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  1. Good looking boat, kind of thing I'm interested in but I'd rather it didn't come with 'everything' on board.
  2. Nice work.
  3. Use the solar panels to power the water electrolysis module on your respirator. ETA. Use the surplus Hydrogen to run the chain saw.
  4. What's the pan made of and what weight? Cast iron ones behave themselves properly and can be used on the stove. You do need to wipe their bottoms occasionally though.
  5. Well the digital meter's Chinese so it would say that. One LED in the truck upsets a cheap digital meter but the Avo mk8 sees no change. I wonder if the regulator in the led (10 to30V) is getting among the scan rate of the digital meter.
  6. Quite right.
  7. The large filter you refer to as disintegrating is probably the activated carbon pong filter and the element prob needs replacing BUT do as Robbo said too.
  8. Photos of boat 'as is', sketch/description of what is required, budget and time frame for work may well get you a response. At first sight it seems like you are hoping to make your dream come true on the cheap.
  9. That could be a bit of a nuisance. Apart from the air draught issues you'd need more ballast...Er.. The upside could be if you had a bottle at each end it could be useful when in a shallow pound.
  10. Muntjack deer. Bloody destructive in our orchards. A nuisance on the roads 'cause if they jump in front of you the car is totaled. Duke of Bedford imported some to Woburn before it became a safari park and some legged it, or so the story goes. Go well on a plate though with seasonal vegetables and the hide makes a good mat.
  11. I second that. Bookmarked. Cheers WotEver.
  12. ^^^As above. I was given a pump of Sapele and used it in a worktop. despite back bracing it warped and also soon lost its finish. 'Replaced by a Beach reclaimed school desk top. Nice contrast, more stable and resists most staining. Tumeric will turn it a 'charming' yellow for a while.
  13. What he said. Then try and move the propshaft by hand. If no go check gearbox and engine oil levels.... Bog! mros thinks/types quicker than me.
  14. Nice work Bewildered. I just ordered one. Cheaper than ordering a bigger coffee pot.
  15. True for 220V stuff on yer 'average' boat and there is usually plenty of room to do it in domestic type fittings. Doubles are the biizz for low volt, higher amp stuff.