stew in the morning leave it on the stove top all day and have a tasty dinner waiting for me in the evening
  12. I seem to recall reading that if the measurements that the metric system is based were recalculated now with more accurate measures the metre would be about 3 3/8 " shorter
  13. It is the top gate I have trouble with.
  14. As long as she is doing the washing up I cannot see a problem.
  15. Will request two next June.