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  1. To each their own but I prefer a boat with a heart beat to one with a box of wasps buzzing away. Same for motorbikes.
  2. True. I suppose that Into every space a little ash must fall.
  3. In Worcester yesterday and needed 'stuff' to do some repairs I ended up in Bradfords Builders merchants near the Viking Afloat hirebace. Spotted a compact multi fuel stove. Rear or top flue, all the controls and rated at 5Kw. It seems to have all the relevant CE type tags. Was reassuringly heavy. £130 inc VAT. They have a number in stock. I'm looking at my wobbly Moreso and may have a punt.
  4. Chewbaka is on the money. I've used those and similar for loads of jobs, often with the probe taped to the pipe/housing. Chose your tape well. The ones I bought have proved reliable with good repeat performance. At the price get two and pick a second monitoring point.
  5. Because it don't say 'gunwale paint' on the tin? I notice in a number of special interest/niche market areas there are people only to willing to offer 'proper' solutions to 'problems' that don't realty exist. Create a need and bank the result.
  6. Open The Box! You may win a fortune. It looks like a diecast zinc 'Vero' box, a much favored electronics enclosure. Put a drop of diesel on each screw, wait, then use an old screwdriver and hammer to 'gently' massage the screw. It usually works. Photo of contents please.
  7. And still I wait, sigh...
  8. Good looking boat, kind of thing I'm interested in but I'd rather it didn't come with 'everything' on board.
  9. Nice work.
  10. Use the solar panels to power the water electrolysis module on your respirator. ETA. Use the surplus Hydrogen to run the chain saw.
  11. What's the pan made of and what weight? Cast iron ones behave themselves properly and can be used on the stove. You do need to wipe their bottoms occasionally though.
  12. Well the digital meter's Chinese so it would say that. One LED in the truck upsets a cheap digital meter but the Avo mk8 sees no change. I wonder if the regulator in the led (10 to30V) is getting among the scan rate of the digital meter.
  13. Quite right.
  14. The large filter you refer to as disintegrating is probably the activated carbon pong filter and the element prob needs replacing BUT do as Robbo said too.