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  1. Only thing that works is changing the theme. It's iconic reflux... I suspect that changes will be made n the long term.
  2. As a singlehander I accept the charge in that I do it because I need and enjoy the solitude and time on my own. But like most solitary boating types, I enjoy the interaction at locks and with passers-by, so I don't really think I'm totally sociopathic. And I always welcome help at locks and don't think I've ever met another singlehander who hasn't!
  3. Never had any trouble on the 4 counties. You may be confusing it with the Cheshire ring which goes through Manchester and quite a few grotty, but mostly safe these days, areas.
  4. They don't seem to send licences as they used to, which were separate tear-off printed things. What I get now is just a confirmation letter of the fee paid with the licenses part of the laser printing.
  5. Well, sometimes you have to actually do stuff for yourself, that's why, because very often nobody else will, even if technically they ought to. Stamping your foot and saying it's not fair doesn't seem to have got you very far (possibly a dodgy thing to do on your pontoon anyway) - this is the real world we live in, not some fantasy where everything is done for you and everybody does their jobs properly. They don't, everybody just bodges and runs away. I don't really understand why you paid all this money for something so obviously terrible in the first place. Presumably it was more or less in this state when you moved there. Pontoons aren't really ever beyond repair, you just knock in a couple of gas pipes and put boards across. Where I moor, we have to build and maintain our own - it aint rocket science & it don't cost much. Staying on something you call a death trap without doing anything about it yourself seems a bit like shooting yourself in the foot and then complaining no-one took the gun off you.
  6. Can you not fix your own pontoon? It may be irritating but in most fields of life maintenance companies do bugger all unless hounded to death (I suspect they are made up of exsolicitors and estate agents). Either organise all the moorers to complain, do it yourself or leave.
  7. I think yours musty be fairly unique (if one can be fairly unique). I'm sure you're correct, but certainly the vast majority of boats don't have adequate soundproofing and can be heard a fair distance away, and as I do my best to moor up somewhere I can enjoy peace and quiet (as far as possible avoiding CRT's visitor moorings for that reason) I tend to leave the biggest gap I possibly can between me and another boat. That being said, if it then gets busy I'll happily move to make room for someone coming in. And if they then fill my cabin with noise and fumes (and in one never forgotten occurrence, incredibly loud banjo music), I'll just go somewhere else...
  8. I got told that by the bloke at Stone who started his engine at 11pm to heat the water for a shower and who, after being politely reminded about the 8-8 rule, got seriously aggressive and left it running till 2am. It's not just the noise that's annoying, the vibration travels through the water and up into the boat. But I'm afraid it's nonsense to say you can't hear any engine - the owner is used to it and probably sealed off from it in his boat. The rest of us aren't.
  9. I prefer everything about the 2017 theme except the chat thing - if there was some way to banish it on the mobile version it would be perfect!
  10. I try to moor as far away from everyone else as I can as even those who happily run their engines non-stop seem to have an odd antipathy to late night trombone practice...
  11. Not on the mobile version there isn't. There seems to be one on the desktop. ETA changed the theme back to legacy and it's gone. For now...
  12. A tab "mobile chat" has suddenly arrived at the bottom of my screen. I turn it off but next time I log on, its there again irritating me and taking up a chunk of screen. Can I get rid of jt permanently? I realise this may not be the right forum to ask on but I can't find a relevant one...
  13. Absolutely correct. I just wanted an answer to the original question, which you obviously don't want to give as it might bugger up your desire for an irrelevant argument. Let me phrase it differently so you can understand it (the answer is simply yes or no). I was trying to keep it simple as I am aware English may not be your first language (it's hard to tell when people - quite legitimately and understandably - don't feel comfortable using their real names on posts) . To our knowledge, has anyone with a CRT approved home mooring (and just to keep it simple, let's restrict this to canals and exclude river moorings) ever been refused a licence because of non-compliance with the T&Cs as published by CRT ?
  14. No. My whole point, which you have ignored, was to try to avoid being sidetracked and to get a straightforward answer. Obviously, this is not what some people want as obfuscation is a lot more fun...