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  1. We are moored opposite the boathouse, it's fairly full..
  2. Good idea. Il walk up now and do that .
  3. Seems to be full of boats down here. A boat called Telechamus or something like where I wanted to moor by the chandlers then another bloody Hudson jumped in ahead of me outside the Pub... Typical
  4. Brilliant, thanks again. Nope, bloody ale actually... Ian.
  5. That's because there are two boats silly!
  6. Thanks Ray, I sort of remember that, it's just above the lock isn't it. Ian.
  7. Is that the wrong Pub name? Ian.
  8. Anyone know if you can wind a 58 foot NB either by the Blue Lias Pub or the Two Boats Pub? I'm looking to pop down Stockton flight for a couple of nights then return. Thanks, Ian.
  9. To be fair there are plenty of bridges that have been the victim of a NB. The Leicester line is a prime example. Ian.
  10. Thanks. Ian.
  11. How long have I got? Ian.
  12. Thanks for reply. Yes considered Thames above Oxford but have been up there previously. May go again but was weighing up options. This is our first year of having limitless cruising time so its all a little daunting. In a good way obviously. Ian.
  13. Advice please on the above waterways as a place to spend a week or two mid June as a sort of stopover on the way from Crick to Little Venice. We have about eight weeks to get to Little Venice, will be going up the K&A for a couple of weeks so are looking for other places to cruise around enroute. We generally like to be on the move most days for three or four hours. 58 foot NB. Thanks, Ian.
  14. I've never been turned away. Best to ring ahead to ask though. Ian.
  15. S altisford arm is a good overnight mooring, free for one night I think but donation of a fiver welcome. Good place for a walk into Warwick with good pubs and food plentiful. Electric and water available. We live in Nuneaton and it seems to get a bad press.. I am from Royal Leamington Spa and its a fine town that we visit often for shopping and food and drink. Some wonderful restaurants. Have moored in all these places without hassle. I would be interested to hear first hand experiences of people whom have had problems in these places? Ian.