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  1. According to the site knowledgebase, any messages from prior to June 2013 have been deleted.
  2. I got my hands on a label maker from my work about a decade back and naturally, felt the need to label everything in my home. I did a sticker for the catflap saying "please wipe your paws" but they didn't pay attention to that either.
  3. Based on my experience of painting with cats, your sign might as well have said "free catnip..."
  4. It didn't really have any sort of bathroom when I moved in. It had two double-doored floor-to-ceiling cupboards in the middle of the boat either side of a stupidly narrow walkway, one that contained a porta potti that you could not use with the door shut, and neither of which had a shower nor any room for one. I am sure this was not the original layout, given the plans I have seen of the interior layout options for original Springers, and others that I have been on (which had the shower at the back).
  5. It is simply unreasonable to expect others to live their lives in a way specifically designed to please your gaze.
  6. Stories like this (any my own) is why I like ferrets a lot but am ultimately glad I don't have any.
  7. Mine are in pots that have a lip on the back edge of them (designed for balcony rails and the like) that hangs them over the fiddle rail holding the bottom of the curtains in. (Do I mean a fiddle rail!? Can't remember what it is called) I can post a pic if you'd like. They get lots of sun, are well placed right next to where flies and other flying things like to congregate, and I don't lose any counter space. I have never actually seen the Venus fly trap catching and closing, I only see the before and after. The traps tend to blacken and die off too if they eat a fly bigger than about a third of the trap size, or eat too many, making it look a bit raggedy, although new trap growth prompted by the nutrients from the ingested flies replace the dying ones. The sundew and pitcher are both more impressive to look at and seem to have a greater capacity for catching stuff.
  8. You do not share her boat.
  9. I sort of disagree that a small boat will automatically have a small bathroom. While I have been in lots of smaller boats whose bathroom was more of a closet, particularly those that are older and with the original fit-out, my 30ft NB's bathroom does not take up a lot of the boat's space, but is very roomy. It is a wet room constructed as a large quadrant shower tray with an add-on ledge of about a foot at the back that the bog and two spare cassettes sit on. This means that there is plenty of space to use the bog and pull your drawers up, turn around etc., and also plenty of room in the shower. It is much roomier and more comfortable than any of the usual types of bathrooms and showers I have used on other people's much larger (68-72ft territory) boats that have a more traditional set-up of a very small fully enclosed shower that you can't even bend over in properly, with the bog squashed up against the sink. The other boat that I spend/have spent a significant amount of time (Reginald, 45ft with 15ft of that being tug deck) has the same sort of wet room arrangement and similarly comfortable peeing and showering space without losing a lot of the interior to it.
  10. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with ferrets. I had never really been around them until I started as a student veterinary nurse, and I was rather scared of them at first-so fast and full-on and not shy to grab you with their teeth if they want your attention (or to steal your pen...) but now I think they are hilarious little shitbags who will shamelessly steal anything that is not nailed down whilst simultaneously demanding love and attention. About two months ago I got an automatic CCTV alert in the middle of the night from a clinic that I do one weekend a month on call for-when I viewed the stills of the alert, I found that Festus (who along with a couple of others are clinic pets after being dumped there) had let himself and all of his mates out of the cage for a run around the kennel room... This is the second time he has done this, the first time the on call nurse decided to leave them to it because there were no inpatients in, and by the morning they had made the pet shop side of the clinic look like it had been burgled, and had stolen and/or ruined most of the dog toys on the display.
  11. Too flaming right! Her crap is on her boat, not obstructing anyone else's way. Nobody owes the rest of us a pretty view...
  12. I have three carnivorous plants in my window-a Venus fly trap, a sundew and a pitcher. I am not sure if we are really into the thick of the annoying midge part of the year yet, but they do seem to be keeping up fairly well so far, the sundew in particular-it's like a big living flypaper but less gross.
  13. Oh top name! One of George R. R. Martin's earlier works, and a good one.
  14. If you like the Ford Ka, have you thought about maybe getting a Ford Ka? -You're welcome.
  15. How peculiar! On the one hand I am surprised that CRT doesn't have a rule about not doing this when not on duty, but on the other hand I can see why it would never cross anyone's minds that someone would want to!