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  1. Perfectly happy with my 30A Tracer Bn 3215 which according to Bimble are made by the same factory who make the Outback. Currently £145 from Bimble, I have 2 (& 4 165W panels) 2 panels wired in series into 1 controller, & then the same again. Link to panels showing their spec - If price is an issue you can always start small say with just 2 panels & 1 controller, & then later add 2 more of the same with a 2nd controller. Like I said I have 4 of these panels on a 58' boat. I could fit 2 more, but then I'd have nowhere to put my coal & wood.
  2. I thought my Mastervolt inverter/charger was going faulty, it wouldnt recognise shore power. It would go through its start up routine & the AC present light would flash, but then nothing. Turned out to be a faulty RCD, the test button would trip it, but it wasnt letting enough electric through to do anything with.
  3. Perhaps it's a new sinister twist in enforcement practises... tongue in cheek obviously hence the rolly eyes smiley
  4. I stopped there once, was very pleased to find it as several earlier places I had intended to moor were already full up & by the time I came across it it had been dark for a couple of hours. It was the only bit along there that wasnt covered in graffiti. Plus it was on the non towpath side with a locked gate for access (although it wouldnt be too difficult to climb over the fence.) I felt nice & safe there, & I'm used to mooring in the centre of a 200k pop town.
  5. Who said it was good thing? He's made it clear he doesnt like bright lights & that the only reason for having them is to blind people. The 1 I linked is a bright light.
  6. Excellent head torch here, comes with a charger & 2 Li-ion batteries. Very comfortable to wear. Bright & dim setting. Also has a flashing setting but thats more of a strobe effect & is too fast. Can be zoomed in or out. Has a small red light on the back when it's on. Great for cycling. Guaranteed to pee off peeps like MTB. Realistically it's 500 Lumens not the claimed 1000 lumens. £18.99
  7. Except your batteries. If it's giving enough hot water now, you probably weren't running it enough before, & you need to charge your batteries, which will require the engine running far longer than what is needed for hot water.
  8. Or when you turn the water pump off until you get it unstuck...
  9. I recently changed mine from pumpout (dump through) to cassette. 1 of the problems I had was I was getting less & less use out of it each time, to the point where it would only last a week, & certainly didnt look like it had been emptied even though nothing more would come out. I assumed the pipe through which you pump out was probably rotting in the tank & didnt reach as far down as it used to. Anyway once the tank was removed it wasnt the pipe (which was plastic & hadnt rotted), it turns out the damn tank was over half way full with dried up loo roll. I did my research & opted for pumpout when I first bought my boat. Everything I read said NOT to put chemicals in there (think Elsan Blue), the idea being biological action action would break down the contents into slurry. For this stuff to broken down into slurry, it needs to be covered by liquid, hence the poo stick that people have mentioned, else you get a pile of poo & paper that isnt covered by liquid. Far better to shove it out of the way rather than fill it with loads of water. (I believe I broke mine by not peeing in it enough) The idea of Elsan blue containing Formaldehyde is that it kills all biological action dead. (& it's perfumed). It makes no claims to do anything else. So dont use it in your tank. Thetfords version of the stuff is called Aquakem blue, & they say they havent used formaldehyde since 2003 (although I'm sure I read somewhere it has 10% formaldehyde but I cant find it again). This Aquakem blue also claims to help liquify the waste. There are other products as well, & as other have said Baby Bio, Biological washing powder, etc. The point is you need to get that stuff liquified. That was the problem with my toilet, it wasnt liquifying, & over time the paper built up & stayed in the tank. As an aside, once I'd changed to a cassette toilet & went looking for the various 'blue' products, I came across loads of posts where people did use Elsan blue or other products containing formaldehyde in their black tanks.
  10. For once a reasonable speed from 3 in Northampton
  11. I wouldnt leave my desiccant dehumidifier on if I'm not there.
  12. My missus doesn't want to steer simple as that. If I insist obj her steering then I'm a Tuesday person. When there's lots of locks I feel guilty about all the hard work she's doing, & would gladly do it myself, but she doesn't want to steer & won't, it's that simple.
  13. I once had a crash & discovered my motorbike insurance had ran out. I hadn't noticed on my bank statement because a new different payment had started for the same amount on the same day of the month as my insurance used to be.
  14. Yep, ain't gonna happen. Phew
  15. Well I was gong to put a funny (snide) reply. But having read DHutchs comment I won't. Thanks for letting it go. I would like this to continue. Horace please share some of your good fortune with me ( & no that wasn't the snide remark I was going to make)