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  1. If it's the Fellows, Morton and Clayton one then I believe it's at Ellesmere Port
  2. Plus the PRM doesn't make the lovely whine when in reverse
  3. That picture doesn't really show the issue. It's a blind bridge hole from the other direction so you need to take the bend wide. With the wide beam there you essentially had to use the inside of the bend and have even less of a view of anything coming through the bridge.
  4. The dimensions are a bit odd. Less than a foot high but just short of 3 in diameter!
  5. Stoppage to reduce water loss apparently. From Date: 17th May 2017 at 11:00 To Date: 18th May 2017 at 14:00 inclusive Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Maintenance Description: Lock 50 and Lock 51 closed to allow for works to Locks 51 to reduce water loss.
  6. It's on 'Bognor' according to what I assume is the reg number painted on it.
  7. Definitely looks like it.
  8. I tend to drift between ale and lager depending on how my mood is at the time. Adnams Dry Hopped Lager is my drink of choice at the moment which is almost a mid point between lager and beer. Amstel if I want to go "full lager" and whatever I fancy on the pumps if I'm in an ale mood.
  9. All very nice, but did you get to the castle?
  10. You may actually find that the best regarded people/companies on the canals are the ones most difficult to get hold of due to a whole heap of reasons.
  11. Nothing wrong with our Liverpool Boats boat I think the issues came from the standard of fit-out they did, or didn't do however on something that age any original issues would have been fixed years ago.
  12. I would think that even if it is, it would require a 240V feed to run it. Also how much gas would one of those use?