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  1. Sold through ABNB and purchased from Braunston Marina. Both excellent. Ian
  2. I wouldnt take all the above replies as gospel. It's a little more complicated than some believe. Take expert advice. Ian.
  3. Abnb have an interesting boat for sale within your price range. No stove but as its a holiday boat your after that's not so much of a problem perhaps? Good builder. Ian.
  4. I can't see any problem? We have a CRT licence. We have been on the Thames for a week last month, will be on it again next week. We had a week in Bristols floating harbour a couple of weeks ago. You simply buy a licence as required, it's very simple. I am happy to pay as the waterways need funding and boaters contributions are an important, though not huge part of this. Ian.
  5. Currently in this area and have seen a far few moorings of this type. I assumed they had permission to use this land. As Starcoaster said earlier how can you know who owns what just as a passer by?
  6. Memories from a distant past when playing with motorcycle turbo units seem to recall an American thread of 27mm. Long time ago though.
  7. I think you can get a refund if you cancel 14 days prior to the date?
  8. 1552 is the engine size. Think it's a shire 35 Hp .
  9. You lot do make me smile. We are out boating, walking gunnels, ignoring minor rules.. Just go boating! Ian.
  10. I hope my earlier post didn't come across as critical or judgemental. I just think you will be busy enough on other tasks. Bet you will love every minute, enjoy the new boat.
  11. Sail away plus, so plenty to do... I would really, really consider keeping the paint as it is. Ian.
  12. Well 2 metres wide X .5 deep is a tonne. As you and most people here seem to accept. Ian.
  13. 17.4 for mine..58 footer. Interestingly I worked out the steel plate only as weighing around 10 ton.
  14. I'm blessed as he has me on ignore so I can contradict him without argument. Ian.
  15. The builders book that is with our 58 foot narrow says it weighs just over 17 tonne. Modern build, what some call a clonecraft? Ian.