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  1. Sorted! cheers.
  2. £100 offered to tow 30 ft dawncraft from scarisbrick to Mayors boat yard at tarleton.
  3. I'v recently aquired a Dawncraft 30 ft centre cockpit with inboard bmc diesel, cheap as chips, theres plenty out there, you just got to keep looking.
  4. If he had not been a smoker he might have lived to a ripe old age.
  5. Its got 6 days to go yet, who knows what the final price may be? the vendor says it was last out of the water 6 years ago, and is letting in water , it could be a nightmare.
  6. take in a lodger ?
  7. Well done! Im chuffed for you.
  8. What skills or experience do you have? are you male or female? approximate age? Im hoping to get afloat in the next 18 months and cc, iv worked in construction most of my life and intend to do temp short term agency work, theres loads of that type of work out there.
  9. The seller purchased just a shell with window apertures cut, he has fitted the windows himself ( badly) Hes away on holiday at the moment, but iv spoken to him twice now on the phone, and he assures me he has all the relevant paperwork, inc original bill of sale, he is not selling this by way of business, if it goes ahead it will be a private sale between 2 individuals. Nothing else is fitted, the 2 engines and a gear box and solid fuel stove he has aquired in last few years and are languishing in his garage at the moment.
  10. Thankyou, thats very helpfull.
  11. Not too sure what you mean...
  12. Hello. iv got the chance to purchase a 40 ft semi trad Liverpool Boats shell, 4 year old, never in the water,windows fitted but nothing else, comes with new solid fuel stove, 2 lister engines, ?? seller run out of money and interest, im competant at plumbing and joinery ( its what I do for a living) is it a good buy at £11,000 ?cheers. John.