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  1. Not an age problem I think but the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  2. But I really wanted that job on the Railway.
  3. OK> It has to be done. That was so............ Umm. Well you have a Green.
  4. It's a great device. The more internal pressure you put on the seal the tighter it grips. They resist vibration and are reusable too.
  5. As mross said though soft copper washers can be had off fleabay or your local hydraulic pipe purveyors for very little. If you want to go posh get some Dowty washers.
  6. Wot he said. and also the comment about good prep being the 'key' (sorry!) to a good finish. It may seem counter intuitive but as rusy69 and WotEver say it makes a noticeable difference if you follow on with a good quality brush.
  7. This is so true. Following on with a good quality brush can (almost) make it look like 'ya payed someone to paint it. This best for 'posh paint' but works for B&Q best too.
  8. I'm with your other half on the towers. A small flock of curvy towers doing their thing on a still, chilly autumn morning is magic.
  9. Yea But.. Evening classes have come to late for some of us. Well past our bed times.
  10. Tee! Hee!
  11. No. Not coins for fear of setting up electrolytic corrosion if/when things got damp in the bilge.
  12. Cyfareddol! Well done you.
  13. Green one and I to go with MTB too. As for not sharing mooring rings the temptation to moor up then flag up Quebec or Lima and see how the 'owner' of the ring reacts is strong.
  14. It's a sobering thought and things are even worse where I am. Here in the truck the the outside temperature is 0.2Deg above freezing. Dare I leave the truck to go to work in the morning 'cause the temperature can only drop between now and then?
  15. Much thanks. Now what was I supposed to be doing that was so important?